The other side’s POV

I found a description of an average day living in long term orgasm denial (without chastity) as a female over on Tumblr. It was written by a woman calling herself unixslut.

I’ll [play with myself] for an hour, sometimes more. My goal is always to reach one edge, not the quickest way possible, but the slowest, with the most build up, the most sexual tension. I don’t aim for orgasm then stop short anymore… I don’t even aim for the hairy edge, most of the time. I aim for reaching a place where I’m panting out loud, frigging myself desperately, mewling or moaning, and not really thinking. When I get there, it’s time to shower. Often, showering will take a while, because I can’t resist soaping up my tits extra well, and “rinsing” my clit to be extra certain there’s no soap down there…

If I were not locked up all the time and was plumbed with a pussy rather than a penis, this is exactly like how I’d live. Not just the diddling with myself parts. All of it. It sounds a lot like how I was before Belle told me I couldn’t play with myself when unlocked.

In any event, really hot read. I love a literate sub. Check it out.

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  1. I am at two weeks of not being locked up….most of the time, but I do edge. I loved reading this post as I can relate and I really do love that high. You need a lot of self discipline and you have to love the edge and it can be done. I think I’m going to go befriend her;)

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