Yesterday I spent an inordinate amount of time in my company’s conference room. Due to the nature of my job, I’m often subjected to serial meetings that can leave me in there for hours at a time (which is why, when we remodeled the office, I spent so much time and money on it).

Anyway, near the end of the meeting train, I got up to throw something away. The chairs around the conference table were all discombobulated and made a bit of an obstacle course for me to thread my way through. Most of the chairs are your standard conference table kind with padded seats and plastic backs, but we also have three stainless steel desk chairs with higher than average backs like you’d find in the 40’s and 50’s in there for overflow. One of these was standing between me and the trash receptacle as I slid sideways to the trash and…


The Looker 02 knocked against the back of that chair far more noisily than I would have expected. The chair rang out like a bell at the contact (can’t imagine how loud being knocked by the Steelheart would have been). There were a few stragglers in there from the last meeting and the noise made one of them jump (though I’m sure all of them heard it). She looked up at me quizzically. I just moved the chair out of my way and paid her no attention (though maybe I was blushing just a bit).

Such are the everyday issues wearing steel on one’s dick.

I got back to civilization late Saturday night after a very long drive. Along the way, I stopped for lunch at a Wendy’s with a particularly squalid restroom whose only attribute was that it was private. Once ensconced, I placed the Looker 02 back where it belongs. I am not above diddling with the penis on long drives and the farther I got from the woods the more it was on my mind.

The next morning, Belle decided she didn’t want any steel on the penis and instructed me to remove it. She then let me fuck her and it was fantastic. I recall wondering at some point whether she was going to let me come and I realized I didn’t actually have a preference. On the one hand, not coming would be great. On the other, coming would be, too. Once realized, I just let myself enjoy the pussy time safe in the knowledge that I’d end up however she wanted.

She wanted me to come. This time, unlike the past several, it demonstrated every bit of the word orgasmic. Wonderful and 100% guilt-free.

Next morning, the L02 was back. Where it is now and where it was when I slid too close to that metal chair.

11 thoughts on “Clang

  1. Hehe I sometimes will tap tap on hubby’s Jail Bird when we are out in public… I just love to see him squirm at the little possibility of public humiliation if anyone was to hear or see. 🙂

  2. I like taking a stroll through the mall with my wife and let the lock clink away while going down the hall.
    So…. Any ideas as to what people at work thought about the sound. I’m sure the miss sitting next to you who heard it is wondering if you have balls of steel now lol

    1. Yeah, I have no idea. I didn’t hit the chair. I literally was just brushing by it and the steel made contact in just the right way to make a big noise. She probably thought I kicked it or something.

  3. I’ve been thinking of locking Elliot up,

    I had been thinking silicone….but the delightful idea that he might, from time to time, “Clang” is intriguing indeed.

  4. I am surprised that your L02 made that much noise compared to the Steelheart. Live and learn. I know that I make little gestures to assure that my locked status is undiscovered. Having my partner knock on my device in public would be very embarrassing for me. I know that this episode will make me think a little bit more about who I move about in my Steelheart.

    1. I was shocked it was so loud. And yes, it is embarrassing when Belle grabs at or otherwise knocks on the device. It takes me very much by surprise and I feel my face flush. But it’s also part of the deal. It’s her penis and I’m her sub and if she wants to do that, she can. Ultimately, that realization burns longer than a momentary flash of embarrassment.

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