In the shadow

I’ve had a stressful week. I know, that’s not a very encouraging start to a post on a blog about kinky sexual practices.

I’m starting to wonder if I don’t have some kind of pathological disorder when it comes to getting stressed out about otherwise totally achievable tasks when they start to pile up. That, and leaving home. This week, I had a bunch of smallish things I had to do that you’d think someone in my position would be able to pull off without breaking a sweat but they were related to going on a business trip to a place I’d never been to meet people I didn’t know. That made me freak out a little inside. Well, maybe more than a little. I was functional, but eaten up with dread and that created a block that led me to put off what I knew I had to do for about two weeks until the last minute. And now I’m on said trip and walking around with a little ball of foreboding in my stomach. I’ll probably be fine once I’m actually in the conversations I’m here to have, but it’s leading up to them that’s bugging me.

The week started out, though, really well. Sunday, Belle and I had zero sex but I was left feeling very satisfied. I even told her I liked the day and she was surprised since I never got unlocked and never got into her pants.

That morning, she started out by telling me I wasn’t getting out. I was to remain as I had been and there would be no free penis time that week at all. That brought forth the forces of gnawing repressed sexual hunger and the warm and cozy sense of total submission to her. They met in my chest like opposing firehoses sprayed into each other’s maws and the resulting conflagration of energy combustion fueled my craving little bunny persona. I simultaneously wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her violently while also bowing down to her will and curling up in the shadow of her domination. That is what being submissive feels like to me and it’s wonderful.

In any event, we started to get down to the business of getting her off but were distracted by the noises of children and their sleep-over guests and she decided we’d stop. Of course, I wanted to keep going. Badly. Really badly. But her decision was enough to throw a blanket over all my cravings and I didn’t put up a fight. Again with the gnashing and thrashing of my subjugated sexual monster overlaid with the obedient fuzzy bunny rolling over on his back. I felt really good about myself that I was nearly as satisfied by my reaction to being left locked and loaded than I would have been by feeling her come against my fingers or tongue.

Later that night, as we went to bed, she said she wanted me naked and next to her so I was expectational but all she wanted to do was feel me there and I didn’t get annoying. Another win. She also said she kinda sees the point of the clear Holy Trainer in that being able to observe the penis all smashed in there and controlled was a turn-on to her. Not so much that she liked it better than the Steelheart, but she got it. She reiterated to me again (because I need to hear it) that, in fact, she prefers me the way I am when denied and locked up over the me who isn’t locked or has come and, while the sex lizard bellowed in anguish, the rabbit purred. If, indeed, rabbits purr. Whatever purr-like thing rabbits do, it was doing.

So she left me feeling exactly like I want to feel. On many levels. And there was no sex. And it was still awesome.

But then the week started. The thing I had put off was on and in the forefront of my mind and the trip was perched down at the end of the week like a vulture and these things were interrelated and bugging me significantly. Then the furnace started acting like a fuckhead. And then it snowed and got really cold.

Fucking life.

In short, I got moody and irritable. But I tried like hell to hide that from Belle. Turns out, a lot of that feeling got rerouted to Drew. I didn’t want to be a dick to him, but trying to raise the enthusiasm necessary to be engaged in that dynamic was very difficult. And it made me even more annoyed. Not specifically with him, but with it all just being one more fucking thing I had to stress over. More things that piled on top of all the others that were freaking me out. I was really kind of a mess.

But it led to us having a conversation today to reset expectations all around. We agree that what we are able to do with each other is frosting on the cake of our primary lives. It’s entirely optional. It has to live in whatever air pockets exist around our “real” lives. And in my case, this week there were none. Plus, for me, this is just about sex. And I don’t say that in any way that should be construed as minimizing it because I think sex is very important. But I just don’t know that I’m wired in a way to be able to handle what we had both tried to establish in the past few weeks. Which is to say, I’m not looking for a polyamorous situation (and I’m not saying he was trying to make this into one) and I can’t do what I thought I could absent that kind of commitment. What I really want and have always wanted was a friendship with a guy who’ll screw me on the side. And that’s about it. And that’s OK with both of us.

So yeah, resetting expectations. He wondered if this would look like some kind of failure, but I rejected that. We aren’t failing at anything. We’re doing something new for both of us that’s also quite complicated. It’s evolving. It’s adjusting to the contours of our primary lives. If we can make that happen and still feel like we’re getting what we want out of it, how can that be failure? Quite the opposite. And there’s still elements of D/s involved because that’s who I am and it’s the kind of sex I need to have (future post topic: kink as a sexual orientation). It’s also who he is and what he wants. So we’re not totally abandoning that aspect at all. Evolution.

I’m still feeling a little freaked out and hate that I’m not home with Belle right now, but I think I’m over the worst. The hardest parts are behind me and I’ll be home in less than 24 hours. Home to my Belle and the warm bed and my place next to her, curled up in the shadow of her dominance. Purring. Or whatever it is rabbits do.

12 thoughts on “In the shadow

  1. Evolution…As more time goes by, I have more questions passing through my mind. In any event, after reading each or your entries, I understand your writings and support them.

  2. I just love your ability to communicate. Some feelings are universal in any context…and your descriptions of feelings are fantastic. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Chaste man-hugs from here. Things will turn out all right.
    Bummer about your furnace! I’m in the Denver area, getting the same arctic blast as you.
    Thanks for helping Drew start his blog. He’s getting off to a great start and writes beautifully.

  4. I’ve very much enjoyed the reading since you met Drew and am sorry you two won’t wont take the dynamic forward to the level it sounded like he wanted (if I’m reading that right) but home is home and I’m sure he will adjust in time. The one thing I laugh at is how two excellent writers found each other because you often sound like extensions of each other. You are both very talented and in my head that had extended to naked time too.

    Good luck with the furnace. I’m in Australia so the AC is blasting.

    1. I don’t think there’s anything to be sorry about. We’re adjusting the parameters of the relationship as we go along. I think that’s positive.

      The furnace wasn’t that big a deal. Just a dirty burn sensor (whatever that is). Less than $200.

  5. Oh, I don’t know why but I read it as you two were parting ways. Now that I re-read it, I think I see you will remain friends, close even. Duh. Now I can go back to thinking the talent while naked part.

  6. Max, I think you are still reading it wrong. All is good. All is fine. It’s better by the conversation, in fact. What you are reading is actually just a documentation of what really happens when fantasy and reality combine and our attempts to interweave whatever it is we call our friendship/relationship into the reality that our spouses come first, which gives all four of us pleasure. There have been plenty of times in my life, and I assume yours, Thumper’s and everyone else’s when the fantasy runs out along with any interest. That’s not happening here, so far, and I’m doubtful it will to be honest. So, just go on the ride with us and ask us if you need clarification. We literally are an open book, so to speak.


    P.S. – your first comment makes it sound as if I wanted more than Thumper and, while this was probably just a comment to make a comment, we’ve been pretty mutual and adult like from day one. So, again, just read or think of us naked if that’s helping you. Please just tone my abs in your vision.

  7. Thumper, I tried to reach out to Drew to apologize if he was mad in the last comment, but not sure if it went. Anyway, I just wanted to check how you were both doing a week or so after the “evolution”? I love your dynamic together (oh the visions I have, Sir) and know it’s odd but I have found myself worried all week, or wondering more than worry since neither of you have posted about it. I guess maybe I’m just jealous of each of you :). Seeing each other again at least? Thank you. Have a great holiday (in the US, right?)

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