HNThumper LXVII: Break in the action

Today’s HNT is the first I’ve posted that I didn’t take myself…

This was snapped by Drew during a break in the action from the other day.

Break in the action

The carpet was kinda nasty and was probably from the late Nineties, but you can see some carabiners laying about, some cut zip tie, and my belt (all of which had been recently utilized). I’m actually doing work here, not hanging out on Tumblr.

And for those concerned, before posting this I ran it by Belle and she has no issues with it whatsoever. She hasn’t seen the photo and probably won’t even now, but she had ZERO problems with me sharing it here. For realsies.

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6 thoughts on “HNThumper LXVII: Break in the action

  1. Thumper, I did not know you and Drew were still “seeing” each other.

    Good to know and congrats. I hope he’s treating you as you deserve (good in the since)

    btw, laying naked on hotel carpet. I hope each rubbed you with purell.


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