The other day, I wrote a post that said enforced chastity devices don’t make penises smaller. I stand by that based on my now years of experience along with never having seen any evidence to the contrary (other than a bunch of words). I did say…

Now, what I have noticed when first coming out after an extended lock-up is the penis will be a little fatter towards the bottom than the top when erect, but that goes away after a day or so. I can only assume the erectile tissue needs to “stretch back out” once its been released. But the effect has never been long-lasting. Certainly not permanent.

Due to my recent illness, Belle let me stay out and I noticed this phenomenon yet again. The penis, when hard, was slightly narrower on the “top half” than at the base for a few days before it got back to normal. I was out for about five or six days total after having been locked up more or less for a month straight.

I received some feedback from a reader called Jay that I assume was in reply to my post on how being locked up doesn’t change penis size:

Regarding growers in Chastity advice. If a man has a 7 inch long erect length and is in a 2 inch tube only the 2 inches is prevented from erecting. He will  erect behind the ring. This becomes programmatic because it heightens the risk of penile fracture. true there is no os penis in humans But the membranes that encapsulate the erectile tissues can be ruptured. This is an actual ER visit injury, untreated it leads to permanent erectile dysfunction.

Second issue is girth difference when the shaft is soft it can be forced into a tube that is to small eg 6k but later when engorged Full urethral tamponade occurs. Unable to piss at all. 1″ diameter soft 1 5/8″ diameter hard. This person will need a tube with a 1 3/8″ ID

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard about penile fracture occurring from chastity. Is it possible? I suppose. Has it happened? Not saying it hasn’t. Just saying I’ve never heard about it. I assume what when Jay said, “true there is no os penis in humans,” he meant penile bone and, no, there is no penile bone in humans. So…yeah. Not an issue, thankfully. If we had penile bones, we probably couldn’t wear chastity devices like those we wear.

Anyway, yeah, if you think your penis has fractured, see a medical professional. Consider a finger waved in your general direction.

Regarding “urethral tamponade” (which sounds not unlike an ice cream flavor to me), yep, been there. Sometimes, the device is so tight I can’t even pee, but it’s more often the case that peeing is possible and, as I pee, becomes easier since the erection subsides. The compression of the urethra only lasts as long as the erection does.

All that said, being out and actually jacking the shaft made the one (apparently) permanent change the Steelheart has had on the penis more evident. Evi-dent, I said. Get it?

A little more than half way down the shaft, when it’s hard, is an obvious dent. It’s just about exactly where the edge of the tube A-ring hits it when it’s hard (the remainder of the erection being either stuck up inside me or sticking out the back of the device). It can be felt, but not seen, across the top of the shaft, but not underneath. I suppose the only way to know if it’s permanent would be to stay unlocked for an extended period and see if it went away.

Yeah, right.

I told Belle about the dent. She was unmoved. “It’s just a physical manifestation of your commitment and submission to me, isn’t it?”

Yes. Yes, it is.

15 thoughts on “Dented

  1. Soft dents? I’m wondering if all of the time you’ve spent pent up steel has softened the penis skin. Something like the skin on an uncircumcised penis, the shaft and the head. With so much less friction on undies, running shorts, jeans, and so on, it seems as though the skin would get softer. I don’t have access to a long-caged penis to feel if there is a difference.

  2. That’s an interesting side-effect. I’m relatively new to the field of long-term chastity, so it’s good to know. Question, though… Have you ever had problems with chafing? If so, how did you deal with it? My husband gets these tiny little sores on his scrotum after a week or so. I end up having to let him out every couple of weeks, and give him a few days to let the skin heal. I really don’t want to let him out so often, so if you have any suggestions, I’d be eternally grateful.

    1. Yes, when I wore plastic especially. Can also happen with metal. I recommend application of silicone lube after showering and before bed.

      1. Thanks, I’ll definitely try that! His is metal, and at first we were wondering if the tube itself is too long, but if the lube fixes the problem, it’ll be so much easier than having to buy a new one.

      2. Yup, my hubby uses lube and even lotion sometimes to keep things good down there, especially when I’ve got him locked up for days or weeks at a time.

        I know guys who use a wide range of things so if one thing doesn’t work don’t be afraid to try something else. 🙂

        Good luck!

      3. Awesome… I’m definitely using that. I went out and bought lube (all of mine is water-based, not silicone) for just that purpose. And I have plenty of lotion if that doesn’t work. Which is awesome, because I like him much better when he’s locked up than when he’s out. I kept referring those few days every few weeks as his “period,” because he’s such a pain when he’s not locked up.

  3. I recently watched a video on prosthetic penile implants by urologist Paul Perito. He said that impotent men experience shrinkage because they no long have nighttime erections and the tissue atrophies from disuse.

    1. Mass-produced devices are for average dicks. Yours is on the high end of average regarding length (maybe just outside the high end). What’s your circumference? That’s really what will drive you to something custom.

      CB-X makes The Curve for larger guys. It’s pretty big, though, and maybe hard to wear all the time. If you’re really girthy as well as long, you may need to go custom in which case I’d direct you towards Mature Metal.

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