All boned up and nowhere to go

Belle let me put the Steelheart on today. I was in the Orion for over 93 days and, while I love it as much now as I ever did, I really miss steel. Steel is, like, one of my things. So shiny and hard and smooth. Unf.

Three solid months is the longest I’ve ever worn any device without swapping it out for another. Thanks to Belle’s stricter key discipline, I can’t change whenever I feel like it and the few times I kinda brought it up, she didn’t see the need to let me, so I just stayed in the Orion. But yesterday, we were in an airport and I asked if she’d be OK with me going back to the Steelheart for a bit once we got home. She was fine with it this time and wondered what took me so long to ask, so this morning I made the swap and took the opportunity to eradicate some hair that’s usually hard to get rid of.

It has been a very, very long time since the contents was pleasurably handled (and if you don’t think I know exactly how long, you must be new here) and while shaving isn’t exactly pleasurable, it was “handling” and I’ve been especially horny for the past several days, so things started to happen.

I did not play with it. Not even a tiny bit. But I had to move it around and hold it and pin it up, etc., and the fucking thing was looking up at me with its one good eye and pleading for more. Just the simple, functional jostling was enough to get it chubbed out. It’s a different kind of mind-fuck to feel and see one’s erection hanging in mid-air, desperate and ignored. I did nothing whatsoever to encourage it, but after so much neglect, it doesn’t take a whole fucking lot to get it going.

I haven’t seen my erection in quite some time. The last time she let me out for sex was nearly a year ago, so could it have been that long? I boned up during our vacation massage, but I didn’t see it then (though the same could not be said for the masseuse). I…am not sure when the last time I would have seen my own erection was. The last few times I had the Orion off for hygiene, I don’t recall getting hard. So, yeah, long way of saying it’s a novel experience. And it looks sort of pathetic to me now. Sad and unwanted. I don’t want unencumbered erections anymore. And Belle gives no indication she wants it, either. It seemed desperate to take advantage of the moment and practically begged me to do something. But all I could think about it how annoying it was that it was there and getting in the way. And how just unimpressive it is to me. I felt a kind of pity, actually. Weird how it was the center of my universe of so long. So central to who I thought I was. Now its only value is in its confinement.

Thinking about it that way seemed to take some of the wind from its sails. It didn’t go flaccid, but it drooped a bit. Enough to start getting the Steelheart on. Its base ring has always been a tight fit, but getting my left testicle through was especially wince-inducing. If anything, the extended duration of my denial has made my balls even bigger than they were. Regardless, I was able to get them both through along with the shaft (eventually) and squeezed into the tube.

God, I just love the Steelheart. Rubbing and grabbing it through my sweats really turns me on. Every device is different and each gets me going in its own way, but the Steelheart is special. I can so better feel every movement in there. The Orion doesn’t have as much give inside and the PA hook keeps things pretty well pinned down, but the Steelheart allows for movement. I can feel perfectly every time the contents chub out even a little. The ring is the tightest I wear and I can already get an idea of what the early morning is going to be like based on the near-constant semi I’ve had since putting it on.

Since we’re on the topic of being in and out, I can report that year-to-date, I’ve been locked all but 6.5 hours. All of that was for travel and most was in January. I have no encounters planned with the TSA until the end of June now so, assuming Belle continues to see no need to let me out for other reasons and nothing else extraordinary comes along, I should be well positioned to make my time unlocked goal of no more than 24 hours. In fact, I’m trending towards coming in under my stretch goal of no more than twelve. Which kind of blows me away since last year I was unlocked for a (currently unimaginable) total of almost four whole days.

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