One word: plastics

I’ll be away from Belle from Thursday to Sunday this week. We originally got the PA-5000 for this exact eventuality, but as I’ve posted before, it’s proven to be a difficult device for me to wear.

I reminded Belle and said, as far as I could tell, she had three options:

  1. Send me away with the Steelheart in my suitcase and the key in my pocket. I could put it on once I arrived and send her a photo as proof. Additionally, I could promise to send her another photo within ten minutes of her asking to prove that I was keeping it on. Plusses: I could keep using her favorite device. Minuses: I would have the key. Duh.
  2. Put me our original CB-6000 before I left. I’ve travelled with it before, so it’s a known quantity. Plusses: I’m still (relatively) secure and wouldn’t be able to take the device off without the key/breaking the plastic lock. Also, it’s airport friendly (at least until the backscatter scanners arrive at MSP). Minuses: She hates the CB6K.
  3. Leave me on my own recognizance. Send me on my trip the way I came into the world, free meat swinging in the wind. Plusses: None (for her). Minuses: Do I really need to spell it out?

She didn’t like the first option since I’d have the key. If I’m locked up, I’m locked up. She doesn’t think it makes sense to let me be locked up with the key handy. Option 3 is right out because she does not want me to have unfettered access to myself. Like, ever. And especially not in a hotel room all by my lonesome. As far as she’s concerned, I should be locked up by default except for specific periods of time that she, not my travel schedule, decides.

So the CB6K it is. The chrome version is not an option because it not only does bad things to the cock, but I’m not entirely sure it’d pass through a metal detector. I assume there’s actual metal in the paint, but is there enough to trigger the sensor? Dunno. Rather not find out.

I admit to being a little nervous about the CB6K. The Steelheart is a relatively luxurious chastity device. I can achieve more than 50% of an erection in there and, while the pressure is still sufficient to wake me up most of the time, it’s nothing like I remember the CB6K being. Plus, I haven’t worn plastic for exactly a year now. I’ve found the steel to be a far less stressful material to wear full-time and I’m not sure how I’ll come out of the plastic after four days. Plus plus, the CB6K is less easy to hide and less natural looking under clothes than the Steelheart.

But whatever. The decision has been made. I’ll be packing plastic Thursday through Sunday, likely craving the friendly confines of the trusty Steelheart the moment I walk back in the door.

On my own recognizance

I’m done being sick. Well, I’m 92% done being sick. I’m feeling much better.

Monday night, I was feeling so crappy that every last scrap of my libido was obliterated and the device was seriously bumming me out. Belle’s still gone, so I popped the emergency key and took the Steelheart off. I only felt slightly guilty because I know Belle would have let me take it off had she been here. Regardless, there was zero chance I was going to do anything against the rules. There’s no better chastity then whatever the fuck I had.

Tuesday, I went to work in the morning but bailed before lunch. I still had no interest in the unencumbered meat, but I was feeling well enough to try the PA-5000 again and see if my theory about using a smaller gauge hook would make it more comfortable. Short story is no. I wore it for about eight hours and started to feel the same uncomfortableness in my PA so I took it out. In a perfect world, I would have put the SH back on, but I could tell there was still no risk of falling off the wagon.

Today, as I said, I feel much better, but the cock still lies dormant. My illness seems to have reset whatever denial vibe I had going back to zero (or maybe even less than zero) and my interest in sex is only barely recognizable as living. There’s a pulse, but not much else. I feel like I’m treading a fine line between legitimately letting myself out due to illness and abusing the opportunity, especially since Belle won’t be back until tomorrow to make sure I’m on the up and up. I honestly don’t want want to take advantage of the situation. Not that I could at the moment. I’m fairly uninterested in anything sexual and am not sure the equipment would cooperate even if I could muster the required focus.

In any event, if my recovery continues along its current trajectory, I may need to reestablish control tonight. I’ll be at the Twins game (GO TWINS!) until late and may just be too tired when I get home, but as I said, there is a very slight stirring down there. The pilot light is on and I can just now feel the tank starting to heat up. If not tonight, then no later than tomorrow morning. I don’t think I could legitimately justify being out by the time I see Belle again tomorrow night.

Three things that suck

The three things that suck for me right now:

  1. I’m sick. Like, flu sick. And that really pisses me off because a week ago I got a flu shot. I’m so sick that I didn’t even have an erection for 36 hours starting Saturday night. The penis never felt smaller bouncing around in the voluminous tube. Illness-induced shrinkage, I’m sure.
  2. Belle was on her period all weekend. Like, in the “no, please don’t touch me” kind of way. They’re not always like that, but combined with my aforementioned illness, there was no joy in Thumperville.
  3. My Belle Fille’s in The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels on the Porciúncula River (AKA, Hollywood, baby!). I hate being away from her. Hate it hate it hate it. Plus, I forgot to ask for the Token before she left, so assuming I recover, I’ll be limited to porn. No touchy.

Friday night, we discussed letting me try the PA-5000 again for the weekend. I’m thinking my issues might have been caused by using a 4ga PA hook. I wanted to try a thinner one to see if it’d make a difference. But, she forgot. I forgot. It never happened. And I was sick. And she was all gross period feeling. And now she’s gone.

OK, pity party over. Back to the game shows.

Friendly confines

Belle had wanted me in the PA-5000 through today, but I was forced to request I go back in the Steelheart a day early. The PA hook had been bothering me all day, just a bit to begin with, but more and more as the day wore on. By the time we got into bed and she was teasing me (which, BTW, is actually one of the PA5K’s cooler benefits), the inside of my piercing was hurting pretty bad. Mind you, I like hurting and all, but not this kind. I don’t think Belle was taking me seriously at first, because she told me to just lay down and relax (as if it were an erection thing), but I eventually made her understand I wasn’t just being whiny.

Once the the PA hook was unlocked, I tried to remove it but it wouldn’t budge. I’m not sure if it’s like this for everyone, but the plastic hook was grabbing onto the skin inside of my piercing. I had to lubricate to get it out. Undoubtedly, this was the cause of my discomfort. I was disappointed I didn’t make it as long as Belle wanted (and I think she was, too), but I have to admit it was nice being back in the friendly confines of the Steelheart (even if it was cold as hell after a couple days jammed into the back of the bathroom drawer).

I’m willing to give the PA5K another chance at some point. It seems clear that I’ll need to try to keep the hook lubricated just like the CB6K’s ring. Also, I might just need to toughen up the affected area.

PA5K Photos

Here are some photos of me in the PA-5000. The first shows me in a mostly flaccid state, the next two give better detail to how the device works, and the fourth is me in a erect-ish state (maybe 85% hard). These will eventually be included in a more detailed review of the device, but I thought I’d share them in the mean time.

Pics after the jump…

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Belle thinks it’s funny to name my chastity devices. That means last night, after the PA-5000’s box had been opened and the enclosed device secured onto the cock, she was running through a bunch of, “I think we should call it…” scenarios.

I thought most of the names were kinda silly, so I said (maybe more shortly than I should have), “I think we should call it the one I wear when I’m away from you.”

To which she replied, “I think we should call it the one you wear when I tell you to.”


“Sorry, Belle Fille,” I said, quietly.

“Let’s not forget who’s in charge around here, OK?”

“You’re in charge, Belle Fille.”

“That’s right.”

My first impression of the PA5K is that it feels really weird compared to the other devices I’ve worn. It’s very light and, as anyone can see, it doesn’t involved anything more then the end of the erect shaft. It’s sort of a tease for someone like me, accustomed to a full trapped-ball device, since it feels, when flaccid, that I’m free to have an erection. And, in fact, I can achieve pretty much a full erection. It’s like I have a cock again. However, I can’t do a damned thing with it.

For those of you reading this who don’t have penises attached to your bodies, understand that in order to successfully jack off, you need to be able to stimulate the area of the penis on the bottom of the shaft and adjacent to the head. In other words, right where the lock on the PA5K sits. Typically, this involves grasping and rolling whatever foreskin you have up and over the penis head (with or without lubrication). Also, not possible with the PA5K. It not only covers the money zone of penile stimulation, it also anchors that area to the wearer’s PA hole. Basically, it makes that entire area static and untouchable. So, you know, a fairly effective chastity device.

That said, it’s not the experience I’m used to. It doesn’t arrest the erection much at all. Also, there’s no ancillary sensation around my scrotum. Also also, I can jack off about 60% of the hard cock, though as I said, it’s the wrong 60%. I probably could not masturbate to orgasm wearing the PA5K and it’s enough of a deterrent that I’m not likely to try for very long.

On a chastity intensity scale of 1-10 where the CB6K is (or can be fitted to be) about an 8.5 and my Steelheart is about a 7, the PA5K is about a 4. Maybe less. It’s been really easy to live with in the 20 hours or so I’ve been wearing it.

The only issue I’ve had so far is with pain around my PA. It was worse in the morning, but I don’t think it had anything to do with the erection. First of all, the “ring” part that slips up and into my piercing doesn’t move around or hang down into my urethra like a real ring. Instead of shifting around as my position does, it stays fixed relative to the hole and makes the meat move around it. This is putting areas of my urethra into contact with the device that normally don’t touch my PA jewelry much at all. Second, it’s made of plastic which, as I’ve mentioned before in discussing the drawbacks of the CB6K, tends to grab my skin (even the skin inside the cock). In the morning when everything is try, I can really feel it.

With regard to fit, I probably could have bought the middle size. When I measured the cock before, I was doing so around the base where it’s thicker. Up near the end, where it’s narrower, the PA5K nearly perfectly encircles the erect shaft. When flaccid, there can be a fair amount of space between it and me. It’s not a bad fit (or, at least, it doesn’t seem to be). In fact, it provides a very subtle pressure when hard. Quite easy to deal with compared to the cramped confines of the CB6K tube.

Regardless of what Belle wants to call it, I think it will end up being the perfect travelling chastity companion. She’s decided that I will wear it until Sunday night to make sure it’s acceptable, then I’m back to serving hard time in the Steelheart until the time comes that I need to fly.

After she allowed me to give her an orgasm, and while I was pressing my erect yet still chastised cock into her ass as she was falling to sleep, I said, “God, I want to fuck you so bad right now.”

“Thumper, it’s hardly been two weeks yet,” she scolded me gently, “You’ve got a long way to go before that’s going to happen.”

“I know, but I really want to.”

“You’ll need to do better than that when it’s time for the sesquicentennial.”

“Sesquicentennial? You’re going to leave me locked up for 150 years?” I asked.

“No, but the times coming when I’ll leave you in for 150 days.”

Whimper. “A hundred and fifty days is a long time,” I said quietly.

“Yes,” she replied, “but you’re up to it.”

Travel wear

It occurs to me that I’ll be travelling at the end of October. Those of you keeping score at home realize that the end of October would be a little over half way through the three month program Belle placed me on the other day. Everyone else with even a passing understanding of me and my horny rabbit brain knows I can’t be trusted to keep my hands off the meat, especially after six or seven weeks…alone…in a hotel room. Oh, god yes. That would be fantastic…

So, yeah, I will need to be secured. And the Steelheart can’t fly. I’ve been trying to figure out ways of travelling with it, but they all require me having a key since Belle won’t be with me. If I have the key and am expected to take it off prior to x-ray and such, then I might as well leave it at home. I’m a good rabbit, but still just a dumb bunny. The temptation would be too great.

I suppose I could always break out the old CB-6000, but Belle seems to have retired it permanently. This is based on aesthetics more than anything else and, as I said, she won’t be with me, so maybe she’d be OK with me wearing it. The stainless-looking model is off the table since, as I’ve pointed out, it’s very rough on the cock and I’m not even sure the chrome finish wouldn’t trigger the metal detector anyway.

The other option is a new device. Travel wear, as it were. Something for those times when the full metal jacket is not practical. Given a choice between using something old or buying something new, I tend to lean towards the new stuff. And that’s lead me to the PA-5000. I’ve read several reviews so I know it’s not perfect, but all I really need is a physical barrier sufficient to making jacking off difficult. I need a deterrent.

I’ve been very curious about the PA5K since it came out. I have no idea what it will feel like. Chastity has always been equal parts cock and ball constriction. Now, it will just be the cock. Also, large portions of it will be open to sensation. Very different than the Steelheart which sometimes feels like a sensory depravation chamber.

I think I measured it right. The tube come in three sizes and they recommend a quarter inch larger than your flaccid state. I measured this quite a while back and I’m about 34mm (about 1.33″) in diameter when soft, but the largest tube they sell has a diameter of 31.75mm (1.25″). When hard, I’m 40mm (about 1.57″) in diameter, so the tube will definitely be snug. I am not accustomed to ever wearing the largest of anything on the cock, so I guess we’ll just see how it goes. The funny thing about penises is they’re highly variable little hunks of meat. I’m sure it will work out. Expect a full report as soon as Belle lets me wear it.

On other fronts, I’m starting just my sixth day of lock-up after being in for two months. I can say that, right now, I’m way hornier at six days than I was at six weeks. Funny how that works. Belle (and everyone in the house) went to bed kind of early last night leaving me wide-eyed and restless. I eventually picked up my phone and started reading stories on the Kristen Archives (the porn site for every perversion). Hours later, I finally put the phone down, exhausted, only to fall into a very restless sleep.

I’ve said before that I don’t often get blue balls, but I had them last night and right up until this morning. Yeah, part of the ache was caused by the ring and the near constant erection I had all night, but it was way worse than usual. They felt much more swollen and tender. There was definitely a big load of something backing up in there. Every time I’d turn over, the device would flop heavily from one side to the other taking my fat balls with it. I couldn’t find a comfortable position and each time I moved to a new one it’d get another wave of achy ball pain.

I was awake way before Belle and, as soon as I figured out she was up, too, I was all over her. It’s that non-specific sexual urge feeling where I just want to squeeze her into a ball and grind my steel tube into her. I was breathing hard and kissing her mouth and trying my best not to bite her face when she said, “Why don’t you put that energy into making my coffee?”

“Anything, Belle Fille. Anything you want,” I said breathily, “It’s all for you.”