Belle thinks it’s funny to name my chastity devices. That means last night, after the PA-5000’s box had been opened and the enclosed device secured onto the cock, she was running through a bunch of, “I think we should call it…” scenarios.

I thought most of the names were kinda silly, so I said (maybe more shortly than I should have), “I think we should call it the one I wear when I’m away from you.”

To which she replied, “I think we should call it the one you wear when I tell you to.”


“Sorry, Belle Fille,” I said, quietly.

“Let’s not forget who’s in charge around here, OK?”

“You’re in charge, Belle Fille.”

“That’s right.”

My first impression of the PA5K is that it feels really weird compared to the other devices I’ve worn. It’s very light and, as anyone can see, it doesn’t involved anything more then the end of the erect shaft. It’s sort of a tease for someone like me, accustomed to a full trapped-ball device, since it feels, when flaccid, that I’m free to have an erection. And, in fact, I can achieve pretty much a full erection. It’s like I have a cock again. However, I can’t do a damned thing with it.

For those of you reading this who don’t have penises attached to your bodies, understand that in order to successfully jack off, you need to be able to stimulate the area of the penis on the bottom of the shaft and adjacent to the head. In other words, right where the lock on the PA5K sits. Typically, this involves grasping and rolling whatever foreskin you have up and over the penis head (with or without lubrication). Also, not possible with the PA5K. It not only covers the money zone of penile stimulation, it also anchors that area to the wearer’s PA hole. Basically, it makes that entire area static and untouchable. So, you know, a fairly effective chastity device.

That said, it’s not the experience I’m used to. It doesn’t arrest the erection much at all. Also, there’s no ancillary sensation around my scrotum. Also also, I can jack off about 60% of the hard cock, though as I said, it’s the wrong 60%. I probably could not masturbate to orgasm wearing the PA5K and it’s enough of a deterrent that I’m not likely to try for very long.

On a chastity intensity scale of 1-10 where the CB6K is (or can be fitted to be) about an 8.5 and my Steelheart is about a 7, the PA5K is about a 4. Maybe less. It’s been really easy to live with in the 20 hours or so I’ve been wearing it.

The only issue I’ve had so far is with pain around my PA. It was worse in the morning, but I don’t think it had anything to do with the erection. First of all, the “ring” part that slips up and into my piercing doesn’t move around or hang down into my urethra like a real ring. Instead of shifting around as my position does, it stays fixed relative to the hole and makes the meat move around it. This is putting areas of my urethra into contact with the device that normally don’t touch my PA jewelry much at all. Second, it’s made of plastic which, as I’ve mentioned before in discussing the drawbacks of the CB6K, tends to grab my skin (even the skin inside the cock). In the morning when everything is try, I can really feel it.

With regard to fit, I probably could have bought the middle size. When I measured the cock before, I was doing so around the base where it’s thicker. Up near the end, where it’s narrower, the PA5K nearly perfectly encircles the erect shaft. When flaccid, there can be a fair amount of space between it and me. It’s not a bad fit (or, at least, it doesn’t seem to be). In fact, it provides a very subtle pressure when hard. Quite easy to deal with compared to the cramped confines of the CB6K tube.

Regardless of what Belle wants to call it, I think it will end up being the perfect travelling chastity companion. She’s decided that I will wear it until Sunday night to make sure it’s acceptable, then I’m back to serving hard time in the Steelheart until the time comes that I need to fly.

After she allowed me to give her an orgasm, and while I was pressing my erect yet still chastised cock into her ass as she was falling to sleep, I said, “God, I want to fuck you so bad right now.”

“Thumper, it’s hardly been two weeks yet,” she scolded me gently, “You’ve got a long way to go before that’s going to happen.”

“I know, but I really want to.”

“You’ll need to do better than that when it’s time for the sesquicentennial.”

“Sesquicentennial? You’re going to leave me locked up for 150 years?” I asked.

“No, but the times coming when I’ll leave you in for 150 days.”

Whimper. “A hundred and fifty days is a long time,” I said quietly.

“Yes,” she replied, “but you’re up to it.”

11 thoughts on “PA5K

  1. So do you like it, or not like it? I can’t really tell for sure.

    Also, what do you use to determine ‘chastity intensity’? Your steelheart is really intense, I can’t see the CB6K being more intense. just curious.

    1. I’m not exactly sure I do like it. I would have put the Steelheart back on last night, but Belle decided I should wear it for the weekend to make sure it doesn’t cause any problem. It is a great option for travel, but I wouldn’t want to wear it all the time and would probably want to switch to the Steelheart as soon as I got out of the airport.

  2. I don’t like the idea of plastic in a piercing but I know it’s okay. My daughter has gauged her ears and wears various plastic things in them (4 g). Me, I guess I am just a metal Queen. Anyway you can put a metal ring or bar or whatever at the end of the device? I know for the immediate travel and airport security you would need plastic, but I am thinking the rest of your trip. This is probably me, though. Just thinking out loud.


    1. No, it requires using the hook that came with it. I would’t be able to use anything else. I’ll probably have some pictures here soon so it should become clear enough.

  3. Thanks for the spesifics for us without cocks. I didn’t much understand how it would work being it’s so… open, as chastity devices go. Is the want to go back to the Steelheart more of an emotional one? Do you not want to have your cock back, even if you can’t jerk off to the wished conclusion? I can somehow understand this, you gave your cock to Belle, and everything that goes with it. Also, seems that you put so much symbolical power to it. Like you’ve said, it’s an effective reminder of Belle’s love for you. And her control. And aren’t those kind of the same thing now?

    It sounds kind of like a scifi-thing, doesn’t it? Steel replacing your cock. 🙂

    And wow. Belle’s really good with you. You need a strong hand to keep you in place. I’m happy she’s so sure about herself. Doesn’t let you tramp all over her name ideas. (Cute = silly, right?)


    1. Chastity is primarily about denying one access to orgasm when they want it, but it’s also about denying one access to their cock (and, sometimes, depending on the device, even their balls). The PA5K doesn’t provide that kind of experience and, in way, kind of feels like cheating. I still get a hard-on, can touch most of it, can see it, etc. It’s chastity lite.

      Also, I’ve found that the more I wear the Steelheart the more I come to think of it as being part of me. It totally consumes the cock and, in my mind, eventually merges with it into a single unit. Once I orgasm, that spell is snapped, but I haven’t come this time so there is a part of me that misses it and resents the interloper. Even now, I’m counting the hours until I get to wear the Steelheart again.

      Belle’s been really, really good about asserting her wishes over the cock. I wanted to put the SH back on the first night but she wanted me to wear the new one instead. She seems genuinely interested in the new device and in finding a way to keep me permanently chaste which, in the odd and seemingly contradictory way only a man in place can understand, makes me feel extremely well cared for and loved. She’s being a great keyholder.

      1. Chastity is primarily about denying one access to orgasm when they want it, but it’s also about denying one access to their cock (and, sometimes, depending on the device, even their balls).

        You know, even though you’ve talked about it before, I’ve never actually realized what an integral part it is, before now. Denying acces to a part of your own body. That is so powerful.

        I have a relating story. I used to have a piercing on my eyebrow, and at one point, after wearing it for year(s), I realized I wanted to be able to touch my face, the skin, without being hindered by an artificial thing, a part that doesn’t belong there. For me it was a huge revelation. That I had willingly taken away some of my body. (It also had to do with the piercing never properly healing.) After that I couldn’t keep the thing in place even a minute more.

        Maybe I haven’t realized this before, because the main focus is always on the orgasm. You want to touch your cock, because you want to come, not because it’s a part of you. (I’m not complainin’!) But it’s more than that. It’s a part of you that… stops existing as a cock and changes into something else? Into Belle’s cock? The Steelheart. (Even the name is. Well. Well suited.) Now that I think about it, I can perfectly understand, why it’s so important that you get to pleasure yourself first when you “get out”. To connect again. It has felt weird for me before, because I’ve only thought about your submission to Belle and you’re sex belonging to her, and that stuff.

        Wow. I’m blown away. This might sound really stupid, since it’s obvious for you how it feels and you’ve been talking about it for a long time. And I’ve even read all of that.

        I can so well understand your need to be safe in the Steelheart, to be Steelheart again. It’s so vulnerable to be outside, isn’t it? I probably couldn’t handle, what you’re doing, emotionally. And Wonderboy could definately not cope with any more codependency from my part. Or the emotional floods, that would just keep on flowing, if I’d give him such an integral part of my body. I want to add my soul, but I won’t, cause that would be sappy. Right?

      2. RogueBambi :

        It’s a part of you that… stops existing as a cock and changes into something else? Into Belle’s cock?

        Yep, that’s about right. I *know* the cock is in there and still part of me, but it stops being just a cock. It’s like a cyborg thing or something. Weird, I know…

        Now that I think about it, I can perfectly understand, why it’s so important that you get to pleasure yourself first when you “get out”. To connect again.

        Yep again. I crave the feeling of a hard cock in my hand at least as much as the squirt.

  4. Hi, I’m curious if you ever overcame the issue with the pain around the PA. My Master just put me in the PA 5000 last Friday. The first day or two was fine/bearable but it’s becoming increasingly painful. The area of irritation is right around the bottom hole right above where the ring goes down into the locking mechanism. At first I thought we had caught just a bit of skin so we unlocked and carefully relocked, but that didn’t solve the problem. Today the pain got so bad he put me back in my CB-6000 for awhile to let it rest. I noticed it looks like the skin right around the bottom hole is molding/shaping to the ring (kind of looked like a horseshoe). I’m assuming that’s where a lot of the irritation is coming from. I’m just wondering if I need to try to tough it out or if this is a serious issue I need to be concerned about. I was pierced with a 10 gauge and we started with the 8 gauge ring (Note, we never got the 8 gauge pa, he decided he wanted me in this device and skipped putting in an 8 gauge ring.) The 8 slips right in easily so I’m wondering if maybe going up to the 6 (which would most likely involve stretching would help this issue. Since I’ve never gauged up yet till now, and honestly I don’t think it even had to stretch any to get the 8 gauge in (The guy who pierced me told me his experience generally was piercing with a 10 g would cause way less bleeding and heal quicker and you could gauge up to an 8 pretty quickly after.) I don’t know if the pain I’m feeling could be normal when stretching or it’s specifically the device. What you said in the post about it forcing your meat to mold around it makes sense and I’m almost thinking that’s what’s happening to me.

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