The Looker 03

Dietmar has a new toy to drool over. It’s called The Looker 03 and sports a PA “shackle” (damn, but if that’s not a sexy word) that’s reminiscent of a Steelwerks Extreme lock.

I see this and my immediate, visceral reaction is, “Woof!” But I have a few concerns:

  1. The damned thing costs, at current exchange rates (less VAT), $494.
  2. I can’t imagine you’d be able to wear that and pee standing up. The shackle (I just love saying that) goes through the main hole in the half-cup at the tip leaving urine to stream through all the little holes surrounding it and out the back though the piercing (which ends up soaking the scrotum). This thing’s a sprayer (which is not, in and of itself, a bad thing – I’m just sayin’).
  3. Based on my previous experimentation with PA security (both with cables on the CB6K and my PA ring on a special little bar I had added to our Jail Bird), it seems to me that there’d be the opportunity for pinching between where the shackle (there’s that word again) comes out of the piercing and the back of the half-cup (or even between the shackle and the two lateral bottom bars of the cage). I don’t think there’d be the issue with pulling I found with the CB6K+cable because, presumably, this cage would be tailored to my body and there’s be less opportunity for the penis to move back and forth along its length.
  4. Finally, the shackle (fuuuck!) just seems kind of unwieldy. Like it’d get pushed all hither and yon in my underwear and end up pulling on the piercing.

But, goddamn, it’s sexy. I know I’ll be going back and looking at it again and again.

Did I mention it’s got a shackle?!

Almost there

I get home tomorrow. I will have been away for something like 11 or 12 days, depending on how you count. I really need to be back there.

Previously, I expressed a concern that being free for so long would tempt me to do things with the penis I probably shouldn’t. First day away, I admit I diddled a bit with it, but as I got further and further from Belle, my interest in it lessened more and more. I’d wake in the tent, snuggled into my sleeping bag, with the penis stiff and hard, but I had basically no desire to play with it. I gave it a few wanks to see if I could kindle a response, but there was nothing. For more than a week, it became just this little tube of meat I urinated through. It was as if the spirit of my sexuality was left behind with her and all I took with me was the useless machine it normally animated.

But, as I’ve driven the many miles back to Belle, the penis has started to become interesting again. This morning, the first time I updated The Portfolio since I headed into the woods, I found my hand wrapped around the hard flesh, pumping it furiously and feeling the heavy PA ring knock around at the end of it. My scrotum tightened up and I felt the electric fire starting to build inside, but I stopped well short of orgasm (though a little leaked out). Then, for the rest of the day, I was very aware of the unencumbered condition of my crotch. Even peeing became somewhat erotic in a strange way. I could feel the stream passing through my prostate and my fingers on its skin would cause the penis to respond by chubbing out and looking very tempting.

It occurred to me at some point over the course of the day that it’s been about a month since Belle last let me come, so it’s only natural that I’d find the penis needy, though it’s reawakening as I get closer to her is more than little interesting. I’m still at least two weeks away from my next orgasm as Belle previously said I wouldn’t have one before August. I find myself craving two things. First, her. Her presence, her scent, her warmth, and her pleasure. Second, her control. Cold, hard steel locked onto the penis keeping it out of reach and less of a distraction. Maybe its stirring is driven by the knowledge both it and I have that its days of freely knocking around down there are coming to an end.

Less than 24 hours to go…

Of lizards and pistons and pinchy bits

The answer to the question, “Why hasn’t Thumper posted recently?” isn’t “Because he had an orgasm,” it’s “Because he had two orgasms.”

It all started about ten days ago. Belle told me she was going to let me out for the weekend and I’ve found that once the meat knows its freedom is set at a fixed point in the future, it starts to get irritable. On that Thursday, I was dealing with an odd pinch in the tube and no shifting or pulling would make it go away. Finally, I asked for Belle’s key so I could remove the internal pinchy bits but she decided to just let me out altogether a day earlier than scheduled. And, of course, upon inspection, I found nothing wrong with it. It was just bitching.

That Saturday morning, we had sex. I got her off using Pink, the hard cock being essentially ignored by her. Not a bad plan on her part because it had been two months since the last time it had been of any use and its effectiveness as a pleasure object would likely have been limited. After she came, she let me mount her. I tried my hardest to make the experience count since I was not sure she’d let me have more than one shot this time around. I was doing OK at keeping a good pace and varying the tempo so I could just feel her soft, hot wetness slide along the hungry shaft, but at a point much too soon for me, something snapped. I would describe it as a mutiny in the control room of my brain, but it wasn’t like that. More like a rerouting of control around my brain. The lizard brainstem and lower half of my body essentially told my brain to fuck off and that they were going to handle the action from that point forward. I literally could not stop. My only function and my only focus was being a meat piston. I fucked the shit out of her…for about 28 seconds.

Then I came in a way unlike the more recent events. No tingling, no feeling of being pulled inside out, just grunts and flexing and surging and the need to fill her up. Fill her with the cock and fill her with the seed and make damned sure nothing else happened until that was over. I cannot say it was the most fun orgasm I’ve had, but “fun” is a concept unknown to the lizard brain. It was function. It was like when two dogs start going at it and you have to turn a hose on them to make them stop. The basic need for all living things to pass on their code drove my hips into her and pinned her to the bed with the cock until the transfer was complete and, finally, felt its own sense of animal satisfaction at the effort.

Sunday night, she gave me a handjob. I thought she’d let me come, but all the way up until the final moment I half expected her to pull her hand away so there was a bit of a race going on internally between her stroking and my getting all the ejaculatory mechanisms lined up in time. I grasped the headboard, hands up over my head, as she pulled the orgasm from my body. It was actually quite wonderful and left me feeling dopey and fuzzy sleepy warm. But, she wanted me back in right then, so she rubbed the sticky goo on her hand all over my chest allowing its stench to fill my senses. Then, she handed me the key and sent me off to the harsh white light of the bathroom to reaffix the steel and clean the goobery mess from my chest hair. I did it, reluctantly. My fuzzy sleepy warmth was all washed away by the experience. I came, and I liked it, but I was not allowed to bask.

For the better part of the week after, it was this thing. This annoying, clinging, intrusive alien sitting in my pants. Almost immediately, the internal security bits were biting me again, so she let me take those out, but that didn’t make my mental opposition to being encased any less severe. Just the opposite. None of my usual routines work the same way when the PA fixing and ring aren’t in there. With them, enough space is held open to allow water to be easily flushed though, but without them the stupid meat is easily squished and squashed and blocks the free flow water in and urine out. The end result of all this wasn’t as bad as I probably felt it was, but for days it was like canned meat swinging between my legs. Nothing good about it.

Things started to shift by Thursday. I was to drive a few hours away that day and be apart from Belle for two nights. Suddenly, the idea that I had to have the fixing and ring in place was paramount. Their absence made me feel incomplete rather than inconvenienced. My device was not whole and neither was I. That morning, Belle left me with her key and I dutifully tended to the total securement of the cock with no ill feelings or surreptitious squeezes. She had given me an opportunity to make it right so the idea of taking advantage was furthest from my mind. I put in the ring, threaded the fixing though it and then slid the still-flaccid cock into the tube and felt along with it the sensation of warmth and comfort and security. It was like putting on my favorite sweatshirt, not an implement of bondage and sexual frustration. I was where I was supposed to be and it felt right.

I was back home by Saturday and she let me give her an orgasm. I had the palpable feeling of being a human sex toy as it was all about her and not at all about me. She didn’t care that I would be left horny and caged and unable to sleep. That was my place. I should get used to it. I was cleaving to her as the orgasm pulsed from between her legs and I grunted along with her moans. I was coming, too, but though her pleasure. As expected, I slept fitfully.

Now, a week in to a lock-up of undetermined length, the meat and its cage have settled back into their symbiotic relationship. It’s a part of me again. I look in the mirror and I see it and it looks like me. Its contents don’t. That thing looks like the other. The intruder. But it’s OK because the lock is on and it can’t get out.

Funny how that works.

Weekend nerdery

Reader OzCub left the following comment in reply to my last HNThumper. My reply started to get pretty long, so I decided to make a full post out of it.

Your blog has really sold me on the steelheart device. Problem is – I’ve never worn any device before. I’ve seen it recommended elsewhere that you should probably start with a more flexible/adaptable device like a CB6000 or a Birdlock. What are your thoughts on that?

Also I’m planning on getting a PA done because I think it would suit my cock. In your opinion, would it be better to sort that out before I even consider delving into chastity? Or can it come later (so to speak)?

Yes, I think it’s probably best for for someone new to enforced chastity to start with CB6K (I have no experience with a Birdlock, but based on what I’ve read of Tom’s and Aarkey’s experience [part 1 and 2], I wouldn’t recommend it). There are two reasons to start with a CB6K. First, with a relatively low investment, you can figure out if locking your cock into a hard tube is something that flips your trigger. Sure, reading about it can be hot, but there’s a lot of stuff that turns me on when I read it that I’d never want to do in real life. Chastity could be that way for you, too. A hundred and fifty bucks and a few weeks can answer the question for good.

The second reason the CB6K is a good way to start regards fit. Not so much the tube or cage portion because I’m now convinced that that needs to be approximately the same size as your normally flaccid penis (erring on the shorter side). It sounds totally unintuitive, but the less room it has to grow the more comfortable the device will be in the long run. Keeping that in mind, you might want to consider the CB6Ks. The other critical element in fitting a device is the cuff ring. I know from experience that the ring I could barely wear on day one would be ridiculously large on me now. The body adjusts over time and, eventually, you will probably find yourself in a ring that’s not a lot bigger around than the shaft of your erect cock. Unless you’re willing to get a custom steel device with multiple cuff rings or are willing to replace one with another later on (probably requiring you to send the whole device back for several weeks), the CB6K is a good way to get used to the constriction and let your nutsack stretch a bit. Once you settle in to a ring that works for you, the move to metal will probably mean dropping down to a slightly smaller one. At least, that’s how it worked in my experience.

Regarding rings and sizing, I know Mature Metal will send you some for fit, but I’ve never done that. I’m not sure how that’d work since a ring without a tube or cage is just a cock ring and I know that the smallest cock ring I can stand is actually bigger than the cuff ring I’ve got on at the moment. I think since the tube keeps the cock from getting fully erect that the ring can be smaller. Maybe someone who’s done that can leave a comment on how well it worked. In any event, a smaller ring means less weight, bulk, and, at least for me, greater comfort day in and day out and higher security. However, as I’ve already driven into the ground, I’m not super impressed with MM’s quality and design (though they have many fans in the community – I think I’m in the minority on that). You said you’re already settled on a Steelheart, so maybe that doesn’t really matter to you.

I seriously doubt you’ll regret getting the Prince Albert. I think they’re really hot. Plus, when you get the chance to jack off with them, the sensation can be fucking fantastic. Plus plus, of course, their utility with regard to chastity security is quite high. Were I to do it all over again, I’d probably have gotten the PA first. Waiting for it to be totally healed will make wearing it in a device a lot less of a hassle and you can always stretch up to larger gauges while it’s locked up. You’ll probably start at an 8 (or maybe a 10) and eventually work up to a 6 or a 4. From initial piercing to 4ga is at most a 3 month process. You’ll want to wait at least 30 days before you lock up a new PA. If you start chastity first and then get the piercing, it’ll just mean interrupting the chastity for a month. That’s what I did and it was a pain.

Good luck!

HNThumper XXXI: Chastity ring

So, my chastity has gone virtual. Many times, HNThumpers have featured the device which ensures I stay chaste, but that’s my brain right now and I can’t obviously show you that (since, you know, I’m still using it). But, because of the way my brain works, I find it’s very helpful for me to endow some object as the token of my restriction. Something that acts as a point upon which to center my willpower. A reminder of what I’m supposed (or not supposed) to do.

To that end, I have begun to focus on the PA ring I wear. I cannot take it off without a tool and its function when I’m locked in the device is to ensure I cannot get out, so there’s a certain logic to embodying it as the continuing physical manifestation of my chastity even when I’m not actually secured.

Today’s HNThumper, then, illustrates my current state. The thing from which I am separated is clearly evident, though the power that separates us is not. That power is represented by the steel ring. It’s as if we’re breaking chastity down to it’s component parts. It’s most elemental form. The look of the cock in this image is somewhat dejected which, I think, is appropriate considering its quarantined-like state.

Jesus, I wish I could stroke it. Just for five minutes. Please?

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Fourth quarter, third shot

Belle continued the zone flooding/hard reset regimen and let me come again night before last. We were watching Monday Night Football (can’t believe NO pulled that one out) and, early in the fourth quarter, she said, “Get naked. Then take care of yourself.”

“Do I have a choice?” I was actually kind of sleepy.

“No.” Well. OK, then.

I admit it was a little surreal laying next to her in bed, watching football, jacking off under the covers. Like that’s normal or something. She paid little attention to me and stayed engaged in the game while I pulled on the cock and felt my heavy 4 ga circular barbell flop around in my PA. I don’t usually get to wear that piece since the cock is almost always in a steel tube, so it’s a bit of an extra treat to be out and sporting it. Anyway, even though I’d already come twice in three days, I was able to get it up quickly and found my groove easily. I didn’t waste any time and squirted quietly onto my stomach (being careful to avoid the sheets). She never stirred or said a word. It was like I was clipping my toenails or performing some other mundane act of self-maintenance. I thanked her and missed the rest of the game as sleep quickly reached up for me.

Fast-forward 24 hours and we were in the same spot watching a different game (Sunday Night Football on Tuesday!), me naked, but this time the word was never given. And yeah, three orgasms in five days, but I wanted to go again. After the game was over (skol Vikings!) and she was asleep, I wanked slowly and kept it hard for a while, but never got to the edge. Normally, two shots would put me down for a week or more, but here I am still unlocked and with the possibilities of more orgasms floating around out there. I’m not crazy horny like I can be when I haven’t come in weeks, but I’m some flavor of horny I can’t say I’ve been in a while. There isn’t a constant tickle in my groin for activity, but my brain is definitely instigating something. The lizard knows there’s a chance of more sticky white goo out there and isn’t sated in the least. He wants more. Will he get it? Only Belle knows.

Quinta dispositivo

Yesterday morning, I guess Belle woke up with a bee in her bonnet since I opened my eyes to find her wide awake and staring at me. She told me to close the door and get naked. Morning has always been the best time to fuck Belle, but what with kids and all, it’s a rarity nowadays.

In any event, I got naked as requested and got into bed and, sleepy or no, quickly found myself all worked up. My hands were everywhere and I fought a strong urge to chew on her and soon my fingers were deep in her soaking snatch. She came nice and hard and complimented my technique and I laid there and throbbed in my tube. Fucking hell, I wanted a piece of that. But, you know, it’s just been five weeks. I have at least seven to go.

Later, I was taking the device off for a good clean and shave (and also to put the PA fixing back in I took out Friday morning), and I found the tube full of clear, viscous precum. It was everywhere and all over the cock. I think it hadn’t dribbled out the tube because, with the PA fixing out, I tend to fill it entirely and therefore block the hole. As Belle was working her Kegels on my fingers, I was leaking what seemed like a tablespoon of useless natural lube.

By the time I took the tube off, though, I found the cock to be as flaccid as it seems to get so I took the opportunity to measure again for our new device, the Mature Metal Jail Bird. It seems to be the trendy device all the cool kids are getting these days, so what that heck. Belle said we could get one.

It’s not that I’m unhappy with the Steelheart. Far from it, though I have been thinking lately that I might be needing to get a smaller tube for it. No, it’s not that chastity’s making the cock smaller (contrary to a fairly common misconception), but over time I’ve found my body’s changed and the fit of the device now seems kinda big and clunky. I will probably still order a smaller tube from the Fatherland and, of course, having another device in the mix will make living without our main axe easier.

The proprietor of Mature Metal recommends as close a fit as possible to your penis’ flaccid size. I measured once on Friday and got a length of 2.25″. On Saturday, it was 2.5″. Over on Chastity Forums, a lot of guys seem to get 2″ or so, and as I said, MM advises smaller over longer for comfort (though, of course, that’s entirely nonintuitive). I ordered 2.25″ and then sent an email asking him to make it 2″.

A big reason why the length of the tube is so important is I’m asking MM to add an extra steel bar just under where the head of the cock will be in order to lock it on with my 4ga PA ring. That ring’s impossible to take off without tools, so it should provide really good security. Maybe not quite as good as the Steelheart’s (since that’s all internal and unreachable without the key), but way better than nothing. In any event, since the Jail Bird fits so closely to the size of the flaccid cock, I’m hoping there won’t be any movement relative to the piercing and I won’t end up with pulling on the ring.

Belle and I had a date last night and I asked what the longest period was she’d leave me locked. After a moment’s pause, she said six months.

“But that depends on how the new one works,” she added. “I’m not sure leaving him in the current device for months on end is a good idea. It’s like he’s a little Chilean miner in there. I want him to get out once in a while and breath. I imagine he needs sunglasses every time he sees sunlight.”

I reminded her that the Jail Bird is an open cage design.

“I know,” she said, “and if I like that one, I might just leave you in it indefinitely.”

So. According to Mature Metal, we’ll find out what Belle thinks of it in 2-3 weeks. Then…who knows?

Wrong way ring

For the past few days I’ve been feeling a weird twinge in the neighborhood of my PA. Nothing horrible and nothing I couldn’t deal with, but every once in a while it would just feel..odd. This morning, after my shower, I asked Belle Fille for the key so I could check on things.

What I found surprised me. In my write-up on the Steelheart from not too long after I got it, I showed it being used with a 4 ga ring, but I’ve since moved to a different ring that’s about 8 or 10 gauge since it’s easier to get on and off, takes up less room in the tube, and doesn’t clank around as much (and is actually just as secure). But, of course, the hole is still at 4 ga (and maybe even a little bigger). So anyway, what I found was the thinner ring had rotated so that the ball had gone up my urethra and was trying to get back out the other side through the piercing. Four gauge is a lot bigger than 8, but not nearly as big as the ball in the 8 ga ring. Regardless, it had gone so far I couldn’t at first tell which direction it had taken to get there (through the end of the cock or through the piercing). Basically, it was stuck. And that feels weird.

No big deal. I pushed it back down through the end of the cock and removed both the ring and the PA fixing to let things settle down a bit. The cool part of this little adventure is how possessive Belle was of the key. When I asked for it, she had a slightly suspicious and maybe even skeptical look on her face and, as soon as I came out of the bathroom (maybe 5 minutes later, if that), her hand was out immediately and the key was back in it’s little blue satin bag and safely ensconced somewhere in the inner reaches of her purse. There was a time when she left the key sitting in the same place every time and I always knew where it was. Now, it’s very much her key. Not mine, hers.

Along with that, she’s been dropping little comments here and there that go a long way towards making me feel all warm and squirmy inside (not unlike some of WendyWicke’s tips). So when I said yesterday that things are going pretty OK, it’s this kind of behavior from Belle that goes a long way toward making that the case. I know she’s thinking about me in the device, I know she likes things the way they are, and I know she’s appreciative of what I’ve given to her. And I’m so appreciative that she’s accepted it and even embraced it to such an extent.

I know it doesn’t make for very entertaining reading, but the lack of drama and angst is appreciated on all sides.

Friendly confines

Belle had wanted me in the PA-5000 through today, but I was forced to request I go back in the Steelheart a day early. The PA hook had been bothering me all day, just a bit to begin with, but more and more as the day wore on. By the time we got into bed and she was teasing me (which, BTW, is actually one of the PA5K’s cooler benefits), the inside of my piercing was hurting pretty bad. Mind you, I like hurting and all, but not this kind. I don’t think Belle was taking me seriously at first, because she told me to just lay down and relax (as if it were an erection thing), but I eventually made her understand I wasn’t just being whiny.

Once the the PA hook was unlocked, I tried to remove it but it wouldn’t budge. I’m not sure if it’s like this for everyone, but the plastic hook was grabbing onto the skin inside of my piercing. I had to lubricate to get it out. Undoubtedly, this was the cause of my discomfort. I was disappointed I didn’t make it as long as Belle wanted (and I think she was, too), but I have to admit it was nice being back in the friendly confines of the Steelheart (even if it was cold as hell after a couple days jammed into the back of the bathroom drawer).

I’m willing to give the PA5K another chance at some point. It seems clear that I’ll need to try to keep the hook lubricated just like the CB6K’s ring. Also, I might just need to toughen up the affected area.