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Typical of my nocturnal activity when Belle’s away, last night I surfed a little chastity porn (and was just as discouraged and depressed and disappointed as I usually am), checked out a couple blog posts, and otherwise dicked around on the web looking at things like the search results that lead people to this blog.

For those interested, the number one term is the supremely unimaginative “denying thumper“. Happily, I rank first on that one. Then, there’s a number of variations (still) on the Birdlock chastity device. The reviews are in, people. It’s not all that and a bag of chips. Move on. Then, there’s a whole bunch of others you might expect, including “CB-6000”, “ruined orgasm”, “orgasm denial”, etc., etc. While exploring some of the unique variations, I stumbled upon a page I haven’t seen in quite some time.

The second website I ever visited looking for information about enforced chastity and orgasm denial was Tickleberry, and I’m very glad I found it so soon1 . It’s a veritable wealth of info for the chastity-curious. The page I found (again) last night is called “Wearing a chastity device: How does it feel?” Six or eight months in, I find myself nodding in agreement at most of what they say.

Physically the first thing you notice when you wear a chastity device is that it adds some extra weight to your penis. This can seem a little unusual at first. Not painful, just different.

It also means that your penis is pulled downwards a little more than normal. After a while it can feel very comfortable, once you’ve got used to wearing it you’ll soon come to enjoy the physical sensations of your confinement, even the beginnings of an erection will remind you of your loving keyholder.

Some men who are used to long term lock up actually feel “naked” without their chastity device.

The CB6K isn’t all that heavy, really, but I’m sure the metal cages they sell are. In truth, I’d love to be lugging a heavy steel cage around, but I’m stuck with the polycarbonate for now. And no, once it’s properly fitted and lubricated, there’s not much pain over the course of the day. There is some pain, but some of us also kind of dig that. At this point, wearing the device about half the time, I agree that’s it very comfortable. It’s surprising how quickly one can adjust to wearing something so foreign and weird in such a tender, confined space, but I have. There are times I totally forget I’m wearing it. And yes, I do find myself enjoying the confinement. I also enjoy not being confined, but agree that not wearing it does feel stranger to me now than going commando (at least for a period of time immediately following an extended lock-up).

Once you’ve become accustomed to wearing a chastity device at times it will feel as if the cage of the chastity device is “caressing” your penis.

I have never, ever felt like the device was “caressing” the penis. Not once.

The beginnings of an erection will feel more like a nice “erotic pain” rather than being unbearably painful.

I have grown to adore the sensation of being aroused and hard while wearing the device. It does hurt, but not as much as it did when I first started, and it’s fantastic.

Does a Chastity Device Prevent Erections? Strictly speaking – No.

No, no, NO! Not just strictly. This is a big pet peeve of mine where people on blogs or community sites or in porn will suggest enforced chastity prevents erections. It does NOT. Now, after a while, I will say I think the confinement reduces the number of erections one would have normally (which, I think, is the result of the body being trained not to waste the energy since nothing will come of it), but you will still get hard when stimulated sufficiently and nothing at all short of a medical condition will keep you from getting hard at night.

Wearing a chastity device and having less orgasms means over time it’s possible that you will mentally tune in more to other erogenous zones; such as your neck, your nipples, your ears, your balls, and perhaps your anus. Through Chastity and orgasm denial you may become a more tender, more considerate, more sensitive and a more passionate lover. Gaining a better appreciation that your cock isn’t absolutely necessary for good sex. You learn to enjoy the pleasures of your own body without orgasm or direct touch to your penis. You become a better lover by discovering new ways to arouse and excite the body of your Mistress, and overall you discover that your pleasure is to be found in your Wife’s pleasure. Pleasing and pleasuring your Goddess is your reward – a reward that may earn you release and even orgasm.

Oh, fucking hell, yes. The penis is in no way necessary for a satisfying, intense, and passionate sex life. As a recent letter to Dan Savage points out (third one down), removing penetration from the picture can result in some hot monkey sex. I agree with every single word in the above paragraph (excepting the whole “goddess” thing, perhaps).

At the beginning of the year, Belle and I agreed (via our Covenant) that she’d lock me up 50% of the time. That’s 183 days out of 2009. To remain on schedule, that means I’d need to be locked up 78 days so far this year. In fact, after doing the math last night, I find I’ve been confined for 77 days in total (with the longest stretch being the last one at 18 days). I would have guessed I was in more than 77 days, but I’m glad we’re so close to the goal.

To be honest, and at least for me, I’ve found the entire experience of enforced chastity so rewarding (not only for me, but for Belle, too), that I think 50% should be viewed not as a goal, but a minimum requirement.

1 Though I still often wonder, which/what “berry” is being tickled, and who is tickling it?

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