She likes it

It’s been 10 days now since she last let me come which is just about when the hormones really start kicking in. Based on previous experience, if she continues to deny me orgasm but still teases me and allows me to pleasure her, my level of frustration will continue to build until about three weeks when it’ll level out and maybe even start to drop off a bit. She’s only made me hold out that long a few times, but each time the pattern’s been roughly the same.

I also notice now that the tremulous vibrato of sexual energy that resonates in my chest (which I’ve described in the past as “carnivorous butterflies”) has become such a normal state of affairs for me that I only really notice it when it’s not there. I don’t know what causes this, but it’s enhanced when she has me in the device. It’s like all my sexual desire – basically, the desire to grab, stroke, and otherwise abuse her cock – feeds back on itself. It drives me to seek out sexually stimulating media (otherwise known as “porn”) which, in turn, only makes it worse since I can’t touch myself. It’s that kind of loop, pumping more and more hormones into my blood, that makes it impossible to sleep sometimes. Anyway, I’m feeling that now. A state of hyper-arousal. The carnivorous butterflies flapping around inside me.

Last night, I really wanted plant my face in Belle’s snatch and eat her up. Something, anything, to get her pheromones on me. To feel her pleasure and eventual orgasm which comes for both of us now. But she brought a bunch of work home with her and, by the time she was done with it, wasn’t in the mood for her bunny’s services. I may have let my disappointment show just a bit, but I’ve gotten pretty good lately at not feeling I’m in any way involved in deciding if I get to experience sexual pleasure and got over it pretty quickly.

She told me to get naked, which I did, and as I was laying above the covers next to her, clothed only in the transparent plastic of the CB6K, something Tom said recently in a comment came to mind. Belle and I hardly ever talk about the device. It’s her method of control, but it’s also the thing that mostly goes unsaid between us. So, with it being very visible and me still adjusting to my unexpected stint in lock-up, I asked her if she had any questions about it.

She thought about this a second and asked, “What’s the hardest part about wearing it?”

“God,” I said, “There are so many hard parts…” I seriously had to ponder that.

“Finding a place for it in my pants is hard sometimes,” I began, “And peeing. It makes peeing rather complicated. That sucks. And, of course, the nocturnal erections can be difficult to deal with. Those two can combine when the cock gets so hard in the tube that it makes peeing impossible. That totally blows…” I trailed off.

“The hardest part, though, is that I feel like you don’t always know what to do with me when I’m locked up.” Not sure where that came from. It just sort of popped into my head so I said it.

“But I like when you wear it,” she replied.

“Really?” I continue to assume that she only puts me in it to humor me and that she’d rather have me out. In fact, I assume she does everything in an attempt to humor me. My submissive’s insecurity, I guess.

“What do you like about it?” I asked.

“I like that when you’re wearing it I know exactly what you can and cannot do with yourself. You’re a guy and all your wiring and buttons are different than mine, so I like knowing you really can’t do anything when you’re wearing it. I like knowing you can’t touch yourself.” She may have said some other things related to this, but frankly the buzzing sound in my head made it difficult to follow what she was saying. The tube was fully pressurized and my eyes kinda of half-closed as the blanket of subspace fell over me.

“I need to hear that. That you like it,” I said. “If you like having me wear it, then there are no hard parts.”

And that was about it. She was tired and was asleep shortly thereafter. I was awake and decided to read a book rather than surf the web since I really did want to sleep at some point. In retrospect, I’m really pleased she told me she likes when I’m locked up. That’s huge. I can put up with almost anything if I know she wants me to. On the other hand, my point about her not knowing what to do with me when I’m locked up is still out there. We need to talk more about that.

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  1. I very much like having my husband locked up in his device, for the same reasons as Belle…I like knowing he can’t touch himself. I like knowing that he’s saving it all for me. At first I was unsure about the device, but as we’ve been at this I have come to really like it. I no longer do it just to humor him, as I did at first. Now it’s totally for me. 🙂

  2. :applauds:

    *That’s* what I’m talking about. Nice work, both of you.

    One more thing:
    I may have let my disappointment show just a bit, but I’ve gotten pretty good lately at not feeling I’m in any way involved in deciding

    Remember that it’s okay to feel disappointed. Your feelings aren’t wrong, they simply *are*. Belle, in turn, will need to learn not to let your poutiness influence her, nor to feel guilty — and defensive — about it.

    That happens to be where Mrs. Edge and I are working lately. She wants the control, but she sometimes has a hard time with me feeling acting disappointed over, for example, her wanting to go to sleep and just snuggle (instead of, well, whatever I thought we might be doing). I try to manage my disappointment, but that doesn’t mean I have to ignore it.

    And like you, I sometimes *need* for her to tell me that she enjoys me wearing the device. It helps getting over some of the day-to-day annoyances.

    1. It sounds like our relationship with disappointment is similar. If I don’t try to hide it, it can make Belle feel guilty or pressured. In fact, I kinda like it sometimes since it’s a byproduct of our arrangement.

      And yes, hearing that she likes to have me in it has given me a whole new lease on enforced chastity. I could wear this thing indefinitely if only she told me every couple of days how happy she was to see me in it…

  3. If I don’t try to hide it, it can make Belle feel guilty or pressured.

    Be careful: this is Belle’s issue, not yours. The chastity/OD thing is not all one sided; that was the biggest thing that we had to learn at EoV Labs. It’s truly pointless (and unfair) to say to you “Hey, I’m the Mistress, so deal with it.” You *are* dealing with it: you’re feeling disappointed, and doing your best not to whine, complain, etc. A little pouting is to be expected. On the flip side, Belle needs to be able to talk about *her* feelings of control – or lack of it – when you do that. Not to argue about how many days you should be able to hold out, but to tell you about her own perspectives on this.

    Mrs. Edge had a hard time with this, partly because she’s not really good with emotional/intimacy themes, and partly because she had this idea that if she ordered or demanded it, then I should comply, no questions asked.

    I tried to stop her but she had already looked at the Mistress Cruella from Gor websites a few years ago, so she’s got some of that stuck in her head. Grrr!

  4. “I need to hear that. That you like it,” I said. “If you like having me wear it, then there are no hard parts.”

    I know EXACTLY what you are feeling when you say that Thumper. All your frustrations towards the device suddenly wash away to nothing because the default reason you have it on is because SHE wants it that way. There’s no conflict of thoughts within you… you simply do it for her and that sates you entirely.


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