Seeking my mojo

Thursday, Belle was at a work dinner and got home late. Apparently, their waiter was a hot young thing Belle found entirely satisfactory. At one point, she texted me telling me about him and how she wanted me ready when she got home since she got wet just looking at this guy.

Arriving home, she chose her still-unlocked cock to be her instrument of pleasure. At first, I thought I could hold back but it became clear, as she approached her orgasm, that I wasn’t going to make it. I started out by reciprocally stroking and stopped too late as the idea of her getting turned on looking at this younger guy took root in my imagination. As I sensed my impending failure, I tried to slow her down but only succeeded in causing her to miss a beat. As she rode me, fucking her cock deeply, I started to come inside her. Third time in a week. She continued to slide up and down – sending electricity though the cock, up my spine and bursting into my brain – as she eventually came to a quiet, satisfying orgasm. Afterward, she continued to slowly fuck the cock, making little exclamatory sounds. She was obviously enjoying herself while the extra sensory stimulation made the end of the cock feel like it was going to pop off.

That, more or less, explains my lack of blogging recently. Too many orgasms, not enough mojo. I was just starting to get back into the zone following the extravagance of my double-orgasm vacation when Thursday’s erupted. Today’s the first day I’ve felt anything like a return of my denied headspace since getting back from Mexico.

While away, I missed some very fine posts on the subject of prolonged orgasm denial over at The Glow Inside. I’m sure if you’re a regular reader of this blog you’re familiar with Steve’s, but if not, I wholeheartedly recommend three posts in particular: A Bowl of Wine, Five Minutes of Doubt, and especially Carried Along. He’s captured so well many of the things I felt as the days and weeks ticked by before Belle granted me a release in Mexico. If you’re interested in exploring the why of male orgasm denial, these posts are required reading.

In Steelheart news, Belle told me last night she never saw the Steelworxx charge come through. That, combined with the nine days that have passed since I received the email saying the device was about to ship, make me wonder if something’s up. I sent Deitmar an email today asking if he’s been paid yet. I’ve never been an especially patient person when it’s come to things like this, so I hope nothing’s wrong. Belle’s left me unlocked since we’ve expected the new device to arrive any day. Now I’m starting to worry. We’ll see what Deitmar says.

2 thoughts on “Seeking my mojo

  1. Sounds like you had a good holiday, good to see you back.

    Do you miss being locked? I find it quite bizarre that I miss the device after only a few days.

    Also, I’ll be interested in your views on the Steelworxx kit. Did you consider a belt – it seems to be a “natural” progression for many?

  2. I have a complicated relationship with being locked. I do usually miss it, but only because it’s a manifestation of her. Once locked, though, I miss freedom. I’m like the dog that wants to go outside only to stand by the door and scratch to be let back in once out there. I WANT IT ALL!!

    A belt is not a realistic option for us right now. We have two young kids and there’s too much contact, snuggling, etc. If we were alone, maybe, but we’re not. I *would* very much like to try a belt someday, but it’s a long way off.

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