Nerdery break

CAUTION: Chastity nerdery ahead!

Regular readers should be aware of my chastity device configuration: A Steelworxx Steelheart fitted with a custom designed PA fixing and a 4ga captive bead ring in my PA piercing (check out my article comparing it to the CB-6000 for pictures, etc.). One of the big upsides of this device is that it’s 100% secure. That security comes at the expense of frequent metal-on-metal noise as the thick PA ring clanks against the inside of the stainless tube.

As I say in the Steelheart vs. CB6K article, the steel PA ring offers zero chance of escape as the ball in the ring requires hand tools to remove or insert – tools that can’t be used with the tube in place. When it’s all locked together, it’s more secure than Fort Knox. The noise, though, can be annoying (especially when it happens around the house whilst wearing pajamas). I’ve just ended a few week stint in the device where I used an acrylic PA ring to see if that helped. I found that the instances of noise dropped dramatically. Occasionally, the PA fixing itself will move inside the tube and make a small sound, but the acrylic made practically no noise (certainly none that could be heard through clothing).

The acrylic is far from perfect, though. The ball snaps in very easily to the plastic ring. I’m fairly certain if I pulled hard enough, the ball would pop out and allow escape (though I have no idea how I’d ever get it back together without taking the whole thing off). Also, I felt a frequent pinching near the head of the cock (sometimes during erections, but more often as a result of the motion used while cleaning). This past weekend, Belle let me out for a thorough cleaning/shaving/inspection and I found the flexible ring was allowing just the tiniest bit of skin to get trapped between it and the ball. This sounds worse than it felt, but there was an obvious spot where the ring exits the urethra that had been pinched more often than was good for it.

In order to give the pinched skin a rest, I put the device back on without any jewelry and absent the PA fixing. Just me in a smooth metal tube. I am never in the Steelheart like this. I found the sensation to be oddly liberating (if one can feel that way in such a thing). The fixing doesn’t bother me when it’s in there, but when it’s gone, I can really feel the difference. It essentially makes the tube’s inner diameter larger so I more often felt the enclosed meat bumping around against its sides. Also, during erection, I could tell I was filling every last bit of open space. When the ring and fixing are in place, there’s always a space near the opening that’s open since the PA ring is actually kinda big and has to go somewhere.

In any event, I checked it out the next morning and saw that the pinched area was good as new so I put the steel ring back in and put the PA fixing through it before locking myself back up. I’m back to wearing my cow bell, but it’s more comfortable than before (along with being more secure).

I’m somewhat proud of the fact that, even though I was alone during all this taking off and putting on of the device, that I never not once took the opportunity to sneak in some strokes. I barely touched it more than I had to. Truth is, I have nearly no self control when it comes to this kind of thing. I’m really good (well, pretty good) at not having the occasional accidental orgasm when messing with the goods, but it’s really hard for me keep my hands to myself (so to speak). There was a moment where I wavered, what with the soap and the grasp of my hand, the lifting the shaft to eradicate the little hairs I can’t get to usually…but I maintained control. I didn’t cheat. As quickly as possible, I did what I was supposed to do and was very grateful to be back in the friendly confines of the device, temptation safely locked away.

In other news, Belle’s lost one of keys. She hid it away and did such a good job that she has no idea where it is. Now all we have is one. I need to take it to the Home Depot and see if they can copy it. If not, I’ll need to send Dietmar a note seeing if he sells spares. The one taped up on my key card is the only one we have. Best I keep its whereabouts familiar in the mean time.

8 thoughts on “Nerdery break

  1. Is it the ring itself, or the ball that clanks? Could you use the acrylic bead in the metal ring?

    I’m still not liking the PA idea, but I’m glad it’s working out for you.

  2. I’m not sure, but I think it’s both. Also, the balls aren’t compatible (and that’s the first time I’ve ever put those words together in that particular order).

  3. Perhaps a wrap with tape around the PA would do the trick.It might mean removal for cleaning a bit more often (given the damp nature of the locale), but it would remove the metal-on-metal contact.
    I can just imagine trying to answer a young boys question “Daddy, will I get one of those when I grow up?”

  4. Yeah, that wouldn’t work. Besides the fact that I want it to drain as completely as possible in there, the ring would still want to rotate through the piercing. Pretty sure the tape against my skin would big me *way* more than the noise.

    Not bad thinking, though.

  5. I know what you need! You need to get some of the liquid rubber compound called Dipp-It, coat the parts of the PA that snap together and dip the rest! Or at least the part that bangs the most. I think you can get it in black, so you don’t go from shiny shiny steel to green rubber, which might be a deal-breaker. But it won’t peel away like tape, it’s waterproof and it’s not going to pinch and pull. See what fun hardware stores can be?

    1. Even better, he can dip it after he’s put it on. This way, it will be nearly impossible to get the PA off.

      Hey Thumper – here’s another idea: Use the acrylic PA, and superglue the ball to the ends. That would solve the noise and the security problem.

      No, no – don’t thank me. Just trying to help.

  6. Hey, he could just dunk the whole thing. No more worries about birth control! In which case I would think the pink would be a good choice. Just sayin’

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