Deep in the heart

Belle and I are apart again. This past Monday, she flew to Miami for work and she just got home yesterday. Today, I flew to Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest. It’s my first time for both Austin and SXSW.

In any event, Belle told me she wanted the penis locked up for the entire time I’m here. I double (and triple and quadruple) checked to make sure, but yes, that’s the state in which she prefers the meat. I got to the hotel about 15 minutes ago and have just secured her property.

I was surprised when she let me out last night. I didn’t expect that until this morning. I had a hard time going to sleep last night with the very apparently unlocked penis and her hand wrapped far too gently around it. Had she left it secured, I would have fallen asleep easily. But once it got out, it was all I could think about. I liked that she was touching it, of course, but as I said, her hand was just barely grasping it and even if I moved my hips I couldn’t get any good sensation out of the situation. I’m pretty sure it was still hard when I fell asleep.

Getting the device back on in the hotel was tricky. I have been very good and didn’t do anything with it since last night (even in the shower this morning) that I didn’t have permission to do. Being by myself in a hotel and getting stared down by its one good eye made putting the cold steel back on very difficult. I can tell how long it’s been since I last came by how hard it was getting the testicles through the A-ring (especially the right one). After they popped through with a couple of winces, the penis was starting to stir and was chubbed out to about 60% when the tube went over the end of it. I pushed and shoved until the two posts found their home in the ring and kept squeezing the two parts together until the lock was able to slide in and close. As I write this, the shaft is burning as it adjusts to its confinement and shifts back to its natural position.

The key is secured in its little holder, numbered lock in place. I’ve posted a picture of both the penis and the key after the jump (with regard to the shoving and pushing, you can actually see the skin kind of bulging out around the tube opening in the picture). I will add another picture of the key each day to this post to prove that I’m being good. I don’t leave until Tuesday morning, but I’ll have to post another then to show that I was as faithful to Belle’s wishes as I could be.


Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Also, I realize the sequence of images I’ve included here could leave some doubt as to whether I’m really locked up, so here’s a spot check of the penis’ condition.


Day Five

Today, I get to pop the key and take the device off for the trip home. Here’s an exchange between Belle and I from last night when I called her…

Me: I get home tomorrow.
Her: Yes, you do.
Me: I get out tomorrow, too.
Her: Yeah. Well, at least for a few hours.

It won’t be off too long.

8 thoughts on “Deep in the heart

  1. Damn, I feel like half the planet is going to be at SXSW. I’ll be staying on the edge of town at the Alienation Motel but it kinda cheers me up to know that there will be fellow pervs in town 🙂

    Kinda makes up for all the Powerpoint 🙂

    1. Which hotel are you at? I’m out in the sticks, too. Wouldn’t be funny if all the pervs were in the same place. We could make it a kinky little ghetto.

      1. You know, I had to actually go look, since I’m bunking with a buddy and didn’t make a reservation…and then I couldn’t find the email, which is a little distressing! But we’re staying at a Super 8, I think.

  2. Brilliant! The addition of the New York Times makes it look like some sort of ransom demand photo.

    Enjoy *snug* your holiday.

  3. I’ve been loving your blog (and the Portfolio – yum!) for a while now. And I happen to live in Austin. Welcome to the visiting pervs!

  4. Just wondering Thumper.

    Your wife Mistress at one point seemed to be thinking of cuckolding you with another woman or man. Did she dicide not to go ahead or is she teasing you still about it?

    1. As far as I know, she’s never considered it. She joked around once or twice about women, but I doubt she’d ever act. It shall remain my most heated of fantasies.

  5. oh cool! I’ve seen those number lock things for the actual device, but somehow it never occurred to me that they also make small portable locking mechanisms for keys 🙂

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