Visions of suger-pegs danced in my head…

And so begins 2013. Four days from my first orgasm in six months and what will likely be the only one I’ll have all year long. The thought of it is enough, on occasion, to make my balls tingle. I admit, there’s a part of me that wants it and gets excited thinking about it happening. But there’s a larger part of me excited by the prospect that it will be a singular event, at least until the big ball drops again.

I had another bought of denial insomnia the other night. Wound have been handier on New Year’s Eve, but it came the night before, meaning I couldn’t stay up until midnight and welcome in the new year. I wasn’t up all night this time. Can’t be sure when I finally fell asleep since I was purposefully avoiding seeing what time it was, but I expect it was at least three or four in the morning. The issue this time had nothing to do with Belle. I wasn’t sleepy when she went to bed so I bounced around on my phone for a bit and eventually found myself reading porn and that was it. Try as I did to keep the thoughts from my hormone-addled brain, they’d come. The device was especially present in my mind. I’d lay on my side and I’d feel it’s heft pull on my nutsack. I’d lay on my stomach and feel the plug push even more deeply into me. Then it’d try to get hard and there’d be squeezing. Then I’d try to think about something else. Repeat. Ugh.

I finally drifted off fantasizing about being pegged by Belle. This isn’t something she’s offered or even shown the slightest interest in, but I focused on how one would design a dildo so that it could be worn by a woman and still give her some clitoral feedback from her effort. I know such things exist, but working on ideas like this in my head helps me get to sleep sometimes. There are few more intimate acts than being fucked. Pegging, while a very hot concept for me, would seem like prostate-centric kabuki if there wasn’t anything in it for the pegger. So I pondered that and how it’d work and how wonderful it’d be to know she was pleasuring herself while penetrating me and actually coming from fucking me and…and…what do you know. I fell asleep.

In any event, in my head, I imagined something very much like this.

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  1. I clicked the link (of course!), but I gotta say, I’m not so sure about the ridges. Depends on how sensitive she is, of course. On the whole, silicone products tend to be lightweight and comfortable, but it’s still kind of a hard material, and those bumps are… Bumpy. Lol. Looks interesting though.

    She can get clitoral stimulation ~ in a bump and grind kind of way ~ from any high quality fla-based dildo if she uses a traditional strap-on harness. (There are some really comfortable harnesses on the market now.) All she has to do is spread her labia slightly, dab on a bit of lube, and settle the base against the hood of her clitoris when she straps in. The rocking motion of her hips will provide the required friction.

    And if she’s a G-spot girl, she could try a Feeldoe. I haven’t used one myself, but I know women who have, and they give it awesome reviews.

    (Sorry if any of that was TMI.)

    I know you said *she* hasn’t expressed an interest in pegging, but *you’re* obviously interested. I hope you both have the opportunity to enjoy it.

      1. I was wondering about the fla thing but figured a) it was yet another example of how uncool I was that I wasn’t hip to the slang, and b) that The Google would explain everything.

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