HNThumper LIX: Thigh meat

Showing off my Tommy John athletic underwear, the Steelheart, and my thigh muscles. Maybe not in that order…

You know, I have a thing about underwear. Maybe not as bad as this guy, but a thing nonetheless. It’s well-documented (like here, here, there, and here). I accepted it. 

So I’m really kinda digging these new Tommy John 360 Sport Boxer Briefs. They’re super comfortable as underwear and also as “chastity underwear.” Supportive yet stretchy in the way those of us swinging steel need. And yeah, they have that odd little pocket. A pocket on your underwear. Not sure what I’m supposed to put in there. Also, the fly is horizontal (they call it the “quick-draw fly”) which is kinda so totally obvious, I can’t understand why I’ve never seen it before. Makes whipping stuff out at the urinal a piece of cake. Not urinal cake. Fluffy cake with frosting. Anyway…

Thigh meat

Like these so much, I bough more plus some non-athletic pairs, too.

My original intention was to just show the way the underwear and the device got along, but then I noticed those thigh muscles (which I wasn’t even flexing on purpose) and thought, Dayum! That’s not so bad!

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10 Replies to “HNThumper LIX: Thigh meat”

  1. ipod when you’re running? it’s kinda like pockets on baby’s clothes, isn’t – what the frack are they FOR?!

  2. I love your blog for weeks now und this especially made me even sign up to comment.
    Thank you for letting us in to your thoughts und feelings.
    I am a 29 year old woman and my favourite hobbies are: making black-and-white photographs of myself in my underwear, dreaming of finding a truly submissive boyfriend and reading obscene blogs.

  3. I imagine the pocket would be for holding a house key, which might come in handy, for example, if your running shorts didn’t have pockets, as many don’t.

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