Houdini style

Some of you may be paying sufficient attention (or have sufficient interest) to recognize that my Belle has a bit of a pattern: I usually get extended free time over holidays. One might think this is because she’s feeling generously moved by the holiday spirit or something but I think it’s mostly because she’s more relaxed at those times and wants easier access to the device’s contents. In either event, the recent long holiday weekend here in the US was one of those opportunities for freedom. Except this time, we drove several hours to the familiar retreat in the woods only to find the means to my escape was left at home. And, really, it was all my fault.

Let’s back that up. A week or so before the holiday, Belle had let me out so she could fuck me. Weekend releases used to be multi-day affairs, but now she’s more inclined to let me out the morning of and put my back in that same day. On this particular day, she told me she wanted to “change my outfit” (meaning a different device sprinkled in). I had been in the Steelheart for months (with only these day or two releases) and she wanted a different look. In the past, even if I knew her intentions to lock me up by a certain day, I’d wait for a direct order to do so or for her to bring me the device she wanted me in. But this time, I took the initiative to follow the spirit of what she told me. I went to the pouch in which she keeps her three steel devices and selected the Jail Bird. She hadn’t told me which one she wanted but I picked it anyway.

The Jail Bird, you’ll remember, is secured with a screw, not a lock. Instead of a key, it has a special bit that fits the security screw’s odd head. You can’t screw it in or unscrew it with any off-the-shelf screwdriver. I found the JB in her device pouch along with both the little bits and put it on and placed the bits back in the pouch so nothing would get lost. Then, later in the day, when Belle grabbed my crotch and started to tell me it was time to go in, she was happily surprised that I had already taken care of it. She was even going to pick the Jail Bird, so all was copesetic.


I didn’t follow the typical ritual. That is, she brings me the device and key (or key-like thing) and I go and put it on and bring her back the key-like thing when it’s over. This time, I left the key-like thing in the pouch. Mistake. My fault.

While we were getting ready for the long weekend, it occurred to me a few times to ask her if she wanted me out while we were gone and, if so, to remember to get the key-like thing, but this time, I didn’t want to appear presumptuous. I try not to expect release and don’t ask for it and am totally satisfied being out of the decision-making loop. And I figured she knew what I was in and what it would take to get me out. So, when the moment came when Belle wanted to use the contents, she plopped the Steelheart key next to me on the bed. And the situation we were in became instantly clear. She had forgotten how the Jail Bird was different in the only way that mattered at that moment.

Of course, we had sex anyway, but the penis didn’t get wet (except at the tip and all down my balls where it leaked like a motherfucker). She really wanted it and I felt bad that my screw-up was denying her, the person who’s not supposed to be denied anything. At some point, I realized I could probably break out of it. Of course, it’s not a lock. Had it been, I’d have been screwed (well, you know, figuratively). But it was just a little screw with a weird head. I had a plan.

To be clear, I asked Belle for permission to try and break out. And that fact that I could even consider this is one of the things some folks don’t like about the Mature Metal security screw option. It’s not actually that secure (which is why some guys order their JBs with an extra hole in the post next to the screw where they can affix one of those little numbered plastic lock thingies to ensure accountability). All I had to do was go and find a pair of needle-nose pliers. I was able to grip the head of the screw sufficiently to turn it with the pliers and, just a few minutes later, handed Belle the screw. I was out and stayed that way for the rest of the weekend. It’s possible, had the screw been more tightly turned, that I wouldn’t have been able to escape. But it wasn’t, so there I was.

After that, the penis got good and wet. I was even able to hold my shit together sufficiently to allow to get off on it. Everyone was happy.

When it was time to go back into the Jail Bird back, I made sure to screw it on nice and tight.

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    1. No, not really. It’s not secured with a PA like the Steelheart so I know I can always pull out. I think of the device as more of a physical token of my position and commitment to Belle Fille. It’s a deterrent, not a vault.

  1. The security screw on my JB seems to back itself out after a few days, and can, of course, be removed by hand once it’s loose. I usually don’t take advantage of the situation, because, as you’ve said, the device is simply a deterrent.

    Having said that, I would like the device to be a little more secure, if for no other reason than to reduce potential temptation. Have you seen this problem, and if so, were you able to fix it?


    1. I’ve never noticed the screw coming loose myself, but I was surprised at how easy it was to get out, so it may have started to come out. I’ve never been able to unscrew it by hand.

      Is it weird for me to say that I have, on more than one occasion, thought, “You know, just one little spot weld right there…”

  2. I got my JB before the security screw was all the rage, so I’ve been in it all this time with just a padlock. Yeah, a little more cumbersome, but probably more secure than the ‘security screw’ in the long run. While I can back out of it, I’ve never tried to have an erection with the whole device hanging off my balls. I keep thinking that maybe some sharp points could be added to the device so you can’t rest a penis on it comfortably. Another deterrent.

    1. I guess it’s all in how you view “security.” For me, no device is secure unless it integrates a PA into the mechanism. Without that, any one of us could pull out whenever we wanted. The JB and even the Looker 02 are both inherently insecure because all penises were, in a previous life, octopuses.

      1. !!! Octopuses hah

        I like to think the Looker02 is a little more secure given the u-tube. Yes you can still get it out, but not without discomfort, and probably less so if you’re aroused and hardened. They’re only octopus-like when soft. Do you ever worry that the u-tube could puncture the urethra where it turns downward inside the body? That’s my main concern with the Looker02 and why I would be worried to order an even longer u-tube, which might make pullout more difficult.

      2. The L02 is only more secure in that it takes a bit more effort to wiggle out and, if the penis is in any way hard, it’s nigh on impossible to pull out of. So, it take more thinking and planning, and therefore, impulsive escapes should be less of an issue. If you made the tube, like, six inches long, then sure, you wouldn’t be able to pull out. But you probably wouldn’t be able to bend at the waist, either.

        I don’t worry about it puncturing the urethra. It’s just not long enough as-is and the end is nice and round. I’m not saying that without some kind of trauma that it might not happen, but after wearing it for weeks at a time, it just doesn’t seem possible when used normally. If it were longer, who knows. Personally, I’d probably want the tube to be a bit thicker, not longer.

  3. I have asked MM to fix the screw problem. The answer is to create a slight depression so the edge of the screw is not finger-available. Also the depression needs to be flat so the screw has 100% flat surface – not the curved edge of the current design.

  4. Hi guys I have come up with a solution for some of the problems. Instead of the screw going into the hole where the lock goes through, I have found that I can put a hole on top of what I call the locking collar where the screw would go straight down. The head of the screw is then flush and you can’t get at is with pliers. I have offered that to several customers and they all turned me down because they always want to be able to use the lock. I have not figured out a way to retro fit it as of yet. Sorry.

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