HNThumper LXVI: P2

Second penis in panty picture for perusal. Probably the last panty post for a while.

Black panties

From the second round of panty purchases, this time shown with the Looker 02. Wore these under a pair of very masculine-looking cargo shorts. Interesting dichotomy.

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8 thoughts on “HNThumper LXVI: P2

  1. I’ve been giving serious consideration in buying some man panties. I like the female ones for the mindfuck they put me in, but they just aren’t practical with a chastity device. How is the support quality of your panties for a metal device?

    1. Oh, sure. The only issue I’ve had (and it’s not really an “issue”) is that the lace is rough against the balls. It’s not uncomfortable, just more noticeable than regular underwear. A reminder, from time to time, that you’re wearing them.

    2. Junior,
      I only own men’s thongs and many styles of women’s panties. They are all on my top drawer mixed together. Your underwear does not have to support the chastity. but wearing panties helps keep it pushed down a little more and concealed. My favorite Man thong is the joe boxer thongs, they are comfortable and support very well. They are found at Kmart’s in my area. For 10 years now, I have been wearing thongs, mostly men’s thongs, but of course women’s as well. I don’t like wearing anything else. Having that fabric between the ass cheeks is just comfortable and preferable 😉

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