The Stocking Method

I mentioned the other day that I was going to be wearing the Holy Trainer v2 for a while in order to write up a review of it. The tube of the small HTv2 is fairly tight (about an inch high and maybe an inch and a third wide) and squishing an octopus-like flaccid penis into it is rather tricky. This is compounded by the unique nature of the biosourced resin used in the device. It’s softer and grippier on the surface than the kind of polycarbonate used in a device like the CB-6000 (though nothing as soft and grippy as silicone).

In any event, a device such as this requires employment of the venerable “stocking method” of penis insertion. Just clip the end off an old pair of women’s stockings (or a very thin pair of men’s stocks, I suppose) and do what I do in this video.

The benefit of the stocking method is it puts the end of the penis about as far as it’ll go into the device. In the HTv2 (perhaps due to the sticky nature of the resin used), this means it will stay down in there pretty well and not sneak back up the tube. I find this makes urinating easier and may even help keep things cleaner.

The full review will likely be posted in a week or so.

22 thoughts on “The Stocking Method

    1. Funny, you’re the second person to mention it. I got it here:

      Have wanted to get a second for some time now just to have a matching pair. Plus a few more for my ankles. And another for my neck…

      The nice thing about it is it’s a genuine bondage item that muggles just think is a pretty bracelet. A pretty bracelet that requires a tool to remove, that is.

      I originally blogged about it here:

  1. Ha. I was going to ask about the bracelet too!

    I’m always impressed by how firmly guys can tug on their scrotum skin.

    1. The problem is getting it down there. It’s too tight a space to just slip in while flaccid (and being not flaccid makes the space tighter). Fingers are too fat to help. The stocking guides the penis down and into the tube using hardly any space and leaves it well-situated.

      Also, residual lube in the tube could contribute to issues of hygiene.

  2. On another note, Axel just texted “need anything from Target?” to which I replied “A pair of women’s stockings”. I’ve gotten no response. Hmmm.

      1. I want to get the holy trainer for our first device, but I keep going back and forth between ordering the standard or the short. I don’t think I’m anymore “endowed” than you. Do you have any issues with the short version, and would you recommend the short or the standard for a beginner?

      2. I find shorter devices are more comfortable and easier to conceal in clothing. If you’re about my size, that’s the way to go.

  3. I am uncircumcised but I pull back my foreskin in order to go through the Holytrainer V2. This makes my gland super sensitive. I have yet to try the sock method with my skin on. I will give it a test when on my Holytrainer V3.

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