Protecting muggle sensibilities whilst naked

Me on Twitter this AM:

The place I get my hair cut is right across the street from where I work. Super convenient and the nice gay man who cuts me is obsessive compulsive about it and makes me feel like I get my money’s worth (and it’s more than most people would pay for a simple haircut, I’m sure). They’ve been building a massage room there for about the last ten years (or so it seems) and the masseuse they have is really good (if a 15 minute chair massage is any indication). I’ve been very excited about the prospect of having a massage option so close and convenient and have been bugging them every time I’m there about when they were going to start accepting table massage clients. Today is that day. So I booked a 90 minute rub down.

Problem is, the above tweet (and its fucking typo1). I’m still locked up. Of course, I am not embarrassed by this. No, really. If the dude giving me the massage was in on my private life and cool, I’d be perfectly happy staying inside the thing as Belle wants and/or answering any questions my state would raise for him, but I really don’t know him. Plus, of course, reputable massage therapists are always having to fend off jokes and innuendo about their profession, so the good ones treat anything sexual like kryptonite. Plus plus, it is entirely uncool to bring someone into your kink without consent.

This is something I struggle with when seeing the trainer. I know for a fact he’s seen the odd bulge in my shorts and I do little to hide it (though I do do a little). There’s a fuzzy line between not dragging someone into your kinky sex life against their will and needing to live your life as you’ve chosen. In the case of the trainer, I feel like I’m on the right side of it. In the case of a (presumed) muggle masseuse, wearing a device that would be obvious through the sheet and/or clank a little when I roll over definitely is not. I get the concept of being forced into a potentially embarrassing situation like that might be uber hot in a chastity femdom porn story, but seriously. Not in real life.

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Since I forgot all about it, I don’t have Belle’s key which means I need to break into the one I have in case of emergency. Kinda bummed about that for no other reason than I’ve been able to maintain seal 1871290 since mid-March of last year. Now it has to die and be replaced with another silent key keeper.

It’s possible, I suppose, he’ll put a thick towel over me or a heavy sheet. And it’s possible that towel or sheet would be enough to hide the odd bulk of the Steelheart. But I recall one massage I got (at the Grand Californian at Disneyland of all places) where the sheet was ridiculously thin. Thin enough to figure out if the penis was circumcised. For real. Had I been locked, all would have been known instantaneously. It just seems really super creepy to me to not do something about the device if I can. Of course, I can. So I will.

While writing this, I’m still locked up. I’ll stay that way until I undress when I’ll pop the key and take the Steelheart off. Then, when redressing, I’ll put it back on. I’ll only be unlocked during the actual massage. Assuming, of course, that the key in the key safe is the right key. Damn. Just thought of that. Fuck.

Well…it is what it is. I’m pretty sure it’s the right one. We’ll know at about 3:10 this afternoon. Here’s hoping for that super thick towel or heavy sheet just in case…

UPDATE: The idea that I had the wrong key freaked me out enough to break into it and give it a test. Yes, it’s the right one. And yes, I’m still locked up.

1 Seriously, Twitter!? We STILL can’t edit fucking tweets? Facebook figured this out years ago now.

15 Replies to “Protecting muggle sensibilities whilst naked”

  1. I know the feeling. I injured my leg last summer and made a quick doctor appt. At that time there was no emergency key. Mrs. Lion had to leave work to come unlock me before the appointment. I did have to undress, but they let me keep my underpants on. I think the cage would have been easily seen.

    To me it’s less whether or not I would be embarrassed than foisting my kink on an innocent bystander. This comes up all the time in the BDSM world. Lots of people want to “go public” because of the thrill of possible discovery. Since BDSM and enforced chastity are consensual activities, involving an outsider is non-consensual and violates the very basis of our kink.

    The question isn’t whether I would be embarrassed if discovered, but how I would make the people discovering my kink feel.

    1. Indeed. In truth, there’s a part of me that wants to be open about chastity and denial because I know what a good and positive impact it’s had on my relationship. I want more people to know about it, know that “normal” people do it, and perhaps even try it themselves. I hate living in closets. But I’m still with you. We can’t make others an unwilling part of our dynamics. At least, I’m not the guy to do it. And like you, it’s not because of embarrassment. It’s because I respect their right not to know how I get off.

  2. Cagedmonkey and I just got a couples massage on our cruise last week and they DID use towels on the table and us. They also asked that we undress but leave underwear on. Hubby could have easily worn his cage and no one would have known.

    But who knows how it will be there and I think better safe than sorry. We are like you, and any other sane respectful person, we do not intentionally expose our lifestyle to an unsuspecting person.

    Enjoy your massage 🙂

    1. They asked you to keep your underwear on? Wow. I’ve never had one ask me that. They will sometimes say it’s an option, but I never do it. NAKED, BABY!! The only way to get…er…rubbed.

      1. It does say, in the description, that it is optional but when asking us to undress they said “undress but you can leave your underwear on.” So yes, even the sentence suggests we could have been naked but I wasn’t comfortable with that anyway.

  3. that’s gotta suck. When mine cums in the mail I can’t wait to get it on (my cock that is). And actually I look forward to that extra bulge. I really don’t need it, but it’ll make them want it more. Also tks for your help if I may; and both my twitter accounts are following you if you don’t mind me doing so.

  4. Thumper, tell him you’re locked at the outset, maybe with a lighthearted comment. That takes the edge off for both of you. He may ask more, he may not. If he does you of all people should be able to handle it. Go for it, Thumper!!

  5. As an aside: only monsters, someone with zero regard for their masseuse, or someone with a strange sense of entitlement books a 90 minute massage. Do you know how hard that is on the masseuses body?! Honestly, give a 60 minute massage a shot next time. Your new masseuse will thank you.

    (*note I don’t actually think you are a monster or any of the other things listed, it was merely for effect. Seriously though, 90 minutes is murder to even the best massage therapist, especially one thats been in the business a while)

    1. They’ll actually book two hour massages. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

      The guy who did me seemed young enough. Kind of hipsterish, actually. Plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and a bushy red beard. Anyway, I’m sure he recovered quickly enough.

      1. oh probably. My former roommate was a masseuse, she hated every minute of her life after a 90 minute massage, the two hour ones were murderous for her.

        Im glad you took my comments in jest, as they were meant, or at least I hope you did.

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