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Hey Thumper, love your blog! My girl friend and I have recently started to experiment with chastity. She loves the idea of being able to send me on business trips locked! But we have a couple concerns. The main one is sleeping in the device (Holy Trainer 2). She has read some horror stories about things happening at night, rolling and breaking it, cut off circulation, pain, ect. Do you have any advice or know about any of these risks? She is very nervous about it.

Also, have you tried to fly or go through security in the holy trainer 2?

I don’t think the Holy Trainer (1 or 2) would just break from rolling over in bed. At least, not the ones I’ve worn. Breakage of that device still baffles me. I never found it to be all that fragile, especially at body temps.

Will it cut off circulation? Perhaps, if it’s not fitted properly. It will be tight, but your balls shouldn’t turn purple or get cold. If so, the A-ring is too small. They might flush a darker red. That’s not unusual.

Pain. Well, it’s a little plastic tube and your erection is probably a lot bigger than it is. That said, it’s not pain so much as compression. I find the Holy Trainer (1 and 2) to be quite comfortable even while the penis is doing its usual morning thing. If you feel actual pain, again, it’s probably not fitted too well. I’ve gone on at some length about fitting a chastity device.

I don’t think she should be nervous. As long as you’re paying attention to the signals you’re getting from your body and nothing it turning cold and blue, it’s all good. No permanent damage is likely.

Regarding security, the HT will go through a metal detector just fine. The large walk-in scanners, though, should be able to detect it. I’ve had readers tell me they’ve done so without incident while I’ve read others who have said they got patted down. Probably you’d be OK, but there’s no guarantee and each trip through is a roll of the dice as I think it’s highly dependant on the operator of the scanner and their discretion.

When I travel with the Steelheart, Belle lets me go to the airport unlocked. I keep the SH in my carry-on and, once through security, I lock it on in the bathroom and send her a picture as proof. You could do something similar with the HT, but then you need to figure out a way to secure the key in a tamper-proof manner. Something like the Steelworxx key safe is nifty, though expensive. There are other homemade solutions out there if you’re handy enough.


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  1. Thanks thumper, that definitely put my girl friends mind a little more at ease. She had me put it on for thr first time in a while this morning being denied the last couple nights (before when we tried it was after I came in order to get it on). Once it was on she immediately hoped on my face and had me lick her to a couple orgasm. This is one of my favorite positions and makes me extremely hard normally. However with the device on, my balls were aching and I could definitely feel the compression. She said my balls were a purple color and werent warm, but not cold. This was the hardest ive everbp been in the device. Does this sound normal to you?

    Also, she is worried about me rolling over in the night an erection and ‘breaking’ my penis with the device on. She read a horror story about this happening somewhere. Is this a legitiment fear?

    Thanks for all the advice and help! I know my girl friend and a I really appreciate itanf enjoy your blog!


    1. Your balls are going to flush when you’re trying to get hard. That’s normal. If they don’t get cold (and numb) then you’re probably OK. If you ever feel like the ring it really biting into you, then you might want to get the next size up. But, if you don’t feel like it’s doing that, again, you’re probably OK.

      Regarding your penis breaking, I’ve never heard of that nor has it happened to me. In my experience, it’s possible to lay on your stomach during a full attempted erection but it’s not always comfortable. I doubt you’d do it by accident without waking up first. If you’re so hard in the device that laying on it would fracture your hard-on, the chances of you being totally asleep at the same time are low. I wouldn’t worry about it.

      1. I have to agree with Thumper completely. I was so worried about all kinds of things like that and much more being a wife and KH. However, after living this and experiencing everyday I can tell you my worries were nothing at all to be concerned about.

        We even had a scary moment at the very beginning where hubby went through a few days of not being able to get hard… which turned out just to be all in his head because we didn’t break him. LoL

        Hubby has very strong erections too, and sometimes when I tease him in the cage he presses so hard that he has had some slight bruising in the past.

        Little things can happen but usually it isn’t permanent or painful… If anything is ever painful – like Thumper said – it’s likely a fit issue.

        Good luck! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the quick response Thumper and Lady M! That definitely made my girl friend and I feel a lot better about going for longer times in chasity and sleeping in it. Do you have any fun tips for my Mistress or us? We are both 25 and pretty new to the whole femdom/bdsm scene. She has been experimenting and learning with me for about 8 months now. It’s tough to find like minded people to discuss this side of us.

    Also, one more logistical question. I am uncircumcised and have been using your stocking method and have watched your video a couple times (very helpful video btw). When she teases me with the holy trainer on, it pulls about 2-3 inches from my body with a really hard ‘root’ buldge. Which from reading your blog and googling seems normal? However, even when I’m soft, it still protrudes about an inch from my body and can see/feel the ‘root’, even though it’s not nearly as firm as if I’m hard. In your video, it looked liked yours was up against your body when you out it in. Am I not getting enough of my penis in the tube? Weve been trying/practicing all day to figure this out.


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