The best male chastity device

A bit over a year ago, I was asked by a reader what the best male chastity device on the market was. I penned (keyed?) a missive on my thoughts and threw it out upon the waves of the World Wide Web to float among the other jetsam and debris like any other post and moved on.

But then a funny thing happened. People, it turns out, Google “best male chastity device” quite a bit and, through a happy coincidence of longevity and narrow subject matter, this site does pretty well in those kind of searches. That post I chucked out there one afternoon without a great deal of fanfare all of sudden started being among the top visited here every day.

Turns out, I no longer agree with my conclusions from 15 months ago. So I will, with this post, reassess the field in a slightly more thoughtful way than before.

Gray stuff

When people ask me about chastity, they’re usually coming from a pretty particular point of view. They are not the kind of people looking to wear a device or have their man wear one for a simple evening’s romp. They’re usually thinking about it in the same way Belle utilizes it with me in our marriage. That is, a semi-permanent thing leading to long-term orgasm denial (“long-term” having no set definition, just longer than a day or a week). They’re also usually (the guys, anyway, though occasionally their partners, too) really hot and bothered over being locked in the mythical impossible-to-defeat device that they can’t ever take off no matter how hard they want to OH GOD how horny CAN. I. GET!?

I’m sorry. That device does not exist.

Not as an off-the-shelf thing, anyway. You hear about these inescapable devices in the hawt chastity porn, but you might notice their description is always a little vague. That’s because the flaccid male penis has all the structure and significance of an octopus arm. It really can’t be easily contained. A guy, especially a wet and soapy one, can get it into and out of all kinds of crazy little nooks and crannies as long as his fleshy friend stays soft. So no, there is no trapped-ball device (that is, one that is worn around the penis and scrotum) that cannot be defeated with little more than cursory effort.

Yes, I know, a trapped-ball device can be made inescapable, but only if you’re willing to get a genital piercing like a Prince Albert. For a lot of guys, that’s way over the line. Short of that, no, there is no inescapable trapped-ball device, I don’t care what that one guy on Chastity Mansion wrote.

This is why I say the very best chastity device is the one between your ears. I know (trust me), the idea of being forced against your will to remain locked and horny is a significantly powerful fantasy, but it is just that. A fantasy. You, as the man being locked up, have to be invested in staying locked up. That means, you need to have the will power not to cheat and slip out the back for a quick wank when nobody’s looking. If you can’t do that, then don’t even bother with anything else. Don’t even bother your partner with the idea. Chances are very good you want to be locked up. So let yourself be and don’t fuck it up.

Personally, when I’m in an easily-escaped device, I tell myself it’s not. I suspend my disbelief and act as though there’s no way out for me and I’m stuck with my fate. I also think very hard about the commitment I made when I allowed Belle to lock me up in the first place. I do it for her as much as myself. I do it for us.

I view the device as what it is: Not an impenetrable fortress, but a symbol of respect for an agreed-upon dynamic I asked for in the first place.

So, before we get to the aspects that should be considered when choosing a device, the very best way to enforce male chastity is to get your brain on straight. The best device is the one in your head.


I’ve worn twelve (12?!) different chastity devices over the years: CB-6000 (both clear and “chrome” edition, standard tube length), CB-5000, Holy Trainer v1 and v2, Birdlocked Neo/Mr. S Boytrainer 2.0, Steelworxx Steelheart (one larger, one smaller), Steelworxx Looker 02Mature Metal’s Jail Bird (two different devices), and the KHD X3 espresso 3D-printed device. I can tell you right off that I wouldn’t recommend the CB-5000 or any device made of silicone. The CB5K is an odd duck because it requires a PA piercing and all silicone devices pretty much suck as chastity devices. No, they just do. Trust me.

That said, there are five attributes I judge when considering devices: Cost, comfort, perceived security, hygiene, and stealth.


You can spend anywhere from about a hundred bucks for a 3D-printed device to thousands and thousands for one custom-made of stainless steel. If you’re just starting out, my advice is to stick with plastic. The most popular device is certainly the CB-6000 which will run you about $150. The other leading plastic device is the Holy Trainer. It costs a bit more (about $170). Custom stainless from manufactures such as Mature Metal in Texas or Steelworxx in Germany will average about twice plastic once you factor in options (though they can be had for less with fewer bells and whistles [no, not literally bells and whistles]). The KHD X3 espresso can be had out the door for under $100, but it’s not without issues.

Protip: If you go with the Holy Trainer, don’t buy it from their site. Some people end up getting charged exorbitant duty fees (though, for some reason, not all). I got mine from Kept For Her. Paid a little less with shipping and had no nasty surprises from the government. 

Personally, I wouldn’t cheap out on something that will spend hours and days locked onto what is likely the part of your body you have the closest and most emotional connection to. Buy name brands from reputable retailers and check Google for reviews. Cheap devices fail (usually by splitting along seams) which can lead to injury or they aren’t finished very well and have spots that rub or cause discomfort.

Thinking about a newbie, it’s hard not to give the edge in this category to the CB-6000. Its price is reasonable and you get a lot of sizing options in the box. The only thing you need to decide when ordering is how long you want the tube (and you probably want the short one, sorry). Even though the KHD X3 is the cheapest I’ve worn, the device has too many other shortcoming to recommend at this time.

Regarding steel, keep in mind that the Steelworxx site displays all its prices in Euros including VAT (value-added tax). If you’re outside the European Union, you don’t pay the VAT. Register an account with your shipping address to see the real prices. I think Mature Metal and Steelworxx are about a wash, price-wise, for those in the United States, but I find their designs to be different enough that it doesn’t matter. Most seem to gravitate towards one look over the other anyway.


Enforced chastity is, by its definition, not always a walk in the park. Penises grow while devices don’t. However, it’s also not supposed to be a test of pain tolerance. In a well-fitted device, one’s discomfort should be limited to feeling the pressure of an erection being arrested and contained. Depending on how you’re wired, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Far from it.

The degree of comfort desired is also something of a personal choice. Some men and/or those who lock them up are trying to inflict erotic pain as part of the chastity experience. Some devices have add-ons or options specifically designed to make a penis trying to be erect very uncomfortable. I don’t think these kinds of tactics are good for the kind of long-term thing Belle and I practice, but it’s entirely possible excessive comfort isn’t on one’s shopping list.

Plastic device design has advanced quite a bit in recent years. In this category, the CB-6000 scores very low in my book. Its rings are perfectly round and have sharp edges and gaps and seams that bite into the base of erections and cause sores. Wearing a CB6K can be a miserable experience. The Holy Trainer, by comparison, is significantly better thanks to it’s ergonomically-shaped A-ring (the part that goes around the penis and scrotum). The KHD X3 is also quite comfortable.

On the steel side, Steelworxx offers an “anatomical ring” which is slightly bent to allow some testicular pluming from getting crimped. I find the Mature Metal A-rings to be too narrow, though they will build them double-width if you ask (and I think you should). MM also has an oval option which, like Steelworxx’s anatomical ring, is meant to allow the testes extra room. I also recommend that.

Plastic or metal, sizing is critical. Read my chastity sizing guide for tips. Short story is, the tube should be the size of your normal flaccid penis. You might think a longer tube would be better for when you get hard. You would be wrong. Smaller tubes are better.

Comfort is the thing most people are thinking about when they decide to go with a silicone device. I found these devices to be difficult to size and keep on. Also, an erection in a stretchy, squishy tube is an erection that can be all too easily coaxed into orgasm. I don’t recommend silicone. The Holy Trainer is just as comfy and feels like a real enforcement of chastity.


I know, I said there wasn’t any such thing as security in a chastity device. It’s true, unless you want to punch a hole in your dick (which, all by itself, is pretty fucking hot, but totally a personal taste thing). However, some devices feel more secure which can be very helpful in the little game I think we should play with ourselves regarding the total inaccessibility of the penismeat.

To a large extent, the feeling of security is a product of fit. A loose, ill-fitting device won’t feel secure at all while a nice tight one will but may cause you too much pain to wear during the fun parts.

Some devices feel more secure as a result of their design. The Holy Trainer, for example, with its sleeker and simpler construction creates a greater illusion of security than the CB-6000. The KHD X3 never really felt that secure to me while I was wearing it for some reason. This may be something that varies from person to person.

Devices like the Looker 02 from Steelworxx feel a tiny bit more secure thanks to their integrated urethral inserts. They have hollow tubes that go inside the penis and extend a bit past the back of the device. This may sound like the worst possible torture you can imagine, but I’ve actually found Belle’s Looker 02 to be the most comfortable metal device she locks on me. The hollow tube in the penis is far from uncomfortable. In fact, it can be very stimulating.


In general, metal stays cleaner than plastic and open designs like the Jail Bird stay fresher longer than closed tubes like on the Steelheart. This is another thing where fit is important. If the tube is well fitted with an absence of space inside while the penis is flaccid, more urine will flow out and less will be trapped. If the design features a cage, this is not an issue at all (though errant urine streams and splashing can be a problem).

If pee squicks you out, chastity may not be for you. It’s part of the bargain. That love rocket you’re having locked to the launch pad is also the main way you eliminate waste from your body. There’s just no getting around that chastity devices need to be attended to or they’ll start to stink.


Stealth has two components: Visible and audible.

In my testing, I found on the plastic side that the Holy Trainer was the least visible through clothing. For metal, both the Jail Bird and Looker 02 were pretty sneaky. Note that I was wearing the short Trainer tube and the two metal devices are both about the same size. The solid tube of the Steelheart makes a rather more noticeable lump. The KHD X3 was also very good in this department, I think mostly because it lays very flat with little forward protruding.

If you live in a situation with children as I do, audible stealth is also critical for those time when you’re padding around house in your pajamas or sweats. The CB-6000 has a separate lock that clicks against the tube as you walk while the Holy Trainer’s lock is integrated and silent. Both Mature Metal and Steelworxx offer integrated lock options (for MM, it’s a security screw rather than a lock and key). The KHD X3 also has an integrated lock (the same kind as is used on the Trainer and Steelworxx devices).

Another advantage of the integrated locks is they leave a lower profile to show through your clothing.


My old advice for newbies was to go with the CB-6000. However, the second generation Holy Trainer is a better device in nearly every way. It’s simpler to use (only three pieces rather than seven) and so much more comfortable. However, it is more expensive and you need to be more certain of your ring size then ordering. Another issue that seems to follow the Holy Trainer around is breakage. The plastic they use is affected by body heat in a way that makes it a bit pliable (though not much). Some people report the tube cracking and breaking, but I’ve not had that problem (and, with my last unit, really tried to “accidentally” break it). Personally, I have no problem recommending the Trainer with that caveat. I think its design is that much better than the now long-in-the-tooth CB-6000.

On the metal side, it’s really about aesthetic preferences and how important each of the above variables are to you. I prefer Steelworxx designs, but Mature Metal makes a very good product and their customer service is fantastic. Also, their domestic location makes communication and alterations much easier for US-based buyers. I don’t recommend anyone’s first device to be custom steel. It can be tricky getting the fit right and, until you know chastity is something you really want in your relationship, it’s a more than insignificant investment.

Which do you think is the best? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I’m a Mature Metal Jail Bird fan. Unlike you, I find the single base ring totally comfortable. For men, like me, whose penis is quite short flaccid, the cage/tube design is critical. Most of the Mature Metal devices, other than the Jail Bird can’t be built to accommodate a short, flaccid penis. My suspicion is that I am not that atypical. A lot of men just need to believe they are a lot longer than they are. As you say, shorter is better. If the cage/tube is in constant contact with the sides and head of the penis, everything works much better.

  2. I moved last year from a Steelworkxx to a Holy Trainer 2. The problem with the trainer is as with all these devices as you say, you can get yourself out. Additionally there is enough play in the trainer when warm you can slip your balls out too and totally remove the device, and get it back on later (it takes a while but it’s possible). That kind of spoilt it a little in my head.

    Based on your review here we just bought a KHD X3 espresso 3 and it’s more secure in that you can get yourself out, but no chance of removing it from your balls. Last week we tried the X3 with the neoprene ring as suggested and … bingo! with the neoprene ring being stretched and behind the glans i’ve not managed yet to free myself, and if I did it would be totally impossible to get the neoprene ring back on without unlocking the device first (since the ring is trapped by the lock and under tension). It also seems unlikely you’d be able to cut the ring and replace it (again due to it being squashed and under tension). It just needs to be a tiny bit more comfortable (perhaps some fine sandpaper or the other 3d printer smoothing trics will fix this).

  3. Great writeup. I know virtually nothing about chastity devices so this was super informative. I like the idea that the best chastity device is between your ears, too.

  4. I’m in a CB6000 currently and it’s my first chastity device so I have no frame of reference by which to compare but I can say that the first few days were a hell due to lots of pinching. Once I got a good snug fit, the pinching seemed to cease but now I’m just constantly sore behind the balls. I want a Holy Trainer 2 but I’ll be toughing it out in this for a while. My wife just ordered an anti-pull-out add-on for this one and I hope I’m one of the few that can make it work. Right now it’s just way too easy to pull out, the device feels rather pointless. My penis is almost comically average in shape and size so here’s to hoping this will at least make it too hard for the effort.

  5. The fitness community has a saying: the best fitness routine is the one that you’re going to continue. That is, with all the different nutrition plans and and workout regimens, the “best” one is the one that you stick with and not give up after a month.

    Likewise, there are dozens of chastity devices on the market now (and I can’t tell you how funny it is to write that, considering that ten or fifteen years ago there were only a handful), but the “best” one is the one that fits comfortably, without being a PITA to keep clean. I’ve called it the Comfort, Convenience, and Security factor,

    Of course, the problem for a new buyer is that they don’t know how to judge this if they haven’t bought one before. It’s often just easier to suggest that they buy a CB6000 and use that as a standard to upgrade.

    1. I just can’t bring myself to recommend the CB6K over the Holy Trainer. Maybe five years ago. Not now. Too complicated and far too painful of a ring design.

      1. I agree. I haven’t tried the HT since we haven’t been doing the device chastity thing lately, and frankly, my next device will probably be one of those Chinese stainless numbers that resemble the Mature Metal ones. I figured I could modify it myself.

      2. I’ll third that. The ring on the CB6K can be really bad. Just not comfortable for any kind of long term wear. I’ve had problems with it in less than a week. That just won’t do.

  6. Hey Tom really appreciate your comments! My question: I am trying to get into long term wearing,
    After about four or five days I start developing numbness in my feet, does anyone know if there is a correlation between wearing a cage and body circulation ? I am In a committed relationship,
    used to do some hustling, I want to change,… I have found promiscuity very destructive. I want to move to a smaller community for career advancement, I need to know what I can and cannot commit to my girlfriend. Piercing is out for me. Thanks for your advice rking27

    1. I have no idea how a device affects foot numbness. You might need to have that checked professionally.

      That said, you might just want to try wearing a cock ring only for a while, just to see if affects anything.

  7. I’m not entirely sure “a PA piercing is too much” is entirely accurate. For someone that is just starting out ? Probably. I’ve been at this for about 2 years and I’m getting one. Hard to say for sure, but I think I would have said “no way” to a piercing when I started, but now ? Definitely.

    If you’re really into it, a tiny piercing is really not much to do to really go all the way.

    Just my opinion, and I haven’t quite done it yet (my wife wanted to coordinate getting a tattoo at the same time, but life has intervened). Probably getting it done mid March.

  8. lowest cost + highest effectiveness = Hypnotic Chastity Belt. Not as glamorous, hawt, or body scanner sensitive as a metal device. But if you’re just starting out, consider this as an option. For devices, still a jailbird fan, but agree that anyone can get out. Hypnosis might also be an option for those who want a device but don’t want escape as well. Less painful than a piercing!

    1. Assuming a) you know someone who can hypnotize you and b) you can be hypnotized. Also, some people are into chastity for the gear and bondage aspects, so even super cheap, hypnosis would not be for everyone.

  9. How did this go to chastity by hypnosis? I am curious about the piercing and if you have ever seen them work with plastic devices? I hate the cb range but can’t see other options working.

    On the piercing, how awful is it? I have heard some are dreadful and others not so much. I almost did it last year and wanted to be done at a 12 gauge and was told they would not go higher than a 14. I think it would take years to get to a decent 4 or 2, so I gave up. Did you start so small too?

    1. 14ga is ridiculous. Even 12 is too small. I seem to recall I got 10 at my piercing (maybe 8) and Drew got 6ga (I think). It doesn’t take as long to move up as you might think once the healing is done, but I’d seek another piercer’s services.

      Typically, with plastic, you’re looking the ring hanging outside the tube and a cable being used to secure it to the lock. This can work, though it adds a bunch of fussiness to the contraption, and if the tube is too much longer than your flaccid penis, can cause really painful pulling on the piercing when the penis contracts (as it does). Personally, I could never get it to work, but I was wearing the standard length CB6K tube and should have been in the short (had it been available when I was wearing it). Drew has recently dremmeled his Holy Trainer v2 to allow his ring to hang out, though with the integrated lock, I’m not sure how a cable would be secured.

  10. Hey Tom another question I have found a great cage on amazon, they really have some good deals, and from a Chinese trading post, they have some great cages if you are careful what you buy. My question : I frequently use a catheter with the cage, helps regulate the amount of trumescence I need it,in order to be comfortable. Problem- at the very entrance of my penis it tends to become irritated, can any topical medication help without burning?
    Have you to heard of this before? My gf is concerned that it could cause cancer.. I take a break from this cage, but like wearing it because urine flow is much less messy, and I pee much better standing. Any suggestion or advice? rfkbutterfly

  11. Hi there. I was pierced at a 6 gauge (although they offered a 4), but I had gone in expecting to be done at a 10 which I was worried would be too small. When they offered the 6 they told me that it would hurt a bit more (it did but only for seconds) and might bleed a bit more (it did, Thumper still has nightmares) but they also told me that it would heal faster, which from everything I have read and every friend I have to compare to, I did. At three weeks I was healed and at four weeks I changed my “started jewelry” to a ring at St. Sabrina’s where I went with Thumper the first time.

    Actually, I did not like that ring I got because it was very large and a few days later I went to a local shop here where I got a different ring and upsized to a 4 gauge without ANY difficulty. That said, that ring was not of great quality and the next week Thumper and I went back to St. Sabrina’s to get another one which he installed for me.

    All that to say, don’t be scared and just go for it. I was very nervous but was lucky that Thumper was there to literally hold my hand and take me for pizza and ice cream afterwards! I am thrilled I did it and am patiently waiting on my Steelheart now.

    1. I forgot to reply about the Holy Trainer and my Dremel project. Technically, it worked really well and the cut was smooth and looked factory like. Because my PA is large in size in addition to gauge (i.e.: the distance between the holes – have no idea why), I had to cut really far back and was in danger of going to far for the integrity, I thought. The ring barely stuck out which was nice and, like Thumper said, I loved the idea of a cord or something, but with the HTv2 I could not figure out where to put it.

      I wore it all of 14 hours and had to take it off because where I cut it rubbed exactly where the lower hole of my PA is. I was going to switch to my curved barbell, but dropped it down the sink in the process, so it’s off until a new barbell arrives next week or we just wait on the Steelheart.

      For the record, I HATE the honor system.

      (there is a pic of the cut and me in it on my blog – Thumper can link if he wants to)

  12. Thank you, Thumper and Drew. I can’t find that on your site but will keep looking if no link. I think you have both talked me into the PA again, but need to look for a better place it appears. Was the blood really bad enough for nightmares? Also, I did not know that the length was different. Why is that?

    1. He didn’t put on his blog, he tweeted it:

      He bled way more than I did but different piercers place the piercing in different ways. Mine is just off-center and went through less tissue while Drew’s is pretty much dead-center and went through more. Also, it was bigger. My understanding is the bleeding is variable from person to person. The diameter of the ring is a function of the distance between the piercing and the urethral opening. That’s something else that different from person to person based on anatomy.

      1. Even piercing to piercing can be different in the same person. I’ve had the same piercing done multiple times (my tongue twice and eyebrow 3 times in the same places) and each time was a different experience.

        There isn’t really a “this is exactly how it will be” thing because everyone is different and, like Thumper said, even the person piercing, position of the needle etc can be different.


  13. Do you recommend the Looker02 with the probe for long term wear? I am concerned about hygiene and potential infections.

  14. Hi Thumper, I’m new to the world of chastity and I got my first HTv2 just yesterday! I’m already finding that I should probably have ordered the small and spent more time measuring.. I’m an average 6″ and a grower, but sometimes I’m a normal flaccid and others, its the comically sized button flaccid. When I’m like that I find I can just pull back and my shaft flops out. Even at the biggest ring size, the 50, I can’t get my balls out, being as you described the “almost always high-and-tight” type. Trouble is, even controlling my excitement, I can’t get it that flaccid when putting it on. So, it seems to push the ring away from my body if I get an erection with it on. Right ring size, too accommodating of a tube you think?

    Thank you again for your write-ups!, I’ll be following your twitter after this.

    1. Most men will, at their most flaccid state, be able to easily slip out of a trapped-ball device. It’s the nature of penises and, unless you’re sporting a piercing, impossible to fix. So, don’t let that bother you. Pretend as hard as possible that you can’t slip out the back and then never, ever do it.

      Regarding putting it on and issues of getting in due to excitement or whatever, check this out:

  15. OK, Here we go. I ordered the CB6000S and it fit fine, except I could never get used to the chaffing from the base ring. Never. So, now I’m thinking about either taking on the Holy Trainer V2 Short for more comfort at a reasonable price or go the more expensive route and just buy the Looker 02. I’m sure it would fit, and love the style with how small it is, its comfort, and the safe plug for the urethra is damn sexy to me. Are you still wearing that one? Sooo, should I go all out for the Looker 02? Or “settle” for the Holy Trainer V2? I’ve actually made up my mind, haven’t I?

    1. I wear the L02 when Belle lets me, but most always I’m in the Steelheart because it’s her preference.

      If it were me, I’d get the HT first then eventually get the L02. There will be times you’ll want a plastic device if you plan on wearing one most or all of the time. Also, you can have an HT on your dick in just a couple days whereas the L02 will be 6 weeks at a minimum. Unless you’re willing to suffer under those horrible CB6K rings that entire time, of course. I wouldn’t.

      Lastly, I wouldn’t consider the HT “settling” for anything. It’s a really good, well designed chastity device. I think it’s far and away the best plastic device you can get.

      1. Hey Thumper, great advice as always and I’m taking it. Just ordered the HTv2 short with the 40mm ring. Seems to be the equivalent of the CB short combo that fit the best on me previously. If anything, I can still order a 36mm ring if I seem to be able to slip out too easily. Looking forward to the comfort, and hopefully get that wonderful long term denial I so desire. Also, I ordered it from Kept For Her per your suggestion. It was quick and easy and looks like I’ll get it quicker from that site than others. Hope to follow-up as I progress with this chastity devise. Thanks again for your help and advice. Love this blog.

      2. Oh also wanted to note to your point about ordering from the Kept For Her site. Again good site but if you have concerns about how it shows up on the billing statement (which I was aware of from your caution and it doesn’t matter in my case) be aware that the transaction showed as Merchant- LockedUpLove,
        Seems that the actual packaging will discreetly only show from KFH Enterprises. So, I’m good, but this all could be a concern to some. Just a follow-up FYI for everyone.

  16. I just got my HT2 today. I barely squeeze into the 50mm ring and I should have ordered the smaller tube. Live and learn I guess. It never occurred to me that I could pull out the back. I was still living in ignorant bliss for half the day but I guess I can’t not know now that I know. You’re right though, it’s more about mental restraint. The device is a symbol and a reminder, like a promise ring for your penis. I am interested in getting pierced though. Do you use a PA lock consistently? Do you have a CD that you wear the most or do you alternate randomly?

    1. Belle prefers the Steelworxx Steelheart so that’s what I’m in most of the time. It has an integrated PA fixing that secures the penis and prevents pull out.

  17. Do you wear the PA fixing with it the majority of the time? What is the comfort level with the PA fixing in regards to penile shrinkage?

  18. Hi, I find Lori 2D to be the only long long term alternative. But it’s expensive, U need a PA and long delivery time. I ordered it after spending way too much cash on other products. If you ever consider order from Lori be absolut sure on sizing. I had two steel rings w slighty different size and the smaller became painful after several days. Took me 6 weeks to sort that out. These days i can wear it without any issues for weeks.

  19. I bought the Holy Trainer from the Kept For Her website. It was much easier to put on and according to Rover, it’s very comfortable. He can get out of it if he wants to, like any other one, but he won’t because he enjoys being locked up. We are planning on ordering a Steelworxx to be used with a PA piercing when he gets one.

  20. I’ve had a HTv2 for a couple of weeks now, and I’m mostly pleased with it. Unfortunately, I’ve developed the condition described here:

    Honestly, I’m not sure if it was the HTv2 that caused it, but I suspect it might be, since I’ve never encountered this before. I’m on a break for a bit until it sorts itself out. 🙁

    One problem I have with the HTv2 is the size of the tube. When soft, I’m just over 1.5″ in diameter and 3″ in length. The standard tube is only 2.35″ long, and 1.4″ in diameter. What that means is that I have to pull the excess skin into the tube with a stocking so that I don’t have any bunched up outside the tube. Between the shaft and scrotum is where there’s usually some spillover.

    The whole thing feels super comfortable when I’m not aroused. When I boast wood, though, things get pretty uncomfortable, and forget about getting urine out, as I stated in another comment.

    I really wish that the HT folks would create a tube an extra 1/8″ or 3/16″ larger diameter. Then, it would be the perfect plastic device for me. Alas, I e-mailed and they said no. 🙁

    So now I’m looking toward custom metal devices, but I really don’t know what kind I want. The jailbird seems like a popular option, and I really like how easy it would be to clean. That said, it looks almost too “exposed” to be a good chastity device? The Steelheart, on the other hand looks too closed in, and looks difficult to really get clean. The MM Watchful Mistress and Pet Trap look interesting, but I don’t know if they would have “pinch points”.

    Ugh… how to balance cost, security, comfort and hygiene?

  21. What if I didn’t quit need it to be inescapable, but not able to be put back on(or in)? I have a online Mistress and as long as she can tell if i took it off that is good enough. Currently I can just slip in and out of the tube, but can’t get off it past my balls. It’s a cheap, but tight Chinese cage style. Is there a way to make so I can’t get it back in the tube? That would be sufficient for my Mistresses to control and punishment me if i got caught with it off, and couldn’t get it back on. I would listened to any ideas anyone has how to achieve this.

    1. I don’t believe that’s possible. An anti-pull out device (like the KSD-G3) would make getting back in more difficult, but nothing like impossible.

    2. I’d give some serious thought to a PA piercing. They are so worth it in their own right. Sure, you’re looking at months of healing time followed by some stretching followed by more healing et cetera ad nauseam. And it’s worth it. Though I trust thumper when he says that this is “going way too far for most guys”.

      The right size of a piercing is debatable. I think Thumper advocated 6ga at some point; I found 6ga to be occasionally painful, 4ga less so, and 2ga to be entirely comfortable. Your experience will vary. Dicks are all special snowflakes.

  22. Hello all, thanks for the replies. I have since gotten my PA and I really have grown to like ascetically, as well as a symbol of submission. I have sent several emails to Ridged Chastity and never get any reply so I am a bit hesitant to buy from them. I was wondering Thumper, have you ever tried an Evotion Wearable? It seems like a cheaper option than Steelworks and has the benefits of being plastic, maybe even good for airplane travel. I was just seeing if you had any experience with them or heard much about them.


  23. I’ve got cheap chinese steel chastity cage. I bought the smallest ring, if it were 45 mm and I’m totally stuck. It is tight and inescapable even when my organ loks like a shrimp.

  24. Hi Thumper,

    Have you ever tried the newer micro chastity cages (smallest on the market). They seem reasonably priced, but seem too new to have any reviews. The bigger ones are designed to keep the shaft at an inch. the smaller ones look like they would do my head in after 24 hrs! (they are so small they don’t even have a measurement)
    (no Idea how urinating would work- I suspect I would be removing it for that)
    Yes I would have a key for safety- denial is between the ears, as you have mentioned. It’s (for me) the reminder that someone (other than me) has control of my fun bits which is… comforting.
    I could post links, but it’s not my place to advertise- particularly as i haven’t tried them yet.
    It looks like they were created in Oct/Nov 2018, so not much about them at present.

    Kind regards,

    Contemplating Ordering Koala.

  25. I wear a Chinese 316 steel ball trap cage with pa. Has worked great for a month or so now. Went through a large number of cages before finding one that fit well.
    Had to have a pa to be secure.
    My wife hated how much I mastrobated so I offered to wear a device. I’ve found I’m much more interested in her when I only orgasm when she is interested in sex. It’s been very good for our relationship. And now that she knows it I doubt I’ll get much time out of the cage ever unless if she wants me… which I’m totally ok with.

  26. Oh and I put the piercing in my self. Prince Albert 14 ga. A week later up to 12 a week and a half later 10, two weeks after that 8ga.
    The piercing didn’t hurt really but the blood got to me. lol, wouldn’t want to do it again that’s for sure…

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