Use it or lose it?

Over on the Tumblr, someone calling themselves teenlockedboy asked

do you guys think shrinking bc of chastity cage is a real thing?

To which, I replied

It is definitely not a real thing. Been in a device for the better part of 7 years and the penis is the same size it ever was.

Then, someone calling themselves slaveboyinma said…

Yes. Remember the saying. Use it or lose it? Just another reason why that statement is so true.

And someone else calling themsleves nonyshikon added…

It probably can be, for some. The trouble is, very few are doing scientific research on anything sex-related, and…

I’ve gone over this in the past

As I mentioned last week, I was out of the device for a day and a half due to some irritation. During that time, I found myself with a hard penis in my hand (purely for research and reporting purposes, of course – I’m always thinking about my readers) and decided, since it seemed like it was about as hard as it gets, that I’d check to see how things were going. I got the measuring tape and verified that Belle’s cock is every bit the 5 and 5/8 inches it has ever been, even though it spends almost all the time locked inside a very short steel tube.

That was in 2011. In the past couple of months (I can’t recall exactly when), I checked in again on the length of the penis and it’s still, stubbornly, 5 and 5/8 inches long. Contrary to nonshikon’s assertion, I think there’s a fucking lot of study going on regarding items of a sexual nature, but no, I don’t think there’s a lab anywhere doing work on the locked-up penis size issue. However, as a guy encased in a short steel tube way more than half the time (probably at least 75% of the time) and having been like that for many years (even more often in recent years) I can state unequivocally and without hesitation that chastity does not make dicks smaller. Period. At least, not the one on me. Without documented evidence to the contrary, I simply won’t believe anyone who says it does.

Cue all the comments from the little-dicked guys who think they got that way from their devices in three…two…

I recall a chastity blogger who used to be (may still be) active who posted several times about how he and his keyholder were hoping locking him up would make his dick smaller. I asked once if he had seen any changes but never heard back. As far as I know, he never posted any data on the matter. In my personal opinion, he’s not alone in his wish for a diminished member and it’s this penis humiliation kink that drives a lot of the talk about it happening from chastity. This, in turn, freaks out the guys who only want to be locked up, not made smaller.

I also do not believe, beeteedub, that chastity ruins one’s ability to have erections. I still have very nice erections (almost always when I’m supposed to). As I’ve said before, the penis has been trained not to get hard as often in the tube as it would when not, but that’s not a physical issue. It’s a mental thing.

Now, what I have noticed when first coming out after an extended lock-up is the penis will be a little fatter towards the bottom than the top when erect, but that goes away after a day or so. I can only assume the erectile tissue needs to “stretch back out” once its been released. But the effect has never been long-lasting. Certainly not permanent.

So don’t worry, teenlockedboy. Lock away with the piece of mind that the piece between your legs may be locked, but it’s not diminishing. Unlike your ability to use proper spelling and grammar.

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  1. After more than four years, Mr. Happy still stands as tall as ever whenever he’s called upon. Mind you, I do have a bit of an upward curve that I didn’t have before. Whether that’s a result of being locked up most of the time or not s impossible to say.

  2. Ok, my experience; i have been chaste ( in and out of a device) for nigh on 6 months now. I have noticed a reduction in length and girth to my flaccid dick. I also measured, for, erm, scientific purposes. Before I started the chastity, my erection was 7 1/4 “. i measured it about a month ago and it was less than 6”. that’s my experience. ( )

  3. Thanks for your reassurance on that. As I don’t have the Chastity history as you do, I would believe that you re correct, but for those who have a humiliation kink or forced fem kink, then they would be the ones pushing this as being true. Now I do have those kinks and it’s exciting to think that it’s true which is why I can see why this is an easy subject to get across. but there is no real research that I can find. It’s like having a better chance on getting prostate cancer when you don’t exercise the prostate with orgasms. Is this true? no one really knows. Now if they have a research study for those in chastity, I think I would sign up.

  4. I have a very small cage that I used to use. And after being locked up in it for 3 or 4 weeks, my penis even when erect is not much bigger than the cage. It takes some time, but it will return back to normal. The problem with this cage is that I usually can’t wear it for more than a week at a time as it will cause sores. The 3 to 4 week lockup took a lot of lubricant and care to be able to wear it that long. I would think that long term lockup in a small cage without sufficient time out for recovery would shrink your erection size. I now have a stainless version similar to the CB600S which still has lots more room than my old cage. I haven’t noticed any issues with shrinkage, but have only worn it for a week at a time.

  5. I totally agree with you. While I haven’t been locked up for extended periods, over the past five years I’ve been on&off chastity. I have not noticed any difference in the size of my erection. For people who claim to have, it’s probably more of a mental thing

  6. Speaking as a medical professional, with utter disregard to anyone’s feelings:

    Permanent dick shrinkage from chastity is utter hogwash, a thing of fantasies which receives none of its support from reality, and to be clear: is 100% utterly IMPOSSIBLE. 😉

    🍆 Anatomically, the two kinds of spongy material which are inside your penis, which fill with blood to make you hard, — as well as all the secondary/supportive structures — have no mechanism with which to become “less spongy” or “less absorbent”, regardless of physical, chemical, or biological input. Just like a cheap sponge from the dollar store, if you fill it with water so that it grows, and then squeeze it into a small space and hold it there while it dries, then it will retain the small shape for a while. If you keep repeating this procedure over time, you may get it to shrink down to become very very small indeed, and it will seem to stay that way. *** But the minute you put it back into water, since you have NOT changed the molecular structure or composition of the sponge, it will quickly grow back to its former size. *** It is a sponge, this is how sponges work. It’s no accident that one of the main components of your dick literally has the Latin word “spongiosum” in its name…

    💫 Physiologically, the proteins, hormones, nerves, organs, glands, and other myriad systems in your body which work together with your brain to cause and propagate arousal have no expiration date, no use-by date, and don’t interact differently based on the physical characteristics of your penis itself. This means that even if you never were unlocked from a highly-restrictive chastity cage for 20 years, your arousal processes would still function the same, and as soon as you were released and subsequently aroused, the physiological processes that cause you to get hard would do their job just as well as they did the first time you jerked off as a boy. The physical characteristics of your external penis (beyond the basic anatomy) don’t affect the physiology of getting hard.

    🔜 Now, as Thumper noted, and as you may notice if you replicate my sponge experiment above, you may experience temporary reduction in growth when hard, especially after particularly long periods of not getting fully hard. Your length, girth, and shape when hard are determined by A) the physical limits of your dick, including its spongy portions and the supporting structures on the inside, and your skin on the outside; and B) blood pressure. So the experience of a temporary reduction in growth when hard — which many men have experienced, and some are tempted to conflate with the fantasy of permanent size changes — is a result of two factors:

    1) Your body has grown accustomed to achieving the optimum blood pressure in your dick, when aroused, with less actual blood, since you have been physically constraining the growth with a cage. When you first take off the cage and first get hard, your physiological processes are unaware that such things have changed, and for a short period of time your body may continue to cause a [marginally] smaller volume of blood to flow into your penis when you are aroused. This would contribute to initial woodies seeming smaller. However, your body’s excellent sensory system will quickly identify the suboptimal blood pressure in your dick, and within a couple attempts at getting hard will once again be pushing all the necessary blood into your shaft to get it just as big and hard as ever, based on optimal blood pressure.

    2) Like the sponge that you’ve repeatedly used, and then squeezed smaller and smaller as it dries, the more your dick has been constrained by your cage, and the longer this has taken place, can cause the blood which is now able to again freely fill your shaft to not quite get to all of the little spongy holes right away. Imagine an old crusty sponge, which after getting it wet it doesn’t grow to its full size. But when you squeeze it a few times, and rinse it out thoroughly, and squeeze it a couple more times, now it is back to its full size. Similarly your dick, although not at all “crusty”, may take a couple/few full erections until all the smallest/furthest spongy pieces get all the blood possible back into them, and during this brief period, your dick may be somewhat smaller when hard than before. However, as with #1 above, after a few good erections and returns to a flaccid state, he will be rearing and ready to go at full size and strength in no time.

    👻 So, although this fantasy is quite compelling for some, it has no foundation in medicine, science, or reality. Hoping and dreaming won’t make it so. Asserting and arguing will not prove it correct. There are no empirical observations or “studies” needed, because the medical concepts here are incredibly simple, and the structures involved are very well understood.

    👨‍⚕️ As we all learned as children: changing the shape of a piece of paper does not make it any less of a piece of paper. It still has the same physical and chemical properties, other than the shape change you gave it. If you want to physically shrink a penis, permanently, you will have to perform surgery. This is quite possible, but your local urologist and plastic surgeon will both likely decline the opportunity, as such a step would carry lots of risks.

    🔒 Otherwise, keep it caged and you’ll be sure it stays the right size; because once you let it out, you’ll be back to square one. 😉

  7. Just a couple clarifications:

    I mention a “cheap sponge from the dollar store” for a reason: more expensive sponges are often made of more exotic materials, and may not exhibit any tendency whatsoever to maintain a smaller size when they dry. This is probably great for your kitchen, but wouldn’t serve as the visual example I was going for here. 😅
    None of the things I said above are intended to address the complex phychophysiological issues surrounding erectile dysfunction. This is a very different issue, and is tied up in your mind and your body’s complicated internal chemical workings, not in the physical capabilities and performance capacity of your dick itself. If someone wants to propose that long-term chastity gives you ED, my arguments above could not be used to refute that claim, as I did not address that at all. 🤪

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