More mailbag

This, from reader AB, came in right after I posted the last one:

After ordering an ill fitting Steelheart, I’ve bought the sizing rings from Mature Metal to try out some “mock” chastity. I’ve been wearing a larger ring around the base of my cock, which is tied onto another ring around the bottom of my shaft. I think i have a good size picked now due to fact that when flaccid, it’s almost unnoticeable, yet doesn’t move around.

My question to you is in regards to getting hard in chastity. When i get hard (and i do get fully erect without a cage to contain it), my junk has a dull ache, not quite pain, but almost, and the skin turns purple-ish (not flesh damaging extreme, but obviously showing that the cockring is too tight when erect).

Is this a normal part of the chastity experience? I’m imagining that this is why guys have trouble sleeping, but just want to be sure before shelling out more cash for a new device.

Your description of the sizing set-up reminds me of the Double Cockring I got from Steelworxx. With that, I ended up ordering the penisring (which is what Steelworxx calls the ring that…wait for it…goes around the penis!) to be just about the same size as the erect penis shaft (maybe just a tad smaller). I wanted to feel some grip, but not have the throbbing and purplish thing. 

Remember, though, when the penisring is attached to a chastity tube, you’re not going to get fully erect. Not even close. In my experience, the penisring and tube shouldn’t be any bigger around (or longer) than the normal size of your flaccid member. You don’t want to give it more room than that so as to avoid the issue you’re describing. I mean, yeah, it’ll still throb because it’ll be locked into a steel trap, but in a good way, and, as I’ve said before, smaller tubes and cages are more comfortable overall than bigger ones. I know for a fact that the penis on me doesn’t get purple in the Jail Bird, for example, but I know it would if the cage wasn’t there to keep shit under control.

Also, regarding your cages, does the jailbird have any of the pull out pins, and if so, what is your review on them.

Never messed around with them. I did use something similar in concept with the CB6K. They made the device a lot more uncomfortable (not always in the bad way) and perhaps made it a little teenie bit harder to pull out, but not much. A soapy soft penis can get out of any predicament. I’d think of them more of a CBT thing than a security thing, but I invite other readers who have used them to chime in.

in your SH-s, how much space did you leave to accommodate for the PA, as well as the tube size (with the addition of the PA fixing)

I think you’re asking how much additional space I left in the tube for the PA. Not much. The different devices measure tube and cage length differently, but if you see the comparisons of Belle’s SH-S and Jail Bird, the usable space inside them appears to be about a quarter inch different. I certainly wouldn’t allow for more than that.

Are you going to try wearing a PA with the JB? I find I can’t do that due to pinching. I also can’t use it for security with the JB for the same reason.

And finally, you blog is so hot. I would gladly suck your cock and let you lick my armpits.

You’d be sucking steel, but that could be hot, too. The armpit thing we might be able to work out, depending on how Belle feels about it. In either event, thanks for the compliment!

Houdini style

Some of you may be paying sufficient attention (or have sufficient interest) to recognize that my Belle has a bit of a pattern: I usually get extended free time over holidays. One might think this is because she’s feeling generously moved by the holiday spirit or something but I think it’s mostly because she’s more relaxed at those times and wants easier access to the device’s contents. In either event, the recent long holiday weekend here in the US was one of those opportunities for freedom. Except this time, we drove several hours to the familiar retreat in the woods only to find the means to my escape was left at home. And, really, it was all my fault.

Let’s back that up. A week or so before the holiday, Belle had let me out so she could fuck me. Weekend releases used to be multi-day affairs, but now she’s more inclined to let me out the morning of and put my back in that same day. On this particular day, she told me she wanted to “change my outfit” (meaning a different device sprinkled in). I had been in the Steelheart for months (with only these day or two releases) and she wanted a different look. In the past, even if I knew her intentions to lock me up by a certain day, I’d wait for a direct order to do so or for her to bring me the device she wanted me in. But this time, I took the initiative to follow the spirit of what she told me. I went to the pouch in which she keeps her three steel devices and selected the Jail Bird. She hadn’t told me which one she wanted but I picked it anyway.

The Jail Bird, you’ll remember, is secured with a screw, not a lock. Instead of a key, it has a special bit that fits the security screw’s odd head. You can’t screw it in or unscrew it with any off-the-shelf screwdriver. I found the JB in her device pouch along with both the little bits and put it on and placed the bits back in the pouch so nothing would get lost. Then, later in the day, when Belle grabbed my crotch and started to tell me it was time to go in, she was happily surprised that I had already taken care of it. She was even going to pick the Jail Bird, so all was copesetic.


I didn’t follow the typical ritual. That is, she brings me the device and key (or key-like thing) and I go and put it on and bring her back the key-like thing when it’s over. This time, I left the key-like thing in the pouch. Mistake. My fault.

While we were getting ready for the long weekend, it occurred to me a few times to ask her if she wanted me out while we were gone and, if so, to remember to get the key-like thing, but this time, I didn’t want to appear presumptuous. I try not to expect release and don’t ask for it and am totally satisfied being out of the decision-making loop. And I figured she knew what I was in and what it would take to get me out. So, when the moment came when Belle wanted to use the contents, she plopped the Steelheart key next to me on the bed. And the situation we were in became instantly clear. She had forgotten how the Jail Bird was different in the only way that mattered at that moment.

Of course, we had sex anyway, but the penis didn’t get wet (except at the tip and all down my balls where it leaked like a motherfucker). She really wanted it and I felt bad that my screw-up was denying her, the person who’s not supposed to be denied anything. At some point, I realized I could probably break out of it. Of course, it’s not a lock. Had it been, I’d have been screwed (well, you know, figuratively). But it was just a little screw with a weird head. I had a plan.

To be clear, I asked Belle for permission to try and break out. And that fact that I could even consider this is one of the things some folks don’t like about the Mature Metal security screw option. It’s not actually that secure (which is why some guys order their JBs with an extra hole in the post next to the screw where they can affix one of those little numbered plastic lock thingies to ensure accountability). All I had to do was go and find a pair of needle-nose pliers. I was able to grip the head of the screw sufficiently to turn it with the pliers and, just a few minutes later, handed Belle the screw. I was out and stayed that way for the rest of the weekend. It’s possible, had the screw been more tightly turned, that I wouldn’t have been able to escape. But it wasn’t, so there I was.

After that, the penis got good and wet. I was even able to hold my shit together sufficiently to allow to get off on it. Everyone was happy.

When it was time to go back into the Jail Bird back, I made sure to screw it on nice and tight.

Random Jail Bird thoughts

Belle’s had me in the Jail Bird for the past couple of weeks for the first time in a long time. She’s made the Steelheart her main axe lately but seems to enjoy being able to poke and prod the penis through the JB’s bars and seeing it all bunched up and straining against its confinement.

In any event, having it on for a while has reacquainted me to some notable attributes of the device and a few other things worth mentioning…

  • The darn thing really is pretty comfortable. I continue to think the oval ring option is a great idea and one I think other device makers should offer. When we eventually get around to sending the Steelheart back for a new (slightly larger) A-ring, I’m going ask if they can make it oval.
  • The comfort of the device is evident in how much better I can sleep in it. It wakes me up during the early morning penile pressure check only about 30% of the time whereas the Steelheart (with it’s approximately 2 mm smaller ring) wakes me up more like 75% of the time (more often when I first get into it and less often the longer she keeps it on me). I assume this is due to the slightly larger ring circumference but also that it’s double-width and wider than any other A-ring I wear.
  • Darn thing feels really light. It’s about 20 grams (or about 10%) lighter than the Steelheart, but it feels like more.
  • So much easier to clean.
  • As I noted in my original review of it, there’s one annoying thing that’s just endemic to the design. The cage is made up of four bars: two that go along the top of the penis shaft, around the tip, and then back up the bottom and two more that make the same shape along the sides of the penis shaft. This makes a neat little square that’s more or less where the slit is at the end of the penis. All of this is fine and dandy, but I find that the end of the penis doesn’t stay lined up with that square. For whatever reason, it always shifts to the left a bit and the penis opening clomps onto the bar on that side of the square like a bear in the zoo trying to chew through its cage. Here’s an image of the clomping in action. Not a big deal normally. It only requires a moment of pinky prodding to get stuff aligned before taking a leak (otherwise, it’s radom spray pattern city). The problem comes in when the forgivingly supportive underwear I normally wear while in the Steelheart allows the JB and its occupant to move around somewhat freely in my pants. If the penis is anything other than totally flaccid, that bit of penismeat that’s left inside the square will be seemingly randomly get pinched against some combination of the underwear fabric, the seams of my jeans, and the steel of the device. That fucking hurts. Like, “FUCKWHATWASTHAT!?” kind of hurt. I find that I can’t just adjust the device to make the pinching stop. I need to shift the penis somehow. Not easily done in a casual way while in the presence of others. The way to keep this from happening as often, I’ve found, is to wear more restrictive (and concealing) underwear. It forces the device to stay situated more or less in a downward position, keeps the package from moving around as much, and the little meat flap doesn’t get pinched.
  • Finally (and this doesn’t have much to do with the device itself), my nuts are definitely getting bigger. I assume this is due to extended lack of orgasms. I can tell because of how differently it feels putting them through the various A-rings and cock rings we have. With the Steelheart, there is now always a definite moment of marked wincing as each pops though. However, if you look at the picture of me used in my review of the JB from last August compared to the image I linked to from today at the beginning of this post, they’re just fucking bigger. Maybe it’s not the testicles themselves that have grown. Perhaps it’s the epididymis or the vas deferens enlarging due to infrequent evacuation of their contents. Hard to know, but it’s a real thing and useful to know only in that it has an impact on how steel devices fit over time. I assume this is why the Steelheart’s A-ring (the oldest in Belle’s “fleet”) feels so much tighter than it used to.


Reader Rich wrote…

Just under a year ago, I ran across male chastity and cages.  I was intrigued even though I am single.  So, I bought I birdlocked.  Like Goldilocks, it was nice but not quite right.  Then I went to a black holy trainer.  This is when my girlfriend got involved.  She lives 200 miles away and things will move slow as I am a single dad of an 11 year old.  Anyway, I have found the holy trainer to be less than durable.  It’s time for METAL!  So I thought I would ask what you recommend.  I started reading your archives from the very beginning and am now up to August 2011.  I know you love the steelheart.  And you just got the new and improved jailbird.  I am wondering what metal you think might is the best or your favorite.  Thanks much and thanks very much for your blog.  My girlfriend and I both enjoy it very much!

Good for you guys!

Our favorite’s still the Steelheart. This is mostly an aesthetic thing. For me, it’s the real me as opposed to any of the other devices or even being unlocked. When I’m not in the Steelheart, I feel like I’m just waiting to go back in. That said, Mature Metal makes a good device, too. I keep getting feedback that Steelworxx (Dietmar) is non-responsive to email (and, to be honest, he was never much of a conversationalist due to the language difference), so for a first timer who likes the more open styles of MM devices, I’d probably give them the edge at this point.

Good luck!

Pastrychef purloined…

Saw this and hope it never happens to you!

Ibiza firemen free tourist trapped in sex toy

Medics in Ibiza were forced to enlist the help of buzz saw-wielding fire-fighters on Wednesday to free a German tourist from the clutches of a steel sex toy.

Emergency services needed two hours to cut through the metal ring, described as a type of “armour plating”, into which the man had placed his penis and testicles.

The firemen on hand needed two changes of battery and a second rotating blade for their buzz saw to free the man, local daily Diario de Mallorca reported on Friday.

There were “plenty of sparks” during the operation to remove the sex toy which measured 15cm in diameter.

The two-hour procedure was described as “very complex” because the man became “more swollen” with time.

He was also said to have complained a lot.

To finish the operation it was necessary to administer a total anaesthetic.

The fire crew received their unusual call-out at 10pm on Wednesday after medics at Ibiza’s Can Misses hospital discovered they didn’t have the tools to do the job.

It is not known how the man, a 51-yr-old German, got to the hospital.

This is not the first time that Majorcan fire-fighters have been called upon to free people from sex toys but “never one as big as this”.

After an overnight stay in the Urology department of the hospital the man is reported to have felt fine.

He was discharged late on Thursday morning.

You know, it’s just a matter of time.

slave r sizzled…

I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your amazing blog. I have recently begun my own journey into chastity. I find your writing to be insightful, erotic, and pretty damn funny from time to time! I’ve experienced truly agonizing erections within my cb3k thanks to your writing. As I continue on my own journey into subbie-land I look forward to your blog as a source of great entertainment. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, appreciate the fawning praise! Always a good way to start the day. Glad you’re having a good time not getting it up.

Peter populated…

Read your article on chastity. Very good run down on the pleasures and foibles of wearing a CB-6000 24/7. I’ve worn the CB-2000 for years until it broke at the tip. You’ll probably recall the locking pin rotated very easily and occasionally allowed the lock to pinch the delicate skin. The CB-6000, which i’ve worn since last September 2012, has a locking pin that is oblong in thickness and does not twist –right?

Yep. It’s oval so won’t spin. Also, there’s the two pins on either side to help keep shit from twirling.

All that said the weakest part of that current security design is the ease of twisting that lock and breaking the pin, or cutting the pin with a pair of small dikes. It’s an easy out of chastity.  If I had a machine shop I’d make that pin out of metal. More specifically master lock makes bigger models for electric gates that have the locking pin locking directly into the lock itself.  This would change the CB-6000 from an “on you honor” type device into a truly inescapable device.  Somehow in my mind I know that at any given time I can get out of it, like my key holder leaving me the key “just in case” makes the device more pointless. Knowing I am truly and inescapably locked away gives me a more surrendered and helpless feeling.

Sure, you could really amp up that lock and pin, but it’s still holding a plastic device together. If destruction of the device (or any part of it) is enough of an “out” for you and takes some of the buzz out of the game, then I’d say you need to consider going full metal (and you don’t mention it, but without a piercing, you can always just pull out). However, as the story above illustrates, full metal with no back-up plan for getting out could put a strain on your local emergency response personnel.

I do get that the hotness of chastity increases with its inescapability, but I think you should spend some time contemplating the meaning of your sacrifice. Why do you submit to the device? Why do you want to be denied? The longer I do this, the more of a weird frantic zen-like satisfaction (if such a thing is possible) I get from the mental part of the game.

Bryce babbled…

I read your review on the Locker 02 and the tips on the CB6000 and have some question about sizing.  I have been wearing a CB6000s with 1 7/8 “A” ring and the second to smallest spacer for a 3/8 space between ring and tube.  I think this is the same spacer you indicated using with the CB6000 device.  Is your 65mm overall length measured from the penisring to the tip of the cage or from the back of the “A” ring? Also did you measure along the top centerline or on the side centerline?  I would not consider myself very well endowed – viewing your Locker 02 install video, I think you look bigger than me.  Measuring my CB6000s setup, I calculate a 85-90mm overall length (from back of “A” ring measured along the side centerline)- Any chance you have an image of the assembled CB6000s next to the Looker 02?

I measured from the base of the penis shaft to the tip along the top (and more than once to get an average). The length for the Steelworxx devices is measured from the A-ring to the tip of the tube/cage. I don’t have a CB6Ks so I can’t compare them. The S model didn’t come out until after or very near we started to transition to metal.

When in doubt, buy shorter. Good luck!

Petter (don’t call him Peter) purred…

I’m thinking about getting a Steelheart, and was wondering if you could offer some tips about size.

I’ve got a cb6000. Here, I wear the middle sized ring, the 45 mm one. If I lubricate the shaft of the penis, this ring seems a bit too loose. When I don’t lubricate, it fits perfectly. The next ring that’s smaller than the 45 mm ring fits just barely with lubrication, but is too uncomfortable in the long run.

I find the cb6000 tube itself is a perfect, snug fit diameter wise. With the second smallest spacer, it’s also the perfect length.

From this, do you have any advice about what size ring, and width and length of tube would suit me best?

I found that the conversion to steel required a 3-5 mm reduction in the size of the A-ring. I too wore the 45 mm ring and bought that in steel and it was way too big. Now the Steelheart has a 40 mm ring and it’s probably just a tad too small (mostly because my balls have gotten noticeably bigger over time and the right one in particular has a hard time popping through). The Looker 02 uses a 42 mm ring and is better. A millimeter or two makes a huge difference down there.

WRT to length, I’d measure from the back of the A-ring to the tip of the tube and consider shaving off a couple of millimeters from that. The CB6K has a pointed tip and a steel device will be rounded. If you rounded off the CB6K cage, it would probably be too long (assuming it’s the right length now). This is something else I did since, like you, I found the CB6K cage to be fine. In steel, it felt (and was) too long. Also, it’s worth noting that the CB6K cage isn’t circular like a metal device will be and varies in circumference (tighter lower down the shaft then wider at the end). You’ll want to find a happy medium of the two.

Great site, by the way. Still haven’t had time to look through half of it.

Thanks. Try to only read the good half!

Big ginger

I went out for drinks after work last night with a client and a coworker. I don’t normally drink, but I’ve discovered I like whiskey and ginger ale. It’s caller a Big Whiskey in these parts, though I’ve found not all bartenders have heard of it. Also, I’ve found I like it with Johnny Walker Black. Nice and smooth. Buttery, even. Mmmm.

Yeah, so I don’t normally drink, but I managed to get one down before anyone else showed up and was well on my way to number three before the entire group arrived. The appetizers helped me get my wits back together so I stopped at three. I was in good shape by the time we broke up, but feeling very sleepy. Since, you know, I’m a lightweight.

When I got home, Belle was working on a presentation for work in bed so I zoned watching stupid TV until she was done. Once the lights were out, I pretty much was too, but she decided to have a little conversation. I can’t remember what prompted it, but she mentioned something about maybe leaving me in a device all the time. I pointed out that I’m pretty much in a device all the time now, but she said she was talking about forever. Like, I wouldn’t get out again. She reminded me of my last post and I, sleepily, reminded her that not coming ever again and not ever getting out of chastity ever again are really different things. I admit that I would rather be locked up than not and don’t feel right if some kind of steel isn’t between my legs, but I still like getting out once every week or so. I mean, it’d be such a waste now that I’ve become so good at not coming when she fucks me. Anyway, it didn’t get much further than that. I fell asleep.

Speaking of fucking, I got some of that over the weekend. She let me out Sunday morning but didn’t use the penis for her pleasure opting instead to come from my fingers. After, though, she let me fuck her. I was able to go for quite a while and, at least this time around, never got close to coming. I did want to. I told Belle I felt like I wanted to come.

“No you don’t,” she said.

No, I didn’t. But did at the same time. She mentioned that I should be entered in some kind of chastity Olympic stamina event, I was fucking her so long. Eventually, she told me it was time to end. I wanted to keep going forever, but no. She left me out the rest of the day and all that night. The next day, she put me in the Jail Bird.

I wanted to go in the Looker again and told her that if she would rather, I’d be happy to put that one on instead. There was a time that she didn’t like the JB as much. She reminded me that I didn’t get to decide which device I was in and said she like the JB just fine. So that’s what I’m in.

This morning, as I was getting back from the gym, she was just pulling out of the garage. I gave her a kiss through her car’s window and had one of those bolt from the blue moments I just never had when I was coming whenever I wanted. With her soft lips on mine, I was aware of her whole body and craved every bit of it. In just a few lingering seconds, I felt a jolt of electricity jump from my crotch, through our kiss, down to her snatch, and all the way back. I wanted to jack off badly but had to be content with tending the porn farm. Funnily enough, I found myself selecting a large number of images involving pussies. They were all so fascinating. Afterward, as I was getting into the shower to not jack off, I found my nuts slick with clear leakage from the penis. Even after the shower and after I dried off, it was still coming out.

So, you know, everything’s great here.