Weekend R&R

Belle’s told me that I might get out this weekend for a little R&R. I’ve been locked into either the Jail Bird or the Steelheart since November 6. After switching into the SH about a week later, I’ve not had the device off for any reason. Hard time, indeed.

While I may get out (she hasn’t said definitively that it’ll happen so I don’t get all expectational and start acting like it’s something I deserve), she’s made it clear that I will not come. I think she wants to fuck me, so there’s always a risk that either I’ll screw up or she’ll get carried away with her own pleasure, but regardless, I’ll not have permission. She’s still sticking to the last week of March, as far as I know.

I’ve decided to ask to be put back into the Jail Bird once she decides it’s time to go back in. I haven’t returned it to Mature Metal yet and I’d like to get more time with it before I do so. At this point, I’m thinking of having MM make me a double cuff ring to help with the biting and also to move the post to the top of the ring to make the cage and the ring align better. Also, I suspect I’ll need the ring to be a bit bigger as the JB compresses attempted erections in a more pronounced way which, in turn, seems to put more pressure against the ring. In any event, like I said, I want to experience what I have for a little while before coming to any decisions.

If she lets me out this weekend, it’ll come at the right time. I feel myself coming down from the surge of sexual frustration I’ve had for the past week. Like I said before, I know it’s all cyclical and it’s not reasonable to expect my buzz to remain high all the time, but the extra stimulation from being out and maybe even getting fucked will surely help lift the hormone levels.

I’ve been remiss in noting the creation of another resource for chastity and orgasm denial enthusiasts. Keyheld is a curated collection of blogs and other sites all dealing with various flavors of chastity. It’s the brainchild of Dev (not that Dev, this one) and was set up with the help of Tom (yes, that one). It aims to be the one-stop shop to help those interested in such things stay on top of happenings within a certain subset of chastity bloggers. I think it’s a very handy and welcome partner site to Chastity Forums as it embraces and extends the growing community of those who practice male chastity in the real world.

In particular, I want to point out two new blogs you’ll find on Keyheld. The first is Elwood in Chastity, written by a fellow Steelheart wearer who’s been playing with chastity for more than a decade but only has only recently begun blogging. The second is Celtic Queen’s Blog, interesting because it’s actually two blogs in one. The first is by the eponymous Celtic Queen, the second is by her sub husband. It’s nice to see both sides of the story, so to speak. CQ had apparently been blogging over on Chastity Mansion but it seems that functionality has been removed (along with her blog?). I have to say, in the short time I’ve been aware of CQ through her participation in Chastity Forums, I’ve found her to have terrific insight into the mind of a man in chastity.

Finally, I have to share this image I found and recently added to the Portfolio. It is, of course, perfectly true!

EDIT – Almost forgot! There’s yet another new blog by yet another new Steelheart wearer. Slouching Towards Chastity is written by a guy named Shane who I have a sneaking suspicion is my age. In any event, you should check him out, too. I like his stuff.

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