I won’t be trying anything for at least a week, though. Even if I’m not dealing with little cuts and it’s only abraded and raw, I need time to heal.

A week? A whole week? Nah. How about a day. Max.

I was soaking in the bath yesterday and realized, since I’m wearing the 1 7/8″ ring, that I could slip the tube off without hardly trying. Before, I would have shrugged it off, but now that I’ve had a taste of stainless steel enforced security, it’s totally unacceptable. You might be asking yourself what I’m going to do about it since I can’t unlock the thing. Turns out, you can wire yourself up pretty easily, even when locked, assuming you’re fabricating the cable at the same time.

It may eventually come to this.
It may eventually come to this.

The first approach I took was to loop the cable around the PA ring directly and then (a la Birdlock) loop it under my balls onto the CB6K’s ring. I figured the cable could be shorter that way and might even move around easier. Unfortunately, it was pretty uncomfortable. The cable around the cock ring kept pinching my scrotum skin. My second approach was to affix a permanent loop around the PA ring and another around the padlock. I figure this would greatly reduce the amount of wire I was carrying around in my crotch. This was what I slept with last night.

Well, tried to sleep with. I need Belle back in bed with me. Somehow, when she’s there and I can hold her, I fall asleep easier than if she’s not. This seems counter-intuitive to me, but it is what it is. Without her there, I’m just too damned horny to drift off. The sex lizard in my subconscious keeps interjecting erotic thoughts into my brain as I lay there. That causes the tube to fill which in turn reminds me of my status and what I can’t do about it. The engorgement subsides after a few minutes, but I find myself wanting to feel it again as soon as it’s gone. I think I finally fell asleep around 1:00 AM.

At 4:00, the cable woke me up. The aluminum ferrule had ridden up into the tube and was pinching me when I was hard. In fact, the fixed hoop’s inflexibility and the close proximity of the ferrule to sensitive meat is the downfall of that particular design. Once awake, the aforementioned subconscious lizard kept me up for the rest of the night.

Now, I’m back to the original design but with a slightly longer cable. So far, so good. Haven’t felt any pulling or other pain. The cable does form a bit of a hard point where it’s bent around the PA ring and that does occasionally poke the part of the head of the cock between the PA hole and urethral opening, but it’s manageable so far.

In other chastity nerdery news, I’m somewhat amazed at how my scrotum has adjusted to the device. For the longest time, it would be stretched tight, especially at night. But now, even when engorged, I find a noticeable amount of loose skin. Overall comfort has increase dramatically. I may have finally and fully “outgrown” the 1 7/8″ ring.

Be sure to check back later for another exciting entry in Thumper’s PA cable saga.

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