Picked!Last time she ordered me into the device, I have to admit I was a little off my game. Mostly, this was due to my having just come and not really putting my heart into it. In any event, I screwed a few things up. I used a ring that was too big and neglected to put the KSD-G3 in place. I like to use the KSD-G3 because it helps keep the meat pushed down inside the tube. This make things like peeing a little easier and, I’ve found, helps my PA ring find its way through the slot in the end of the plastic tube during erections (when the ring doesn’t descend, it turns kinda sideways, pulling on the piercing – not painful, really, but uncomfortable).

So, long way to say, I felt my kit was on all wrong. And she was out of town. With the key. Now, if you knew me in real life, you’d know I kinda sorta obsess over things like this. It was driving me nuts. I really wanted the KSD in there and I wanted the smaller ring. My fevered monkey brain kicked into gear.

My lock, seen above and in place on this blog’s about page, was chosen because I thought it was pretty. Truth is, Belle’s never liked it because it’s fussy to open (never sure which way to turn the key), but I’ve always appreciated it’s shiny aesthetics. I like shiny. Plus, it’s key is not so ugly. There was a time when I thought Belle could wear the key on a pretty chain I got her and it looks almost like jewelry, but since she never wears the chain, that doesn’t really matter. The downside of my pretty chrome lock is that its mechanism is exceedingly simple. You can see right into the keyhole and I’m pretty sure all the key does is move a little thingy in there allowing the clasp to spring open. So, with that in mind and the imperfection of my situation gnawing at me every moment of the day, I bent open a thick paper clip, used my needle nose pliers to bend over the end, and started fishing around in the keyhole. After about five seconds, bingo! Lock was open.

Then I realized what I had done. I had picked the lock to the device Belle had placed upon me. I had actually physically defeated the device. This was not good. I thought to close the lock and forget it ever happened, but the monkey brain is nothing if not pragmatic. It told me, as long as I had the lock open, I should at least put the KSD in there.

But surely, I argued back, I can’t take the thing off!?

No, no, my good man, said the monkey in an oddly affected British accent (I think all monkeys speak with British accents), you can leave the tube on, can’t you? There’s a good fellow. Carry on.

And then he threw some poop at me.

In any event, I did manage to get the KSD in place without removing the tube. It was tricky, but I was able to wrap my actions afterward in a shred of decency. While I had picked the fucking lock, I had not removed – even for a second – the part of the device that most represented her control over me.

UnpickableYesterday, I spilled the beans to Belle. I told her we needed a new lock since I knew how to open it. She seemed surprised at my cheekiness. Yes, we certainly did need a new lock. Then I went into the bathroom and, apparently to put a very fine point on my recent admission, picked the lock again and put on the smaller ring (again, without removing the tube). Instead of putting the thoroughly disrespected (yet still very pretty) chrome lock back, I took the ugly, sharp-cornered little lock that originally came with with the CB-6000 on. Its only redeeming quality (other than being totally secure against the monkey brain) is that it’s small. Otherwise, its very utilitarian.

I stepped out of the bathroom and handed Belle the keys to the new lock and the open chrome lock. Security has been reestablished.

Last night, she said opening the lock without permission deserved punishment. Of course, she’s right. It’s a huge transgression. If she carries through with the threat, it’ll be the first time she’s punished me since we established our understanding regarding her right to inflict corporal punishment. We’ll see what happens next…

10 thoughts on “Jailbreak!

  1. Why didn’t you just tell her that you needed to make the changeover beforehand?

    One of the things that Mrs. Edge and I needed to learn about was how to take care of things physically — hygiene, breaking parts, twists, pinchies, etc. While she does not take an extremely active part, she has learned to ask what I need, and to make sure that I’m going to be comfortable. This is important if you’re going to be wearing it for any length of time.

    It’s *also* important because it gives you more opportunities to discuss the more mundane aspects of this. Don’t overlook the mundane, simple things because they can often lead into some more interesting conversations later on.

    1. We don’t have a lot of discussions about the device. It’s kinda like the computer for her. She’s just not that interested in the minutia as long as it’s doing its thing.

      Which is not to say you’re aren’t right, because you probably are.

      1. This goes along with the posts Aarkey and I have had about passive domination; enforced chastity can too easily become a “set it and forget it” sitch for both parties. The KH often does not realize how difficult it is to wear a device, figuring out the day-to-day routines of cleaning, finding a stall to adjust yourself, which pants to wear, how to pee when you’re out with the guys, etc.

        That means that the CD wearer becomes embroiled in his own little world as he tries to figure this stuff out on his own. Sometimes she can’t be bothered. Sometimes he’s too proud to say anything. The point is that you need to communicate even about the minutiae. She might not want to know every geeky detail “And then I sanded the edge with the 600 grit before using the buffer…”, but she does need to know about anything that makes it difficult for you to wear.

        And when she’s out of town, you need to give more thought as to how you’re going to get by.

  2. More talk seems like a good idea-if nothing else it will help you emphasize how much you value her active control, that it’s not wearing the device that’s exciting, but what it means.
    And if you’re going to be locked up for a while then you do need be able to pee comfortably and so on. I could see a minor, easily adjusted problem becoming more and more acute and ending up with you stomping on the tube in pain and frustration.
    But the punishment will focus your mind beautifully, I’m sure.

  3. Dude, I re-read this and I think I come off sounding like an overbearing schoolteacher. Sorry about that. Just take it from somebody who’s been there — several times, now.

    Dont’ be too proud to tell her about things that might affect what you’re doing.

    Keep her in the loop about things that could be important.

    Try not to get into your own little world about it.

    And mix up the technical talk with talk about how it makes you feel.

    There, that’s better.

    1. Tom, every time I read one of your comments, I think….”Now there’s a very wise person speaking”. Just thought you should know.

      1. I’m printing this out for Mrs. Edge, just so there’s some kind of written affidavit.

        Seriously, I look at the both of you and I see some things playing themselves out pretty much the same way as we had done. When we were talking about this recently, we realized that we’ve been playing seriously with chastity since 2003. We’ve made a few boners (heh) in that time, but fortunately we’ve both managed to learn from them.

  4. I *want* to say something useful to you, like a mature, thoughtful adult… but really, my comment is this:

    Your monkey is so frigging hilarious!!

    “And then he threw some poop at me.”

    You are a veritable zoologists dream there in your head, aren’t you?


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