Kept key

We’ve experimented with a couple different things with regard to giving me access to Belle’s key in such a way that it’s available in case of an unexpected situation, but not too available so that I can use it without her knowing. The newest and, I think, the best is the Steelworxx Key Safe.

Essentially, it’s a little steel tube with a notch cut into the top and a hole drilled through in the opposite direction. It’s custom made to fit the long keys of Steelworxx integrated locks, though I assume it would work with keys in a variety of sizes. The key slips into the notch and a numbered plastic single-use lock snaps though the holes and the key. Very simple and very effective. No combinations to deal with, no tape or stickers or anything else. The key goes in, the lock goes snap and you’re done. QED.

The only real downside to the thing is that it’s crazy expensive. When I first saw it, the euro was trading a lot higher to the dollar and the cost was simply too high. Currently, the two currencies are more equal and the price goes from unrealistic to simply unadvisable, considering what it is. I assume the costs are in the labor since it’s really just a smallish piece of metal bent and welded into a polished tube, then cut and drilled. I expect certain handy fellows could put one together for about $1.50. In any event, the final cost, including shipping, was €57.97 which converted to about $75 or so. That included a bunch of extra locks.

While it’s clearly not for the chastised bunny on a budget, the Steelworxx Key Safe is a simple, smart solution to a common problem. Highly recommended.

5 thoughts on “Kept key

  1. 75 bucks for a freaking polished tube with a couple of holes in it?

    Oh, look – it’s got a spring key ring so you can attach it to your car keys.


    I’m tempted to ask you for an actual size scan of your key…

    1. Well, $75 including shipping and a whole bunch of those little plastic locky things and…

      Yeah, OK, $75 for a little tube with a couple of holes in it.

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