In about a week, I’m leaving for a 10 day camping trip. I only mention this because Belle had told me I would be left unlocked while I was gone since I’ll be with a group of folks who are otherwise unaware of my…condition. But then, night before last, she told me she wishes she could leave me locked. And honestly, I wish I could be, too.

The device and I are on pretty good terms at the moment. The first night she put me back in it, I was so excited that I didn’t fall asleep until 3:30. Last night, I fell asleep OK but woke up several times for the customary reasons. Eventually, I’ll sleep right through that stuff, but I’m still in adjustment mode. I’d feel the steel ring and tube containing the straining meat and a happy little ball would start bouncing around inside me and I’d be wide awake for a while until things settled down. Right now, the device, as a symbol of our dynamic, is on the right side of things. I’m happy so I love it. Wearing it because she wants me to makes me feel very good. She told me last night she liked my attitude better when I’m locked. A small thermonuclear detonation went off inside me to hear that. I know we’re back on the right track. I can feel it.

So anyway, I was thinking about what she said. She wished she could leave me locked up on my trip. And I think it’s possible. This won’t be like last year’s trip when I backpacked into the Rockies. This time, we’re going to be driving into Northern California. In fact, I’m driving all the way out there, so nasty TSA metal detectors aren’t a factor. Also, I’ll probably be sleeping in the bed of my truck (inside the camper shell – what, I don’t seem like the truck type?) so I’ll have a modicum of privacy. I can bring the soapy water I need with me (even though it will be verrrry cold) and take care of things out of sight and sound of the others.

That’s not to say there won’t be other inconveniences. I’ll need to make sure I’m properly shielded when answering the call of nature, for instance. And we’ll have to see how the Steelheart likes hiking around. But, as far as I can tell, it’s all perfectly doable. Remember the part about pushing me? This is a perfect example. She wants me locked. She shouldn’t really consider my inconvenience if that’s the way she wants things. That’s pushing.

Besides, worst case, I’ll still have my emergency key.

7 thoughts on “Woodsy

  1. Just for perspective, while I haven’t done much hiking, I’ve done some pretty decent bike trips while locked. I’ve cleared trees from wooded lots, worked on various household and landscaping projects, etc. As long as you’re not going through a metal detector, I don’t see the problem. Well, unless your guy friends are inclined to be looking at your junk, or getting you drunk and making you skinny dip in the cold streams.

  2. I’ve done most aspects of firefighting locked in a cb-6000. From advancing hose, cutting holes in roofs to the crawling around a smoke filled house. About the only thing I think I cannot do is rope rescue/rappelling. The harness would not work out so good. Hiking should be a breeze with the boys up nice and tight.

  3. I never knew I wanted to know this information, but I do. I live in the woods, so figuring out how to have safe/reasonably clean sexy-fun-time in the wilderness has often been on my mind of late. I’d love to know how it goes and what your methods are.

    Chaste, I am totally boggle-eyed at the thought of you fighting fires in chastity.

  4. I have gone canoeing and hiking in my device before without any issues. I have done yard work and even moved to another state while locked in. So the only thing stopping you is you.

  5. The work itself is bearable. My biggest fear is of getting badly hurt. The ridicule I would endure if “outed” would be substantial. They would just not understand. Though I guess I would have bigger worries if i got injured bad enough to be disrobed in the street.

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