Pillow talk

It went something like this…

“I’m horny.”

“I know.”

He grinds into her, pressing the steel cage between their bodies.

“It’s been a long time.”

“A long time?! It’s only been…what? Two and a half weeks?”


“You’ve gone far longer than that, haven’t you?”

Quietly, “Yes.”

The cock in the cage swells.

“You’ve got a long time more to wait.”

Quietly, “I know.”

“Two weeks is a long time for a normal man, but you’re not normal, are you?”


“No. You’re more…evolved. Aren’t you?”


“You don’t need to come as often as regular men. Two weeks. That’s nothing for you, is it?”


The cock is pretty hard now, but stifled in its prison. Her cock, not his. Right where she wants it to be.

“Maybe you’re getting weak. Maybe we need to push you to new feats of endurance.”


“Stop whining.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

He kisses her on her lips. Her full, warm, lips – redolent of all the things he wants but will not get. Not that night.

“Good boy. Now, I’ll let you give me an orgasm.”

“Thank you.”

Whimper (inside).

6 thoughts on “Pillow talk

  1. Lovely.

    I found your site recently, been reading in my spare time. My big question has to do with long-term health. Wearing cock rings for too long can cause tissue damage in the penis. Yet you’re wearing a cock ring more or less all the time.

    Is it cause for concern?

    1. The cuff ring of a chastity device is somewhat different than a cock ring. Cock rings restrict blood flow back out of the penis, but the cage portion of a (well-fitted) chastity device doesn’t allow the penis to achieve full erection. Inside a device, an attempted erection can “deflate” rather quickly which is the opposite of what happens in a cock ring.

      This also allows the cuff ring to be somewhat smaller than the smallest cock ring you could were. I have a hard time wearing my cuffs without their cages.

  2. “Two weeks is a long time for a normal man, but you’re not normal, are you?”
    Love it! You’re soo lucky!
    Your blog is truly amazing.

  3. thumper. i am a woman and just by reading this conversation I can orgasm. do you think this means i would like orgasm denial/chasity? or should I try it with my boyfriend ?

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