New shiny

Belle gets home today. She’s currently over the north North Pacific on a beeline for San Francisco, completing the second to last leg of a four-flight journey back to me. She’s been in China, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam on this trip. Obviously, I’m very excited for her to get home. It’s been a long couple of weeks.

While she was gone, I picked up a new shiny piece of steel, though not one I wear between my legs. In this case, it was a stainless cuff from House of Collars by Dom Wolf. I’ve been looking at them for years and almost bought one on several occasions. I finally pulled the trigger. It locks on using itty bitty headless torx screws. Here’s what it looks like on yours truly.

There’s lots of reasons I love this thing. First, it’s stainless. I have a real thing for shiny steel. It’s nicely made yet still a bit rough around the margins as something befitting a slave should be (though that’s not really me, is it?). Also, it’s a piece of genuine bondage equipment I can wear 24/7, out in public, that’s practically invisible as such to 99% of those who see it. Over the course of the week or so I’ve had it on, only one person said anything about it but didn’t seem to recognize it as anything other than a chunky bracelet. And it is pretty substantial. It’s not simple jewelry. It feels like a handcuff on my wrist.

Which, of course, turns me the fuck on. After putting it on for the first time, every time I felt its heft shift on my wrist, I thought what it’d feel like to have one on both wrists and on my ankles and even around my neck and the tube contents would swell. I imagine the cuffs around my wrist being locked to the ones around my ankles, a chain attached to the collar, tube dripping…*shudder*.

Anyway, it’s a nice feeling having a little sliver of what’s going on in my pants out there on my arm for the world to see. I didn’t talk to Belle before getting it so it’s not like I’m wearing it for any other reason except that I want to and I like it, but it represents more than just a chunky bracelet. It represents the enforced restraint and lack of control that turns my crank so lustily.

If you’re in the market for such a thing, I highly recommend Wolf’s work.

4 thoughts on “New shiny

  1. I’m baffled by your ability to wear metal that takes a tool to get off. (Read jealous.) I’m into that, big time, but couldn’t even keep my piercings, they drove me crazy. It’s even sometimes hard for me to handle my wedding ring. (Talk about slavery ;)) Cool. Coo-ool. And hot, obviously. So envious.

  2. I know this is old, but I had to comment on how gorgeous your cuff is. Do you still wear it 24/7? Have you noticed any issues with the screw or hinges loosening over time?

    I ask because I’ve just received my first cuff (about 2 weeks ago now) and am curious what your impressions of it over an extended period of time are. I’ve had the same experience with ppl not noticing it, although I can tell by the expression when someone has recognized it for what it is. 😉 The ones that knows me looked stunned, but recovered quickly, though his eyes couldn’t leave it alone. I find that the very obviousness (is that a word?) of the cuff, the fact that it’s out there for any and all to see and recognize, adds to the thrill.

    Though answering the 8 year old’s questions were interesting, to say the least…

    Love your blog, Thumper.

    Hi to the lovely Belle! 🙂

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