Not feeling it


I’m on my business trip (the one I mentioned the other day) and, as promised, Belle let me go unattended. The issue this presents for me is I’m in a room by myself with a cock that hasn’t been relieved in five weeks or so and the damn thing keeps looking at me. It’s at times like these that I wish I was locked up because frankly I can’t keep my hands off of it.

Belle knew that was going to be the case so she’s allowing me to play with it while I’m here. I admit to having done that, but not just while awake. I had three distinct dream episodes last night that involved me having an orgasm. All I remember is snippets, but in the first I was essentially me and I was jacking off and thinking I could “accidentally” come and no one would be the wiser. In the second, I was a woman and coming hard, but without the mess, of course. Not sure who was doing the stimulating in that one. In the third, I was young and had strange hands on me making me come. It wasn’t violent or anything, but that one woke me up to a dark room and a very stiff member.

So, yeah, I have been diddling with the tube steak a bit, but I’ve employed a new tactic in making sure I don’t go too far (as in my first dream). Several times now I’ve applied a cream containing lidocaine, a topical anesthetic. I’ve had it a while now but haven’t had time to experiment with it. I grabbed it while packing figuring four unlocked days would be a good opportunity.

In any event, the cream is white and odorless and actually makes a pretty good masturbatory aid at first. Then, about 15 minutes or so after application (the time in which it’s hardest to wait), the surface of the cock starts to feel somewhat numb. Sensations are dulled, yet still there. I can still (barely) feel the head of the cock being stimulated by my fist. Thirty minutes in, it’s lost nearly all sensation. At that point, another application of the cream pretty much removes all surface feeling. I can still detect the pressure of my fist internally so it doesn’t quite feel like someone else’s cock, but none of the skin is returning any sensation whatsoever. The cock remained quite hard each time because I was still feeling a hard one in my hand, but no matter how much stroking I gave it (and I gave it a lot), I never got remotely close to orgasm. In fact, thanks to my PA ring, some of the cream got inside the cock as well so that when I peed, I didn’t feel the stream leaving my body. Weird.

Yesterday, I was able to play with this stuff in the afternoon before I got ready for dinner and found that even showering with hot soapy water didn’t bring back sensation. The hot water ran down my chest and, even though I saw it streaming off the end of the still chubby cock, I felt absolutely nothing. In fact, feeling didn’t come back for hours. The good news is, this means I could potentially use this stuff with enough warning when Belle wants to fuck me with no fear of coming or diminishing her feeling through contact with me. I’m not entirely sure I’d stay hard, but I had no issue with it the two times I used it so far. The cock is just numbed, not paralyzed, after all.

I assume I’ll have to use it again tonight. I am significantly horny. As long as I use the lidocaine, I can stroke and stroke to my heart’s content and not fear any kind of unfortunate accident. It’s kind of like chemical chastity, in a way.

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  1. Interesting stuff. I don’t have a cage myself, but then I’m not allowed to touch either… sounds interesting, if a little odd. I bet you must have panicked a little the first time when the sensation didn’t come back for hours? God I wish I was allowed to stroke my cock for a few hours…

    1. I had read a little about it so I knew feeling would come back *eventually*, but I was very surprised it lasted as long as it did. I bet it was at least 3 hours.

  2. Great idea Thumper. If you want to extend the effect deep into the night you could put some on immediately before bed and slip a condom over the top. That will stop it from rubbing off and create a concentration gradient that will encourage it to absorb into the skin. It’s recommended that people apply an occlusive (waterproof) dressing over the top of a similar local anesthetic before getting a tattoo.

    1. I’ll keep that in mind. All I really need it to do is to keep me out of trouble and then last long enough so that I can go to sleep without distraction, but if I ever need more, that’s a good idea,

  3. It’s funny, how even when you can’t feel anything, you still keep rubbing it. (I almost wrote him. The main character and all.) Just goes to show, how sexual desire is all in your head, right?

    When I lost all feeling in my clitoris due to medication, I didn’t really feel like rubbing it either. On the other hand, I hadn’t been denied acces to it. It might make a world of difference.

    Sounds like a kick-ass idea to use it for fucking!

  4. So do nocturnal emissions count? If you’re masturbating in your sleep, you’re not quite in control, are you?
    Any new item in the toy box can lead to new and exciting fun.

  5. W/we had some of that around and used it to fuck Mistress. The first time i did it i was able to last forever. It was a wonderful feeling to pound Mistress the way She likes without worry of coming. This is especially great sine i do have problems lasting any length of time. Great Stuff!

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