A reader calling himself Dave sent in the following via the feedback page:

A comment and a couple of questions… I don’t know how you find the pics for the portfolio, but you get the most stunning collection of ‘art’ porn I have seen. Very nice.

Thanks. The Portfolio is a distillation of over 200 other Tumblr sites dedicated to the distribution of smutty pictures. I go through them and select the ones I think best represent my editorial vision for the collection. The only hard and fast rule I have is that no guys will ever be shown either having an orgasm or immediately afterward. Dripping is fine, but if I don’t get to come, then neither do they. I tend to shy away from pictures where women appear to be being objectified in a standard, boring way and prefer images where she’s shown as the center of attention. I like the boys as much as the girls and like the more obvious female domination shots, but find most to not have the aesthetic I want. Basically, I’m nothing more than a curator of my specific view of what’s floating around the Tumblosphere. I’m glad you like it!

Now the questions. I have a desire to go into long term chastity (just need someone to act as the keyholder) but:

A keyholder is not technically required, but personally, I don’t think I’d do this unless there was another person participating. Good luck to you on finding that special someone.

1. how do you keep your balls shaved while locked up? Just looks ‘problematic’

Oh, it can be. Some hair just can’t be gotten to with the device on, but I’ve become adept at pulling skin around and shaving off what I can. The trick is using a razor blade that’s too dull for your beard but still has enough edge to cut the hair. If you grow hair on your shaft as I do, there’s not a hell of a lot that can be done about that.

2. I have been told that long term chastity can be detrimental for a man.. that we need to be ‘drained’ every now and then or it can cause prostate problems. Old wive’s tale? I presume you have done some research in this regard.

I think that’s a largely overblown issue. Our bodies are already designed to eliminate fluids from the prostate (some men have nocturnal emissions, for instance, though I never have). Personally, I’ve found that I drip precum pretty freely and will also expel seminal fluid while going to the bathroom (both number one and number two, if you must know). I am not a doctor, obviously, but am firmly in the camp that all the evidence out there is contradictory and inconclusive. In my opinion, there is no well-documented need for a man to be “drained” and, all other things being healthy and functioning, should be able to go without orgasm indefinitely.

PS.. love the blog.. would love to sit down with you over a  few beers and have a looong chat.

I love having the blog as an outlet and the being able to interact with the readers like this and on the Chastity Forums, but yeah, I do have a deep longing to actually talk to others about this. A few beers and long chat sounds great to me, too (though based on your IP address, the flight over would be annoyingly long).

One thought on “Mailbag

  1. um.. yes. I’m in Sydney, Australia. Even I would balk at that flight just for a beer!

    But thanks for the response.. it’s great!

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