HNThumper XLVI: Tab A out of slot B

This is another comparison shot of the Steelheart and it’s usual occupant.

The penis in this picture is in that semi-flaccid state where there is just the slightest beginnings of tumescence but not so much that I’d call it a chubby. It was warm and fresh from the shower. The heavy PA ring tends to pull the shaft down making it look longer than it usually would. The Steelheart, of course, was its usual cold steely self and appears somewhat annoyed to see the thing on its left looking so smug.

Having the device off also allowed me to show again the internal workings. Here’s the inside space along with the fixing going down into the tube and the 8 GA PA ring resting at the bottom.

I was able to take these pictures when Belle let me out after a three week lock-up and before I left on my current trip. I scheduled this to run in my absence.

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7 thoughts on “HNThumper XLVI: Tab A out of slot B

  1. Great picture, you certainly have a lovely cock! I don’t understand the PA part though, I thought that was attached to you not the device?

    1. When unlocked, I wear a nice chunky 4GA PA ring. When locked, I wear a 10GA PA ring since it’s smaller and doesn’t pinch as much. I usually leave it in the device as shown here and pretty much think of it as part of the device since I never wear it by itself.

  2. Nice pic dude! I got a smallish cage too because I heard they were more comfortable. I only have the one, so I don’t have anything to compare it too, but I can’t complain. Plus, there is something hot about nice tight fit.

    1. When I first got the Steelheart, it was with a bigger tube. The smaller one is more comfortable (and, I totally agree, tighter is hotter).

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