Reader Rich wrote…

Just under a year ago, I ran across male chastity and cages.  I was intrigued even though I am single.  So, I bought I birdlocked.  Like Goldilocks, it was nice but not quite right.  Then I went to a black holy trainer.  This is when my girlfriend got involved.  She lives 200 miles away and things will move slow as I am a single dad of an 11 year old.  Anyway, I have found the holy trainer to be less than durable.  It’s time for METAL!  So I thought I would ask what you recommend.  I started reading your archives from the very beginning and am now up to August 2011.  I know you love the steelheart.  And you just got the new and improved jailbird.  I am wondering what metal you think might is the best or your favorite.  Thanks much and thanks very much for your blog.  My girlfriend and I both enjoy it very much!

Good for you guys!

Our favorite’s still the Steelheart. This is mostly an aesthetic thing. For me, it’s the real me as opposed to any of the other devices or even being unlocked. When I’m not in the Steelheart, I feel like I’m just waiting to go back in. That said, Mature Metal makes a good device, too. I keep getting feedback that Steelworxx (Dietmar) is non-responsive to email (and, to be honest, he was never much of a conversationalist due to the language difference), so for a first timer who likes the more open styles of MM devices, I’d probably give them the edge at this point.

Good luck!

Pastrychef purloined…

Saw this and hope it never happens to you!

Ibiza firemen free tourist trapped in sex toy

Medics in Ibiza were forced to enlist the help of buzz saw-wielding fire-fighters on Wednesday to free a German tourist from the clutches of a steel sex toy.

Emergency services needed two hours to cut through the metal ring, described as a type of “armour plating”, into which the man had placed his penis and testicles.

The firemen on hand needed two changes of battery and a second rotating blade for their buzz saw to free the man, local daily Diario de Mallorca reported on Friday.

There were “plenty of sparks” during the operation to remove the sex toy which measured 15cm in diameter.

The two-hour procedure was described as “very complex” because the man became “more swollen” with time.

He was also said to have complained a lot.

To finish the operation it was necessary to administer a total anaesthetic.

The fire crew received their unusual call-out at 10pm on Wednesday after medics at Ibiza’s Can Misses hospital discovered they didn’t have the tools to do the job.

It is not known how the man, a 51-yr-old German, got to the hospital.

This is not the first time that Majorcan fire-fighters have been called upon to free people from sex toys but “never one as big as this”.

After an overnight stay in the Urology department of the hospital the man is reported to have felt fine.

He was discharged late on Thursday morning.

You know, it’s just a matter of time.

slave r sizzled…

I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your amazing blog. I have recently begun my own journey into chastity. I find your writing to be insightful, erotic, and pretty damn funny from time to time! I’ve experienced truly agonizing erections within my cb3k thanks to your writing. As I continue on my own journey into subbie-land I look forward to your blog as a source of great entertainment. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, appreciate the fawning praise! Always a good way to start the day. Glad you’re having a good time not getting it up.

Peter populated…

Read your article on chastity. Very good run down on the pleasures and foibles of wearing a CB-6000 24/7. I’ve worn the CB-2000 for years until it broke at the tip. You’ll probably recall the locking pin rotated very easily and occasionally allowed the lock to pinch the delicate skin. The CB-6000, which i’ve worn since last September 2012, has a locking pin that is oblong in thickness and does not twist –right?

Yep. It’s oval so won’t spin. Also, there’s the two pins on either side to help keep shit from twirling.

All that said the weakest part of that current security design is the ease of twisting that lock and breaking the pin, or cutting the pin with a pair of small dikes. It’s an easy out of chastity.  If I had a machine shop I’d make that pin out of metal. More specifically master lock makes bigger models for electric gates that have the locking pin locking directly into the lock itself.  This would change the CB-6000 from an “on you honor” type device into a truly inescapable device.  Somehow in my mind I know that at any given time I can get out of it, like my key holder leaving me the key “just in case” makes the device more pointless. Knowing I am truly and inescapably locked away gives me a more surrendered and helpless feeling.

Sure, you could really amp up that lock and pin, but it’s still holding a plastic device together. If destruction of the device (or any part of it) is enough of an “out” for you and takes some of the buzz out of the game, then I’d say you need to consider going full metal (and you don’t mention it, but without a piercing, you can always just pull out). However, as the story above illustrates, full metal with no back-up plan for getting out could put a strain on your local emergency response personnel.

I do get that the hotness of chastity increases with its inescapability, but I think you should spend some time contemplating the meaning of your sacrifice. Why do you submit to the device? Why do you want to be denied? The longer I do this, the more of a weird frantic zen-like satisfaction (if such a thing is possible) I get from the mental part of the game.

Bryce babbled…

I read your review on the Locker 02 and the tips on the CB6000 and have some question about sizing.  I have been wearing a CB6000s with 1 7/8 “A” ring and the second to smallest spacer for a 3/8 space between ring and tube.  I think this is the same spacer you indicated using with the CB6000 device.  Is your 65mm overall length measured from the penisring to the tip of the cage or from the back of the “A” ring? Also did you measure along the top centerline or on the side centerline?  I would not consider myself very well endowed – viewing your Locker 02 install video, I think you look bigger than me.  Measuring my CB6000s setup, I calculate a 85-90mm overall length (from back of “A” ring measured along the side centerline)- Any chance you have an image of the assembled CB6000s next to the Looker 02?

I measured from the base of the penis shaft to the tip along the top (and more than once to get an average). The length for the Steelworxx devices is measured from the A-ring to the tip of the tube/cage. I don’t have a CB6Ks so I can’t compare them. The S model didn’t come out until after or very near we started to transition to metal.

When in doubt, buy shorter. Good luck!

Petter (don’t call him Peter) purred…

I’m thinking about getting a Steelheart, and was wondering if you could offer some tips about size.

I’ve got a cb6000. Here, I wear the middle sized ring, the 45 mm one. If I lubricate the shaft of the penis, this ring seems a bit too loose. When I don’t lubricate, it fits perfectly. The next ring that’s smaller than the 45 mm ring fits just barely with lubrication, but is too uncomfortable in the long run.

I find the cb6000 tube itself is a perfect, snug fit diameter wise. With the second smallest spacer, it’s also the perfect length.

From this, do you have any advice about what size ring, and width and length of tube would suit me best?

I found that the conversion to steel required a 3-5 mm reduction in the size of the A-ring. I too wore the 45 mm ring and bought that in steel and it was way too big. Now the Steelheart has a 40 mm ring and it’s probably just a tad too small (mostly because my balls have gotten noticeably bigger over time and the right one in particular has a hard time popping through). The Looker 02 uses a 42 mm ring and is better. A millimeter or two makes a huge difference down there.

WRT to length, I’d measure from the back of the A-ring to the tip of the tube and consider shaving off a couple of millimeters from that. The CB6K has a pointed tip and a steel device will be rounded. If you rounded off the CB6K cage, it would probably be too long (assuming it’s the right length now). This is something else I did since, like you, I found the CB6K cage to be fine. In steel, it felt (and was) too long. Also, it’s worth noting that the CB6K cage isn’t circular like a metal device will be and varies in circumference (tighter lower down the shaft then wider at the end). You’ll want to find a happy medium of the two.

Great site, by the way. Still haven’t had time to look through half of it.

Thanks. Try to only read the good half!

Two strikes

I’m off again on Friday for another week in the woods. Belle’s made it clear this time that she fully expects me to stay locked in the Looker 02 the entire time I’m gone. She even went to far as to suggest she might need to take my emergency key away or hide it in my truck somewhere to keep me from using it. In the end, I promised to only use it for actual emergencies and not simply to make my life a bit more convenient. I said this while laying next to her, face burrowed into her, in a small and quiet voice.

“How does that make you feel?” she asked. Trigger tripping, that. The tone of my voice made it clear how it made me feel. Making me say it out loud? Ungh.

After a long pause, “Powerless,” I said, “Small and powerless.” The penis shifted and pressed against its cage and choked down more of the device’s insert. Being forced to say it like that welded the commitment to my psyche. I’ll do whatever I can not to take the device off while I’m away from Belle.

Not sure why this time’s different than last time when she told me I could go free, but this weekend’s performance might have something to do with it. She told me she’d let me out but expected me to “stare at the ceiling or think about baseball or whatever the hell you need to do” because she wanted to fuck me and come.

Saturday night started in the hot tub for us. She brought the key with her and I took the device off and she stowed it in her robe. The penis immediately started to chub out (as it does hopefully and expectantly whenever the device is removed), but even though it was dark and we were alone, nothing too rambunctious could happen as there were Muggles about. Eventually, I was behind her and massaging her shoulders while grinding the stiffy into her gently. I moved one hand from her shoulders and neck down to her pussy and rubbed it through the fabric of her suit for a while before slipping my fingers beneath. The feel of her snatch in that very sexual position (though one we never use) made me very hard and quite light-headed from arousal. We stopped after a bit and went inside to bed.

Though my fucking wasn’t supposed to happen until the next morning, the hot tub must have gotten her going because before I knew it, she was on top of me pounding away and I had her tits in my mouth. I was doing pretty good until she started to make “I’m going to come” kind of noises and all of a sudden I lost it. Not an orgasm, but the closest I’ve come since January. One strong surge of ejaculate right at the moment of withdrawal, but none of the accompanying sensations or afterglow of coming. Even though I was able to get ahold of myself sufficiently to let her have another go, her moment had passed. I failed the one thing I’m supposed to do in bed: get her off.

Next morning, more of the same except the close call on my part was avoided. It was very frustrating for both of us. I told her not to worry about me and just go and whatever happened to me happened. I didn’t really want the orgasm, but I wanted her to have hers more than anything. In the end, she had a calmer head than me and again she was left without. I failed again. I felt (and feel) very bad.

“Keep that up and I’m going to have to find a surrogate,” she said, exasperated.

More trigger tripping.

So here it is, the eve of my departure, and she still hasn’t gotten off. I don’t know if she’s going to want to try again tonight or not, but I do know I’ll be keeping the steel on, in, and around the penis until she tells me I can take it off. Whenever that is.

Outfit change nerdery

Belle decided it was time to “change my outfit” Sunday morning after sex but before the gym. She put me back in the Looker 02 after an extended time away from it. I think the last time I had it on was way back during SXSW over the first half of March. Then we went of vacation and then she put me in the Steelheart for like six weeks then I went camping and came back and blah blah blah.

Yeah, a long time. It didn’t feel the same as the first time I wore it. There was still some cellular memory there and it didn’t feel as novel as it once did. Going right to the gym and running on the treadmill for a couple of miles was probably not the best idea I’ve had. I neglected to apply a dab of silicone lube to the insert and wore regular, barely there jogging shorts. The bulb-end on the insert kept punching the inside of the penis with every step. It started out as an interesting sensation but evolved into an relatively uncomfortable one before too long. By the end of the day, it was burning for a few seconds every time I took a piss. The next day, a little tender but not painful. I even ran again in the afternoon, but this time lubed the insert beforehand and wore supportive athletic underwear. By this morning at the gym, totally fine.

Aside from the self-inflicted issues from the first day, the Looker 02 remains a remarkably comfortable device. It woke me up this morning, but not from the hard shaft being squeezed by the A-ring as in the Steelheart, but by it clamping down on the bulb-end of the insert. Sometimes, it feels like this odd little hard spot inside me. Not very painful (and without the testicle discomfort the smaller Steelheart ring can give), but kind of like a mild burning.  Yesterday, I had on a pair of light-brown dress pants and noticed while sitting at my desk that the bulge from the cage was smaller (the tube is slightly shorter) but that I could make out the bars through the fabric. Not sure if anyone not expecting to see a chastity device there would have been able to discern what they were looking at, but I knew what it was.

Speaking of which, this morning while working out at the gym with our trainer, I was trying out a new pair of athletic underwear. The pouch on these is a little more forgiving, though still supportive, so that when I was on my back doing bench presses or while doing crunches on the bosu ball, I noticed that the L02 stuck out more than I recall it doing in the past. The pouch may actually have been holding the package up rather than pushing it down like my other shorts do (which, if you think about it, is probably what most guys want it to do). I remember when I first started my work-out regime that I was very concerned about the devices showing to my trainer (so much so that I asked Belle to be let out when I trained — she refused), but today, even with the trainer there and three other people I didn’t know milling about the free weight area, I just didn’t care. Had they looked (and all guys do), they would have seen what looked like maybe a short little stiffy poking up at an odd angle, but I didn’t try to hide it. I couldn’t and still do my exercises. At this point, whatever the fuck. I’m kinda over all the stealthy theatrics. I’m not going to be vulgar and drag someone into my sex life against their will, but at the same time, I’m not going to act especially self-conscious or be uncomfortable about it.

Speaking of speaking of which, the other day I spied a dude in a parking lot who, it seemed to me, clearly had something in his pants. Something unnatural. Could have easily been a chastity device. Something on the larger side, though, like a Curve. I only mention it because it’s the first time I’ve ever seen another guy in the wild who I though could have been packing.

Anyway, I have another week in the woods away from Belle in a few weeks and I’m thinking that this time I might actually be able to stay locked up. The hygiene requirements of the L02 are somewhat simpler than the Steelheart and my privacy situation might be slightly improved this time. I will definitely be giving it a shot.


Some interesting questions from Fetlife member imposedsensation (who, by the looks of his pictures, is a sexy motherfucker):

Looker 02:

Any thoughts on swimming with the Looker 02? I’m curious whether it would be dangerous to have pool water (chlorinated, but possibly kind of dirty) traveling up the plug pipe, if you will…

Also concerned that the chlorine might corrode the integrated lock–I believe brass will corrode, although brass was a preferred metal when it came to pool design years ago, before plastic. What do you think?

My only other thought is that I tend to shrink to a really, really small size when swimming–I’m hoping the plug will keep everything in place until I shower, when presumably I’ll grow back to normal flaccid state. I’m thinking I’ll be keeping my suit on for that!

The Rattler:

I purchased a rattler after reading your review. Does the ball ever get stuck in your rattler? I had a situation where the ball was lodged in the top of the conic section at the top. It took a lot of beating and attempts to heat and cool the device to finally get it unstuck. Mr. S was willing to send it back for repair, but I eventually got it free. If this is normal, then I’m not going to send it back, but if mine is defective, I’d like to have it repaired. So, just interested in your mileage on this one…


Pretty sure I’ve been in a hot tub with the L02 on. Can’t remember if I’ve been in a pool with it, but I wouldn’t hesitate  to swim while locked unless the pool you’re in is ridiculously chlorinated. And even then, I’d probably give it a shot. Remember, stuff doesn’t craw up the insert and hang out. If the pool water in question did work its way in there, it wouldn’t be in contact with much of you and it’d only be there until the next time you took a leak. As I said in my review, urine washes the tube out and even leaks out the sides a bit. I found it to be self-cleansing system that gets flushed about six times a day.

I’ve been wearing those brass locks for a long time now and they’ve developed a nice patina, but haven’t come close to corroding. Even if they did, that’s a slow process. You wouldn’t find your shiny new lock all green and crusted shut back in the locker room after a single swim. If you’re really worried, you (or whoever is holding the key) could give the lock a test turn from time to time. But no, I wouldn’t worry about that.

Yes, unless you totally turtle and find your dick actually indents into your body, the insert should keep you situated until the warm blood comes back and fills things back out. The insert extends past the A-ring, so you’d be good. (Also, keeping your suit on while you shower is cheating.)*

With regard to the Rattler, I’ve found that whatever the little doodad that rattles around in there is, it does, from time to time, get lodged in the top point. In the case of mine, all I had to do was give it a whack against my palm to get it loose (though one time I was “wearing” it and had to perform bit of a hop on a solid surface to get things moving around again). If you’re finding that it’s happening all the time and it’s as hard to get loose as you’re saying, I might consider an exchange. That doesn’t sound normal.

* I’m kidding.

A twist in the bend

Reader avlaps left the following suggestion on my review of the Steelworxx Looker 02 regarding what I assumed to be a misaligned bend in the anatomical A-ring:

Maybe it is due to asymmetry of a testicles? In normal state the left one is placed higher than other one so that rotated ring can give more comfort. (sorry if my English is weird, it is not native for me)

And I was all like, huh. That’s not a bad theory. It’s not shown that way on the Steelworxx site, so I assumed it was a mistake, but avlaps might be onto something. I’ve been thinking about that off and on since.

This morning, I took a few pictures to get to the bottom of it. I’ll put them behind a jump to help maintain this site’s nominal sensitivity to being totally NSFW.

Continue reading “A twist in the bend”

Swingin’ steel

There was yet more sex on Saturday morning as I was still steel-free. I had this weird thing the night before where the end of the penis became super sensitive. It was so distracting that I had to remove my PA jewelry. Every little shift of the stainless loop would send a not very pleasant jolt through me making it hard to sleep yet again that night. In fact, since this crazy sexed up period started, I’ve had troubles sleeping pretty much every night. Even last night, though I didn’t see Belle all day. Anyway, Saturday morning was more of the same except this time Belle got to ride me for an orgasm. I felt pretty good about keeping my shit together for that. I didn’t even get close.

After the sex on Saturday, but before she resecured me, I told her how guilty I had been feeling about taking advantage of the time she lets me out to jack off (yes, I did manage to get some in). This is a new feeling for me. In the recent past, I’ve assumed that if I was out it was more or less a free-range penis, assuming I didn’t come. But as we’ve been having all this fantastic sex lately, the idea of seeking this pleasure without her knowledge or consent hasn’t sat right with me. Maybe it’s the copious hormones produced by all the edging and psuedo-ruined orgasms and the low-grade blue ball tenderness I’ve been sporting, but I was feeling very much the need to be backed into a tight little submissive corner. The penis is hers, not mine. I can’t just do whatever I want with it. If it’s out, it’s out for her. This is a fact. There’s no such thing anymore as a time out for good behavior. I get out for a specific purpose and it’s not to jack off.

In any event, the rule now is I am not to play with the penis at all except when specifically allowed to do so by Belle. Seems like an obvious kind of rule for someone in my position to have, but I’m not sure it’s ever been so explicitly stated by her before. At least not for a long time. Just thinking about it now makes the tube pack tight. I can’t imagine how hard it’ll be if I’m left alone with it in an accesible state.

After clearing that up, she produced the Steelheart. I had to put it on while she watched which is very hard for me to do. It puts my assembly skills in a race against the penis’ hydraulic system with only my brain trying to run interference as an ally. I did manage to get the tube on and the increasingly fat and solid meat shoved up in there and in place so she could slide the lock home and turn it in its slot, but barely. As soon as she removed the key, a deeply satisfying warm wave of submissiveness washed over me. In an instant, the steel tube merged with its contents in my mind and I was seemingly as I was always meant to be.

We went to the gym after and I ran for four miles on a treadmill with the Steelheart heavily swinging between my legs. I’ve been in the Looker 02 so much recently that I forgot what the dense steel monolith of the Steelheart felt like. Not at all uncomfortable. Actually somewhat comforting. A subtlety different mindfuck than the lighter L02. Also, I had to reacquaint myself with the sensation of shifting meat within the tube. The L02’s insert keeps the meat inert and unmoving while the PA fixing in the Steelheart allows some shifting. The penis gently bumped against the inside of the tube with each stride.

That night, my new little nympho wanted another orgasm. I had my doubts that it was even possible considering the number she’s had this week and the one she had had just that morning, but she was feeling the itch and it’s my job to scratch it. After lengthy ministrations by me and Pink, she eventually called the effort off. I couldn’t get her more than 85-90% there. I felt defeated. There were a couple of times I thought she was going over, but it didn’t happen. She packed Pink with her on her trip so she’ll not be denied should the urge strike again while she’s gone.

As I said, I had a hard time sleeping again last night and am very tired as I write this. The lack of sleep is aggravatingly non-specific. Sometimes, it’s because I’m too horny and I know it and I can’t stop imagining things. Lately, though, I’m just too alert and aware. And every time I shifted in bed, the Steelheart would heavily flop to the other side. On my stomach, it was a hard, dense presence between me and the mattress. On my back, it would pull the whole package down between my legs. I was never alone.

But it wasn’t a total wash-out. I did get about four hours sleep again, though the morning wood made the last couple pretty restless. A benefit of the L02 is that it rarely wakes me in the morning anymore. Belle’s back tomorrow night late. I’m looking forward to not sleeping next to her again.

Visions of suger-pegs danced in my head…

And so begins 2013. Four days from my first orgasm in six months and what will likely be the only one I’ll have all year long. The thought of it is enough, on occasion, to make my balls tingle. I admit, there’s a part of me that wants it and gets excited thinking about it happening. But there’s a larger part of me excited by the prospect that it will be a singular event, at least until the big ball drops again.

I had another bought of denial insomnia the other night. Wound have been handier on New Year’s Eve, but it came the night before, meaning I couldn’t stay up until midnight and welcome in the new year. I wasn’t up all night this time. Can’t be sure when I finally fell asleep since I was purposefully avoiding seeing what time it was, but I expect it was at least three or four in the morning. The issue this time had nothing to do with Belle. I wasn’t sleepy when she went to bed so I bounced around on my phone for a bit and eventually found myself reading porn and that was it. Try as I did to keep the thoughts from my hormone-addled brain, they’d come. The device was especially present in my mind. I’d lay on my side and I’d feel it’s heft pull on my nutsack. I’d lay on my stomach and feel the plug push even more deeply into me. Then it’d try to get hard and there’d be squeezing. Then I’d try to think about something else. Repeat. Ugh.

I finally drifted off fantasizing about being pegged by Belle. This isn’t something she’s offered or even shown the slightest interest in, but I focused on how one would design a dildo so that it could be worn by a woman and still give her some clitoral feedback from her effort. I know such things exist, but working on ideas like this in my head helps me get to sleep sometimes. There are few more intimate acts than being fucked. Pegging, while a very hot concept for me, would seem like prostate-centric kabuki if there wasn’t anything in it for the pegger. So I pondered that and how it’d work and how wonderful it’d be to know she was pleasuring herself while penetrating me and actually coming from fucking me and…and…what do you know. I fell asleep.

In any event, in my head, I imagined something very much like this.


Oh gosh, look at the time. Quarter to two and I’m up and doing this instead of sleeping. This is, I think, the evil denial insomnia rearing its head again. They say one tactic in helping to defeat sleeplessness is to get out of bed, so here I am. Maybe when I’m done writing to you, I’ll get at least a few hours before it’s time to hit the gym in the morning.

So Belle told me on Christmas Day, after a small amount of prodding on my part, that she’s going to have me orgasm on January 6. That will be almost exactly six months from the last time it happened. As I’ve said in the past, I was hoping she’d make me hold out for longer (perhaps indefinitely) but no. Sunday, January 6, 2013. That’s my day.

I spent the next day thinking on that. A bit of apprehension settled over me. Not so much because of the orgasm itself. I know from experience that just one isn’t quite enough to knock me totally out of the zone. I’ll likely experience a day or so of absence from want before I’ll really want a second. That’s what the apprehension was about. If I come twice in short succession, I’ll well and truly be all the way back to zero on the craving scale. I really, really don’t want to feel that way. Since July, I’ve had nothing to worry about except an accidental orgasm. I knew Belle wasn’t going to let it happen, period, so my entire mental approach to the possibility was different. Unless one slipped though under the wire (as it almost did the other day), I didn’t have to dwell on the possibility.

And before July, I would dwell. There was never any knowing when she’d tell me to go so it felt like I was always living under the constant threat of it happening. Yes, that’s me. The guy who doesn’t want to come. The six month schedule was a comfort to me. But now that is coming to an end. I’ll shoot one on the morning of January 6 and then…what? Back to every few weeks or months? I know, I know, I know. It’s not my call. But still, I personally much prefer the long and certain wait. I also think the absence of my orgasm has helped level out some of the hills and valleys we experienced in our D/s overlay before.

Tonight, just before she went to sleep, Belle stroked my balls and fingered the A-ring on the L02. She got me pretty worked up (hence, perhaps, this early morning missive). Just this simple touching was fantastic. When she was done, I even dribbled a little precum on her hand as I snuggled up next to her. She thought it was funny, I thought it was a little embarrassing.

Anyway, before she was done, we talked a bit more about January 6. She told me that after that one, that perhaps my orgasms would become more of an annual affair. In fact, the idea she toyed with (and seemed to like) was placing some “random 2014 dates” in a hat picking one to be the date of my next release. Which, means, of course, after the six month experiment she’ll be denying me for at least a year. Possibly much longer.

Of course, hearing that made the struggling penis struggle all that much harder. I love this idea. And I love my Belle Fille. She makes me very happy. I only hope I make her just as happy in return.