Swingin’ steel

There was yet more sex on Saturday morning as I was still steel-free. I had this weird thing the night before where the end of the penis became super sensitive. It was so distracting that I had to remove my PA jewelry. Every little shift of the stainless loop would send a not very pleasant jolt through me making it hard to sleep yet again that night. In fact, since this crazy sexed up period started, I’ve had troubles sleeping pretty much every night. Even last night, though I didn’t see Belle all day. Anyway, Saturday morning was more of the same except this time Belle got to ride me for an orgasm. I felt pretty good about keeping my shit together for that. I didn’t even get close.

After the sex on Saturday, but before she resecured me, I told her how guilty I had been feeling about taking advantage of the time she lets me out to jack off (yes, I did manage to get some in). This is a new feeling for me. In the recent past, I’ve assumed that if I was out it was more or less a free-range penis, assuming I didn’t come. But as we’ve been having all this fantastic sex lately, the idea of seeking this pleasure without her knowledge or consent hasn’t sat right with me. Maybe it’s the copious hormones produced by all the edging and psuedo-ruined orgasms and the low-grade blue ball tenderness I’ve been sporting, but I was feeling very much the need to be backed into a tight little submissive corner. The penis is hers, not mine. I can’t just do whatever I want with it. If it’s out, it’s out for her. This is a fact. There’s no such thing anymore as a time out for good behavior. I get out for a specific purpose and it’s not to jack off.

In any event, the rule now is I am not to play with the penis at all except when specifically allowed to do so by Belle. Seems like an obvious kind of rule for someone in my position to have, but I’m not sure it’s ever been so explicitly stated by her before. At least not for a long time. Just thinking about it now makes the tube pack tight. I can’t imagine how hard it’ll be if I’m left alone with it in an accesible state.

After clearing that up, she produced the Steelheart. I had to put it on while she watched which is very hard for me to do. It puts my assembly skills in a race against the penis’ hydraulic system with only my brain trying to run interference as an ally. I did manage to get the tube on and the increasingly fat and solid meat shoved up in there and in place so she could slide the lock home and turn it in its slot, but barely. As soon as she removed the key, a deeply satisfying warm wave of submissiveness washed over me. In an instant, the steel tube merged with its contents in my mind and I was seemingly as I was always meant to be.

We went to the gym after and I ran for four miles on a treadmill with the Steelheart heavily swinging between my legs. I’ve been in the Looker 02 so much recently that I forgot what the dense steel monolith of the Steelheart felt like. Not at all uncomfortable. Actually somewhat comforting. A subtlety different mindfuck than the lighter L02. Also, I had to reacquaint myself with the sensation of shifting meat within the tube. The L02’s insert keeps the meat inert and unmoving while the PA fixing in the Steelheart allows some shifting. The penis gently bumped against the inside of the tube with each stride.

That night, my new little nympho wanted another orgasm. I had my doubts that it was even possible considering the number she’s had this week and the one she had had just that morning, but she was feeling the itch and it’s my job to scratch it. After lengthy ministrations by me and Pink, she eventually called the effort off. I couldn’t get her more than 85-90% there. I felt defeated. There were a couple of times I thought she was going over, but it didn’t happen. She packed Pink with her on her trip so she’ll not be denied should the urge strike again while she’s gone.

As I said, I had a hard time sleeping again last night and am very tired as I write this. The lack of sleep is aggravatingly non-specific. Sometimes, it’s because I’m too horny and I know it and I can’t stop imagining things. Lately, though, I’m just too alert and aware. And every time I shifted in bed, the Steelheart would heavily flop to the other side. On my stomach, it was a hard, dense presence between me and the mattress. On my back, it would pull the whole package down between my legs. I was never alone.

But it wasn’t a total wash-out. I did get about four hours sleep again, though the morning wood made the last couple pretty restless. A benefit of the L02 is that it rarely wakes me in the morning anymore. Belle’s back tomorrow night late. I’m looking forward to not sleeping next to her again.

8 thoughts on “Swingin’ steel

    1. I rarely get hard whist putting it on unless she’s watching. That always kills me. Especially when she’s holding the lock and just waiting for me to hurry up and get all the little bits and pieces together.

  1. When I read your comments about swinging steel I could identify. Although, not quite the same circumstances, but I was out for a while in order to get a new frenum piercing and was locked back yesterday. Today as I was walking back from the shower and felt the heavy metal tugging at my parts I was just aware of the comfort of having it back on.

    Thanks again for your blog and I really do enjoy your candor.

    1. I’d like to know if there’s something about how you and I are wired that makes us like the feeling of being contained or is the potential to feel that way locked inside every man?

      1. I can’t speak for every man, but the level of comfort I experience is related to the freedom of being who I am, and I believe that desire is universal to all of us.

        There is a certain level of virtue whether I am locked or unlocked that I think men, in general,, hunger for; a sense of power under control that has a much deeper appeal along the lines of chivalry, of gentry, good manners, common sense, and respect.

        Perhaps it is only semantics, but there is a difference between being submissive and being a submissive as one who is under authority. It takes great strength to willingly put myself under the authority of another, to sublimate my causes, my desires and to take on those of another.

        Perhaps, for some, thee is enjoyment in being the victim, but in my own experience, that is short lived. Enough philosophizing this early in the morning. Again, thanks for the blog, I, too, am covetous of your new hardware.

  2. I’ve found the most comfortable way to sleep on my stomach is by pointing my dick down toward my feet and pulling it down between my legs (so the top of the cage is flat against the mattress behind me.) Seems to work pretty well.

    And it’s amazing what having your dominant partner explicitly state a rule that you knew in your head you shouldn’t do, but were never told not to does for one’s submissive state. Like, I know I should fold my clothes when I take them off when master’s stripping me for some fun time, but he’d never explicitly stated it until last night when I didn’t. As I bent down to pick my underwear up off the floor, the tube got tight and I got that warm fuzzy submissive glowing feeling. 😀

    1. I’ve found the most comfortable way to sleep…

      Yeah, that’s how I do it, too.

      And it’s amazing what having your dominant partner explicitly state a rule that you knew in your head you shouldn’t do…

      Agreed. Rules are hot. I like rules.

      I ordered mine (finally) two weeks ago and the waiting is killing me.

      That part sucks, doesn’t it?

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