I asked for a quick release yesterday morning in order to do short inspection and thorough cleaning. Like last time, I found a little surprise. On the shaft of the cock, in the same location the corners of the KSD-G3 make contact, there were two little raw spots. They hadn’t broken the skin, but there was obvious irritation. I felt something that morning, but it was a mild pinching sensation. I’ve never experienced this type of reaction from the KSD and assume it’s related to the rougher interior surface of the chrome tube. Next time, I may forgo the KSD as see how that works, though I like having it in there because it helps keep the cock positioned well.

In any event, Belle let me stay out for a brief recuperative period. I’ll probably be back in by Sunday night or Monday morning at the latest since she’s going to LA next week and I’m not to be free when she’s not around. I find that the device helps keep my arousal in check and once it’s off my desires flame up like a smoldering fire suddenly given oxygen. I was way horny last night. I more or less was able to control myself and not be annoying, but she could tell.

I offered to rub her feet again and found that the prospect of doing it really turned me on. More and more non-sexual contact and activities provide an outlet for me now. Rubbing her feet has always been nice, but I’ve never felt a charge of energy around just the idea of doing it like I did yesterday. Later, in bed, I rubbed the living fuck out of her feet for a good 45 minutes and added a few new flourishes she really seemed to appreciate. It made her very relaxed and, I hoped, ready for some action.

I got lucky. She wanted an orgasm. Excessive horniness aside, I was able to slow down and savor the experience. I get no incidental contact with her breasts anymore, let alone her pussy, so those times in which she allows me to touch them have become so much more important. I lapped and suckled and simply enjoyed her nipples while I pressed as much of my body against as much of hers as I could. I kept my focus north of the Mason-Dixon line, so much so that by the time I started to touch her between the legs, her wetness had already soaked though her pajama bottoms. Slipping under, I felt that she was wetter than she’s been in a while. All of this left the cock so, so hard with what seemed like the distant memory of being inside her. I actually have been inside her, but it’s been a long, long time since I was in there and doing what I wanted rather than what she wanted. After just a few moments of manual stimulation, she pushed me over and told me she was going to fuck me.

It only lasted for a minute or two before she came. I got close, but was able to hold it in (mostly because she stopped fucking in the nick of time). Regardless, once she pulled off of me, I leaked a healthy squirt. I did not come, though. My arousal was like a ringing in my ears. Once it was time to sleep, I latched onto her and held tight, hard cock between us.

2 Replies to “Wet”

  1. i too have been known to leak out a “healthy squirt” after a prolonged time of teasing and desiring Mistress. It is a feeling you cannot describe other than your body leaks out what it desires in anticipation of a orgasm that will ultimately not occur.

  2. Having read this, I fully understand that you’re prone to recurring accidents – and I don’t mean ”accidents”. Thus I also get the impracticality of “card losing”. You not only got lucky, you ARE lucky to have such a wonderful wife, and admirable stamina too!

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