New rule

Belle’s instituted a new rule. Turns out, she occasionally wants me to be more sexually assertive than the personage respecting protocols allow. I have tried to contain my urges to jump her bones out of deference to her position but apparently a girl likes to be a little more aggressively pursued. Unless she doesn’t. Since my mind-reading powers leave a lot to be desired, she’s created some guidelines for me to follow.

  • I am not allowed to come on to her within 72 hours of her last orgasm. She, of course, is still free to instigate something, but I’m to respect her personage for at least three days after she comes.
  • On the third night, I can try to seduce her (including putting my hands in places they aren’t normally allowed to go), but if she tells me she’s not interested I need to withdraw immediately and wait until the next day to make another move (or however long she prefers).

We started the first 72 hour clock that night. Contrary to popular opinion, people do have sex on Thanksgiving. As we went to bed, Belle brought out the key and let me out. It had been a long time since she had made use her cock, but I was oddly confident that I wouldn’t ruin the event with an unauthorized release. Since she was so hot for it, the whole adventure was over in about ten minutes. I never got close to coming, even though she was talking filth towards the end and that’s usually a sure-fire way to push me over the edge. Instead of baseball, I focused on work. Decidedly unsexy. In any event, she had a terrific time. Afterward, she allowed me to enter her and I did the old-fashioned “me on top” routine. Just like the old days, except I didn’t come of course. She allowed me to stay unlocked for the rest of the weekend, as long as I promised to behave (which, more or less, I did).

Last night, the 72 hour window opened. Combined with her leaving this morning for another work trip (this time only four days and only as far as NYC), I was highly expectational of getting the meat wet again before seeing it relocked for her absence. As soon as the TV went off and I turned to face her, I knew she wasn’t in the mood to fuck me. There was zero angst on my part and I would have been perfectly happy to simply roll over and go to sleep if that’s what she wanted, but I offered up Pink, her favorite vibrator, as an alternative. Turns out, she did want that, so I hopped out of bed, unwanted boner bobbing before me, to get her little plastic friend.

I started to prep her in the usual manner (licking her nipples, fingering her clit, etc.) and ruminated over the fact that my unlocked, rock hard, 100% available member was being neglected in favor of a this remarkable piece of technology. In the past, I might have been miffed, but the entire point of this exercise was her pleasure and the tool she preferred that night happened not to be the biocock. She knew I wanted her to fuck me, but she also knew what she wanted. I can’t say how happy it makes me that she picked it over me.

As usual, the little vibe that could brought her to a shuddering orgasm (repleat with rapid-fire exclamations of “Oh, fuck!”). As she basked, I was torn by the desire to feel myself inside her again and letting her continue to drive the event.

Eventually, I whispered tentatively into her ear, “Can I go inside you?”

I felt very much like I was intruding into her moment and I half expected her to say no. In retrospect, maybe she should have. But she didn’t. After a few more glowing moments, I climbed up and entered her hot wetness.

I quickly found myself within a hair’s breadth of coming. I looked into her eyes, deeply beseeching. I wanted to come so, so bad. Had she given me the word, it only would have taken another half stroke to pass the point of no return. But the word never came. She looked back at me and smiled.

“I’m very close to coming,” I admitted.

“Then you need to get out,” she calmly replied. It tore at me to do so, but I slowly withdrew and, on my knees between her legs, laid my head on her stomach, supplicating my desire to continue before her feminine will.

I rolled over onto my back next to her, panting, wet cock standing straight out. It throbbed with aching desire and, against any logic, I flexed it in an attempt to gain just a little more sensation. After a few moments, though, it started to lower, even as I tried to will it into continued erection. The heavy PA ring pulled the head down against my body and the rest of the shaft pulsed just a little lower with each beat of my heart. Eventually, it was still plump with blood but had lost its stiffness. The buzzing, conflicting desire racing through me started to subside. Impossibly, considering the intensity of my feelings just a few minutes before, I started to feel an almost post-orgasmic serenity descend over me. I was horny as hell, but started to feel sleepy. Content.

Facing her, I said, “Thank you so much. Thank you for letting me bring you to orgasm, thank you for letting me fuck you. Thank you for stopping me. Thank you so much.” My heart was brimming with devotion, affection, and love for her.

Then, we slept.

This morning, she put me back in the old CB6K. It’s a good thing, too, because I know I’m weak and, in my current condition, the temptation to play with her cock would be all-consuming. I am exactly as I should be. Totally and completely under her control.

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  1. Dude, some of us are locked up out here – yer makin’ life difficult…
    You’re on a roll with your writing. Since i’m in kind of a lull/busy serving, it’s great knowing i can come visit. Great post!

  2. I face a bit of a similar dilemma: I love to feel wanted by Boy Toy. For this reason, I would never make up a rule that he’s not allowed to initiate. Like Mineforever says, sometimes a girl wants to be pursued!

    The whole attraction of this sort of activities with Boy Toy, for me, actually is that it leaves him horny and desperately wanting me. I love to see that. Unfortunately, he’s not as much of a horny bunny as you are 😀

  3. Hot post.

    Good rule too. I might ask C if she wants to employ something like this. At the moment I tend to leave it up to her to instigate things rather than give the impression of pestering her.

  4. It’s so obvious that power is erotic and that (some) women get physical pleasure from their exercise of power. And power only exists when will is directed at a something/someone that can be moved (or made to ‘stay’)… I see this as the main subtext here!

  5. Great post. This has been Mistress’ complaint of me ever since W/we met. It really sounds like a good concrete plan to go by to prevent any long dry spells in which your Domme goes unsatisfied, even if She isn’t aware She hasn’t.

  6. You are doing great. She obviously has you figured out and controlled. I can’t add much to what the above comments already covered, so I take another angle that you brought up. Women are famous for expecting their men to read their mind, but only when it suits them. For example, she would say, “Well, you should have known …”

    Well, dang, I never know. Even when she tells me things I end up misunderstanding and misinterpreting it. Needless to say, I am often in trouble because of that. I wonder how it is between lesbian lovers. Do they read each other’s thoughts?

  7. Thumpy,

    I just want to remind you that your anniversary of your PA piercing is coming up. I am not saying what you should do, but, you know, giving thanks where thanks are due would be all right.

  8. Yeah, I can understand that. She knows that without her initiating it happens less often, and she probably feels that a bit more would be better all round. Of course there is always what others have commented on also, that she feels more desired.

    Sandy loves how I perk up and look, or jump up and grab her for a hug if she so much as flounces past momentarily.

  9. I really like the way you describe your feelings. When you put your head on her stomach, I was on the verge of tears. I guess everything that turns me on also puts me in a very emotional mood. Beautiful thing, submission.

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