Playing chicken

The other night, Belle and I were talking. I can’t remember how it came up, but she made some joke about leaving me in the device for a year. I shrugged and said I didn’t think she could live without her cock that long. That led to a series of “Oh yeah? Yeah!” kind of statements and now Belle’s saying I won’t be in the device for a year, but she is planning on leaving me locked up until our family vacation at the end of March. That’ll be something like five months locked up and orgasmless.

Five. Months.

To be honest, I’m still not convinced it’ll be that long. I told her she’d be craving her cock well before then and she said she’d be happy with Mr. Darcy. But, I retorted, she can’t come with Mr. Darcy. So there. Also, Pink remains MIA. She’s gonna get an itch only the biocock can scratch way, way before the end of March. At least, I’m pretty sure she will.

I brought up again that back in the hotel we talked about a break (though there was some disagreement as to what it’d be a break from – the device or the orgasm denial). At this point, Belle has no interest whatsoever in letting me have a break. She says I can have a break at the end of March. Spring break. Until then, no. It’ll stay on me 24/7. I actually would like it off at the moment, but not so much that I’m going to make a federal case out of it. It’s hard for me to discern at this point between the normal “god, I wish I could get to the cock” kind of feelings and something more profound (as in, “I really don’t want to be in the device at the moment”).

So, with the question of a break well and truly settled for the time being, I tried to make a move. I wanted some pussy pretty bad. Before she’d let me in, she asked me if I had done anything to deserve it. What had I done for her above and beyond my normal expectations? Well, not much, to be honest. She kept pushing the point and I started to back off. Either it was going to happen or it wasn’t. I obviously had no control over the decision.

I backed off, but I also withdrew. This whole “how have you serviced me” thing is a bit of a grey area for us at the moment. There was a time when I was trying to play the part of a service sub, but the truth is Belle is very hard to serve. She does pretty much whatever she needs by herself and doesn’t like to ask for any help. In a sense, there’s a fair bit of her that wants to serve and the part of me that gets into it is far from dominent. It’s easy for me not to do it or even try when she’s in a groove. Yeah, I’ll do whatever she wants me to and I do still make her coffee in the morning, but I thought we had sort of come to an unspoken agreement that the service sub experiment had ended.

She asked me what I was thinking and I said most of the previous paragraph. Also, the only way I could conceivably  handle five months without access to the cock would be through some kind of regular access to her. Since I don’t get any kind of extracurricular teasing, her sexual pleasure is my sole physical outlet.

She agreed the service thing was a little fuzzy. We didn’t seem to resolve its status, but she did open herself to me and let me make her come. She was quiet when it happened, but she assured me that it was good.

Ever since then, whenever my hand finds itself on the device or I’m especially hard inside its unyielding confines, I wonder if I’m really going to be in it for another four months. Just under three months is the longest I’ve made it in the past. Last time was “just” two months. Now she’s saying five.

Can she wait that long?

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  1. It is interesting reading about how you and Belle interact. Based on your last lockup of 100 days a 5 month lockup would put you sometime around the end of February. If I remember correct you made it about 60% of the way to the 100 days. I don’t know if it is a coincidence but 60% of 5 months is about 100 days. Maybe she is just getting you to where you want to be using a little bit of a round about method.

    How does it make you feel to not make it to the agreed upon time? I would be very disappointed to end it short. I would rather have a more manageable goal or even no agreed upon duration than to not make it to the set time. This is all looking from the outside in though as I haven’t yet experienced this situation. I have learned not to question my wife’s will in situations like this though. She would likely just say, it’s going to be a year, and that would be that. I guess I could just decide to quit if that happened but that is not a serious option for me, not at this point at least.


    1. She put me back in on 11/6, so five months would be around the beginning of April. Our trip is in the last week of March, so it would be *almost* five months.

      How does it make you feel to not make it to the agreed upon time?

      The first time we had a long goal, it was three months and I *just* missed it. The three month goal was my doing, not hers, and I asked to be released just before it ended, so I was disappointed afterward.

      Last time, it was her goal to make me wait until the end of the year. I didn’t make it, but it was her decision entirely. I didn’t feel a moment of disappointment that time. I really, really wanted to come and she let me because she wanted me to, too. So winners all around!

      The difference between the two moments was that the first time I was pushing me and the second time she was pushing me. Right now, she wants me locked up and denied more than I want it and that’s a Really Big Deal. I am not locked up because it makes me hot, I’m locked up because it makes *her* hot. And I’m very happy with that…

  2. What if she asks for another ”Red” (or at least a ”Red lookalike” for Christmas?
    Would you buy it for her even if this makes it much more probable you’d be denied for five months?

    1. You mean Pink? What’s a Red?

      I’ve already told her we should get another Pink just in case the other never shows up again. Then, if it does appear, we’d have two for double the attention!

  3. Regarding Pink: Have you checked your daughter’s toy box? Pink would make a irresistibly awesome amusement park ride for her Polly Pockets or Barbies!

  4. I think guys are way too certain that their wives need penetration, and hence, the cock, her cock to be precise. The last time I said “I want to make love to you,” she replied with “you can make love to me with your mouth.” It’s been surprisingly easy for her to make her pussy off limits other than to my lips and tongue. If you push Belle, I think she’ll easily take you the end of March. And reading between-the-lines, I think chances are good that a year is not that far off.

    1. I agree that men, in general, place too much emphasis on penetration. I know that most women are more likely to come via clitoral stimulation rather than penetrative, but I also know my Belle. She really likes her cock and prefers to come that way. I can’t see her being away from it for a whole year. Also, she doesn’t like to fuck it and worry about what’s happening down below, so if she’s fucking it, I’m *probably* coming.

      Anyway, if we can figure out a way to make her not miss it too much over the next couple of months, who knows how long she’ll make me wait afterward.

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