48 free – Part 2

I look the Jail Bird off just before dinner and went to bed free. We had to wait a long time for the boy to fall asleep, though I could tell Belle was tired.

I started kissing her (once the coast was clear) and immediately got hard. I wasn’t entirely sure anything was going to happen, but assumed there’d be action since she left me out an extra night. She tasted amazing. Just the kissing was getting me going pretty good.

“Can you keep a secret?” I asked.


“I’d rather be locked up than free now,” I admitted while nibbling on her neck.


“Yeah. The cock kept waking me up last night. Always in the way. All hard and pokey.”

“Like a kickstand?” She laughed at her joke.

“Kinda. Anyway, who needs it? Such a distraction…” Kiss, kiss. Tongue.

I know that if I were to spend all my time unlocked and freely swinging that I’d get used to that again and the device would feel weird, but that’s not where I am now. It’s been locked up pretty consistently for months and months with only a few days here and there unprotected. I’ve become accustomed to what being locked in a cage or tube feels like and, since I’m not allowed to touch or play with it anyway, prefer it locked away. More on that in a minute…

“Well, you’re going back in tomorrow morning.” Then she lifted her shirt.

I was going with the flow, not trying to lead. She had an idea of what she wanted and I tried to give it to her. I worked on her nipples while her hips gyrated in sympathy, then I moved a hand to her snatch. Eventually, her pants were off and my finger was in deep and she was coming. The cock was very hard, uninvolved and dry.

She laid perfectly still as she usually does after she comes, basking. I laid as still as I could manage. It was hard. My hips were trying to hump all on their own, though my brain was ready for anything. I would have accepted more sex or her rolling over to sleep. I actually felt, even though I was hard and horny, the normal sleepiness that comes to me after her orgasm now.

After a few silent minutes, she said, “Come on, you can take a ride.”

I immediately mounted her and put the cock inside. So warm and so wet and so fucking awesome. This is what I wanted this time around. What I couldn’t stop thinking about. Sometimes, I crave my own hand, but this time it was the soft and hot confines of Belle’s pussy. I came close to orgasm several times but was able to catch myself. After the fourth or fifth time (the interval between which getting shorter and shorter), she told me the ride was over. I slipped off and out and felt the hard cock slap wetly against my thigh. She went off to the bathroom to freshen up and I pulled on my balls and tried not to touch her cock.

As worked up as I was, the sleepiness cued by her decision that playtime was over soon fell over me. I did drift off clinging to her, pressing the still-fat cock against her, my arm up her shirt, skin on skin.

Shortly afterward, though, my eyes snapped open. I was fully awake and still horny. This isn’t unusual, either. The feeling of two warring factions in my body is a regular one now. The forces of her control against the reptile brain insurgents. This time, though, the insurgents knew the cock had been left undefended. Their time had come.

In no time, I was on my phone checking out porn and pulling on the meat. The battle was evident in my head. The little bunny voice telling me to stop was being drowned out by the lizard trying to distract me until it was too late. Finally, I got so close that a large amount of ejaculate pulsed out of the cock and got all over it and my right hand. Not an orgasm by any mean (I could tell because of how much I loved licking the sticky scream off myself), but clearly a sign that my reproductive system was in full battle readiness. I was so close to coming that I could feel it just one or two strokes away each time I grasped the shaft. Had I lingered too long on the head, I would have spewed.

The little bunny voice had grown hysterical at this point. It knew, better than I, that we were on the verge of disaster. The Jail Bird, it reminded me, was in my nightstand drawer.


I retrieved the device and pulled its parts out of the black fuzzy bag. I was careful to place the locking screw in on my nightstand so I wouldn’t lose it in the sheets. I put the ring over my sore and swollen balls but had to wait a long time for the cock to deflate enough to even try to get it through. Eventually, with enough spit and pulling, it popped inside the ring only to then get even fatter due to the constricted blood flow. The cage barely fit over the cock’s head, let alone over then entire member. I waited some more. And then some more. I surfed news sites trying to take my mind off the throbbing tube of meat between my legs. Eventually, slowly, it went down enough for me to squish it into the cage. Flesh was bulging out the sides, but I mated the cage with the cuff ring’s post and the beast was finally contained.

Getting the screw in should have been tricky. I had to align the holes on both the post and the cage (in both the X and Y axis), then get the screw in – all in the dark. Somehow, though, it didn’t take any time at all. As I tightened the screw into place, I felt a calm come over me. It was done. Suddenly, I was very sleepy.

What I found trapped inside the the short, snug cage of the Jail Bird surprised me: freedom. I was free from the temptation of the unlocked cock. I was free from having to control myself. Obviously, I shouldn’t be left alone with the thing anymore, at least when I’m in that state. I knew when I was doing it that I was breaking the rules, but it took every ounce of willpower I had to stop. I was like a dog in a butcher shop, practically unable to restrain my desire for raw meat.

This morning, I handed her the JB key before I even got out of bed. I don’t think she knows I was in it all night. Well, now she does. Anyway, I’m glad to be back in…wishing again that I was out.

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