HNThumper XXVII: Clean as a whistle

Today’s holiday edition of HNT is in the form of an instructional video, starring Jiminy Cricket.

Well, just kidding about the Jiminy Cricket part. Any of you old enough to remember the films they used to show in school where Jiminy was the narrator? Historical and hygiene stuff, mostly. Disney made a ton of them. Belle even says she learned about menstruation from Ol’ Jiminy (though it turns out he wasn’t in that one). Anywho…

One of the things I’ve often read as a knock against the Steelheart is that it’s a “closed” tube and would be difficult to keep clean. No, it’s not as easy to clean as a cage-style device like the Jail Bird, but it’s not hard either. It got me thinking about putting together a little movie of the process I use. Turns out, it takes just over three minutes to get the device spic and span, though I usually do it in the shower, not at the sink as I show here (couldn’t figure out how to film it in there without ruining my phone). Note that I’m demonstrating my morning ritual. In the evenings, I typically just rinse with warm water before going to bed.

So here you go. Cleaning the Steelheart (click the little HD icon in the top right corner if you want to see it in full Thumpervision™ glory).

For those of you interested in such things, this was recorded on an iPhone 4 and edited in iMovie ’09. The soundtrack is Stan Getz and Charlie Bryd performing Samba Dees Days. The bottle I use is the nifty little angled tip wash bottle sold by Kept For Her.

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22 thoughts on “HNThumper XXVII: Clean as a whistle

  1. Oh. My. God!! I loved this!!! It was somehow funny and hot and very strange. I’d have preferred Benny Hill music, but you can’t have everything…

    I swear, at the very end, your steel-clad cock was doing a sneaky little dance of exhibitionist joy.



    1. I’d have preferred Benny Hill music, but you can’t have everything…

      Funny you should say that. I *did* consider it when I first started thinking about the soundtrack.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if a steel encased cock is more beautiful than one not locked up. Hmmm….I suppose future subs of mine should be a little frightened. Lol.

    1. No, not normally. The only times I’ve had issues with what I thought was moisture in the tube was after sitting in a hot tub and all its harsh chemicals. I didn’t rinse the tube out afterward and I think it caused my skin to get irritated.

      Other than that, no. I find the contents of the tube dry out normally and don’t stay moist.

  3. Hey Thumper,

    As a fellow SH1 wearer, I find that even with the above described regimen, the tube does have a lingering oder. I’m not using the same soap, and that may be a difference. Do you think that the anti-bacterial soap is a must? I have been using regular soft soap….

    Also, I find that my skin is very dry after being tubed for a week or so. Do you also find this to be an issue? Have you found a satisfactory solution?



    1. I have the dry skin issue, as well. And hygiene is an ever-present challenge. Don’t think antibacterial soap is all that better than non. I use Dial shower soap, usually.

    1. I often point many people in the direction of Thumpers blog. The work he has put in here was a great resource to us when starting down this road with my own husband. I now suggest my other subs read as well.

      I recommend it to seasoned and new boys and couples looking to go down this path, especially for the long haul.


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