No cheating

We’re travelling today so I need to come out. The plan was for me to pop the seal on my emergency key and then reseal it when we get back on Monday (and, in between, put the device back on). I wanted to be able to demonstrate conclusively that I did not release the meat prior to our departure, so I made the following video. Nerdy, true. Obsessive compulsive, maybe. But, no one can accuse me of cheating.

5 thoughts on “No cheating

  1. Hilarious, thank you!!

    Almost like a blackmail video… “I have proven that I have the cock, free and unfettered… you want it back in the cage?! Then give me… A MILLION DOLLARS… *pinkie to mouth*… Bwuhahahahahaa etc…”


  2. Excellent video…too funny….don’t let Virgin airlines know about it though…they may try to buy you out….

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