Squirty squirt

So I’m tending the porn farm yesterday and getting somewhat worked up and noticed that in the week I’ve been wearing the Looker 02 I haven’t leaked yet. In either of the other devices, it’s pretty typical to find my nuts coated in clear slippery fluid after setting up a bunch of dirty pictures to post all day long, but not with the Looker. I’m guessing that whatever the flow rate of precum is, it’s not strong enough to push the goo though the narrow tube of the Looker’s plug. Either that or the stuff is just too viscous to make it through. Or some combination.

Afterward, I hopped in the shower. The Looker does need cleaning even though most of the urine goes out the plug. Some leaks around the plug and gets trapped where head of the penis presses into the steel cap at the end of the device’s cage. Using the handheld shower head, I take it off “gentle rain” and put it on “watery deathstick” and pull the device forward so the penis slides down the plug and exposes the space between it and the cap. Then I spray the fuck out of it. A nice side effect of this is the sensation of watery deathstick on the head of the penis is fucking amazing. Like, makes my knees buckle kind of amazing. I would never be able to come that way, but it feels good.

Once the shower was done, I was toweling off as usual. I ran the towel up my inner thigh and shoved it up between my legs to get things nice and dry. That put a lot of pressure on my perineum and that caused a long violent squirt of precum to shoot across the shower. All over the wall and towel. So, the stuff is still up there, it just needs some help getting out.

It’s a week now that the L02’s been on and in me. I’m starting to become accustomed to the feeling of it being gripped by my morning wood so that I barely woke up this morning. I can still tell it’s in there, of course. From time to time it’ll give me a tickle. But after seven days, I can say nothing bad has happened. Occasionally, when I bend over to tie my shoe or something, it’ll give a jab to remind me it’s there, but it’s not like “OH SHIT!” it’s more like “oh, right.” Sometimes, when the penis is soft, I like to slide the device back and forth to make the bulb end of the plug travel an inch or so up and down my urethra. That doesn’t last long, though. Inevitably, the plumbing kicks in and everything gets tight.

Belle’s had a couple tough weeks at work and we haven’t had any personal time to speak of. Except for the few seconds I showed it to her  the first day I put it on, the penis has been on “set it and forget it” mode. Hopefully, that will change soon. I’m needing a little bunny lovin’.

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