Remember that time when you first started seeing your significant other? When you’d want to put every little bit of them in your mouth and thought the taste of their spit was the best thing ever and that they smelled like magical unicorn butterflies (work with me here)? And when you fucked them all you could hear in the back of your head was, “DEEPER!!” and you’d be all like, “I’m in as deep as I can be!” and that voice would say, “Oh hell, let me,” and you’d try to grind yourself past the point of absolute total insertion and dangerously close to pelvic trauma? As if you could, if you just pressed hard enough, actually fuck yourself inside of them. And every other word out of your mouth was telling them how much you loved them because, truly, you did and couldn’t stop saying it?

Yeah, that was me on Sunday. Belle let me get her off and then I begged to be let out so I could take a ride. She thought about it for longer than I thought she would and would have been OK for different reasons with either answer, but she eventually said yes. The key came out and the Looker 02 slid off and out and, despite the impatient boner, I got the ring off. Then I was Mr. First Paragraph man.

No, I never came. Of course I didn’t. But it was great. So great. She told me she wanted me to put on the Steelheart, so that’s where I am now. Not much else to report, really. Being in the Steelheart is like being in the house you grew up in. A little tight, but homey and comforting. I’m away from Belle starting tomorrow until next Monday night. Not sure what she’ll expect my state to be whilst away. Probably find out later tonight.

6 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. That’s wonderful. Do you feel like chastity intensifies/extends the kinds of feelings you have about a partner early in a relationship? Or do you think that has nothing to do with it?

    Also, how in hell do you avoid orgasm in a situation like that? I’m not a man, but my experience of them is generally that once they get to a certain point there’s kinda no stopping it (and many men are very eager to get to that point of no return, at least some of the time).

    1. Guess I should have been clearer. The denial is what makes that early in the relationship feeling possible here 18+ years in.

      “…how in hell do you avoid orgasm in a situation like that?”

      You learn when to stop. I can actually go way longer when she’s already had her orgasm and all I’m doing is having some fun.

  2. I’ve only been back in for 19 days, I don’t know how you managed not to cum, I’m certain I would have struggled. I think both your (Belle’s) Steelhearts are great. Back into SH-1 or SH-S? I think ill get myself a shorty, I quite like the feel of my cb6000s, but would like to upgrade to the quality and look of steel.

  3. Great post, so well written. I loved the “Mr first paragraph man” device. Thanks for sharing how it feels, I must get locked again. Now where’s that TA502..

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