Scruffy and smelling of wood smoke

Back from my weekend away from Belle. It was the last hurrah hang out in the woods with the squirrels and other furry critters (and friends) weekend of the year. Not in tents this time but all huddled together in a rude, uninsulated “cabin” in the sticks. Belle at first said I’d be going in the Steelheart but I’m not ashamed (OK, maybe a little) to say I begged to be let out beforehand and she gave me the key.

The night I got back (and after I showered off four days of campfire stink and shaved off a week of stubble), she didn’t make me go back in so I was treated to the pleasure of falling asleep next to her truly naked with the penis nestled up against her pointedly disinterested hand. It got kind of hard but sensed it was being ignored and let me sleep. Being jammed into the cabin left little privacy outside the inside of my sleeping bag, but I was able to whip it out and jack off on the highway a few times. Of course, not to completion.

Yesterday morning, she left out the Looker 02 for me to put on after I got back from the trainer. When she told me what the timing would be (after I worked out and she went to work), I was planning on getting some nice edging in before going back under the lock and key, but was surprised to find I forgot all about that and was back in the device before I had a chance to do anything. I wanted to play with the penis but apparently wanted back in a device more (or perhaps I’m just that well trained at this point). In any event, I put the L02 on after lubing the tube with nothing more than my own spit. The bulbous end got hung up at the opening before popping in and getting swallowed up by the penis. It’s been maybe ten days or so since I last had the tube shoved up there and it didn’t feel quite the same this time. Still very invasive and never far from mind, but every little motion wasn’t telegraphed through the sensitive walls of the urethra. I guess it’s been broken in like a shoe. Regardless, it’s surprising how quickly this kind of invasion has become just another standard part of my chastity.

In other news, I was able to sneak a try at the Fleshlight Flight masturbator before I left. Suffice it to say, if I had had this thing and the internet when I was 19, I never would have left the fucking house. I fear for the future of our species. I’m pretty sure young men’s biological motivations to hooking up with young females will be totally short-circuited by this wonder of space age materials. No, I didn’t come, but holyjesusfuckingchristdid I get close. Lots of leakage which I let dribble into the squishy sleeve. After regaining my composure, I’d fuck it again all sloppy and lubed up with my own warm semen and that shit just about made my head explode (both of them). I’m not saying it’s better than Belle, but if I didn’t know, it’d be good enough that I’m not sure I’d be all that motivated to find out what a real girl was like. Which leads me to worrying about our reproductive future. In any event, if you’re the kind of boy who get’s to masturbate and come and all that, you should check this shit out.

In a week, the whole famn damliy head off for a theme park vacation. I can’t be locked up for travel, of course, but it’ll be really weird if she lets me stay out for five full days. The Happiest Place on Earth would be just a little happier if at least one penis in it was trapped in a steel cage.

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  1. A happy place indeed.

    I’m sure you already know this—in fact I’m partially inclined to think that you mentioned it on purpose so that someone would bring it up—saliva is not really a good urethral lubricant. It’s loaded with bacteria that are now being held inside a urethra which has an obstruction altering the rinsing function of normal urinary flow. I know, risks v benefits and all that! Nine times out of ten it won’t be an issue. But you don’t need to take unnecessary risks with (seemingly) minimal benefit. I recommend you stock up on some surgilube or work up a little precum to aid insertion (regular lube stings because it has an acidic, vaginal pH). I want your penis to keep you surfing that sweet wave of satisfying frustration for a long time to come.

  2. Having tried similar jackoff devices (not quite so fancy, but still plenty of fun), i think the saving grace for the future of the species is that it might stave off some of the Iron Fist of Doom that happens to a lot of young men. I have to admit it took embarrassingly long before my mind broke the “but we don’t orgasm without a tight hand grip” association sufficiently to really enjoy intercourse. Having something that’s not one’s hand, and feels at least vaguely of how a human might feel…I could see it working the other way too.

    Or we could be living in the fall of Rome. I guess we’ll see, no?

  3. I was just recently at the happiest place on earth, they wand with metal detectors (atleast, they did so at magic kingdom in FL *and* Universal Studios. You *might* get away with a wink and a ‘dick piercings’ but it’s going to be, *ahem* interesting.

    Doesn’t help that due to the amount of metal, they might think you’ve got a gun on ya, lol.

    *anyhow* for the whole price of the tickets and all, I’d consider rocking something polycarb only, or leaving the toys at home.

    Sorry to be bearer of bad news, but I figured save you a little hasle.

    1. I got wanded at a local sports venue a few weeks back while wearing the Looker. There was a moment of panic, but they mostly poked at my pockets and, even though my phones was in there, nothing beeped. I suppose it would be prudent on the first day to at least see what they’re doing. Last time I was there, they weren’t doing that. Maybe CA is different than FL. Who knows. Thanks for the tip, in any event.

      1. Eh, 1/2 our state carries a gun, not so much in Ca.
        They made me field strip a flashlight and gave major sas, I reported them to HR. Just, be aware, there *might* be issues. I just reckon it’s easier to not be locked up then risk a couple hours at the expense of a $90 ticket.


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